Monday, August 8, 2016

Cottage Garden 8/8/16

Oh my goodness, it's been a crazy summer!  I am excited to share with you this weeks garden photo's.  The Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas are certainly a favorite to showcase here at my home. So much so, I ended up adding four more last year to the curb outside my white picket fence.  I recently shared this photo (below) on Instagram and was surprised to see it had over 1400 "likes" - that is the most attention I think I've ever been given on any of my social media outlets. 

The change in the weather has quickly turned these beautiful blooms from white to pink and this week I am already seeing plenty of the last stage of hot pink.  You can see in the photo below the four tiny ones I added last year to my garden landscape.  It will be a few years before they are large like the ones at the corner curb.
Many names have been circulating on the internet as to what these beautiful shrubs are called...and how to maintain them.  These beauties are easy for me to grow here in the Pacific Northwest, Zone 8. I have them planted in poor (clay) soil and in full sunshine.  They need a good watering a few times a week.  Their stunning white blooms appeared this year in late June and have continued through the summertime.  I assume they will complete the curbside show in September ~ which is when I generally cut all my hydrangeas back in the garden. Yes, one by one, I snip off each bloom just below above any new growth that has begun. If I go any lower than that, I will be removing next years blooms. 

Some other gorgeous garden blooms that have appeared since my last post (in order) is the David Austin Olivia Rose, David Austin Gentle Hermione, Souvenir de la Malmaison, Double Scoop Cranberry Echinacea, Stargazer Lily, Peaches and Cream Hollyhock (first stage and also as it has changed), Lucifer Crocosmia, Cosmo (from seeds), Phlox and Gladiolus.

Hope you are enjoying your week, xoxo, tracie

Friday, July 15, 2016

Cottage Garden 7/15/16

The Gardens here at Fishtail Cottage is certainly keeping me busy these days. I can't believe how much I have been cutting back and maintaining to keep everything orderly.  As you can see the Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas are finally showing their white blooms along the front of my of the house. Tucked in at the base of each hydrangea is Pink Supreme Carpet Roses peeking out with their showy blooms.
I just noticed today that the middle of the Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea bloom in beginning to show pink.  I never noticed that before, this must be the beginning of the pink stage!
So many Hydrangeas are blooming in the landscape this week so I'm just sharing all the pretty colors and glory that they are displaying. If you are interested in the name of a certain variety, please message me as I keep a garden journal, and am sure I have the name of everyone of these somewhere.
 Thank you for coming over to see my landscape this week! Hope everyone enjoys their upcoming weekend! xoxo, tracie

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Cottage Garden 7/8/16

Hoping everyone had an amazing 4th of July with friends and family! My front porch turned out to be more festive than I could have hoped with all of the hydrangeas in bloom! Staggered along the front of the house on each side of our porch is both Sister Theresa and Forever Pink Hydrangeas.  In the front lining the flagstone pathway is a collection of bugbane, hostas, astilbe,  heuchra and spent primroses (I love their foliage).
Shown below is "Impatiens Omeiana", a favorite {filler} peeking out among the plants I mentioned above.  It almost looks as though it glows in the dark at night.  This pretty plant will get a yellow flower in later summer. It likes wet soil and shaded areas. It is so unique and definitely one that is overlooked when you are roaming the isles of a nursery.  
Here is an up-close photo of Sister Theresa Hydrangea, the blue centers are so pretty!
My Secret Garden is in full summer blooms right now, the combination of Daylily's and Hollyhock make it spectacular.  Other free seeding blooms in this area are  bellflower, Yarrow and Shasta Daisy's.  Although I have decided to pull out any yarrow growing in the landscape because it is too invasive and takes too much time to maintain. I spent a good part of my weekend doing so!
We are about to get a second flush of roses appearing in the garden ~ here are just a few that I was able to capture in their beauty today! (Names of them in order are, Nicole Carol Miller,  an unnamed rose found at a local grocery store,  Baronne Prevost, Blush Noisette Climbing Rose, Heirloom and Winchester Cathedral.

Thanks for coming over to see what is blooming this week in my garden.  Please leave a comment to let me know you've stopped by! xoxo, tracie

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