Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cottage Garden 6/9/16

Just barely two weeks ago, I shared my front entrance with you and already so much has changed in the front walkway.  The prolific peony blooms have already come and gone and I've already had to dead head them to allow the pretty (and tall) snapdragons to put on their own show. Arent they so pretty?

Souvenir de la Malmaison Rose is always my favorite rose to bloom in the garden. It is so magnificent in my landscape climbing over the picket fence ~ both the blooms and the fragrance are impeccable. The color is just stunning! Easy for me to grow and not a lot of fuss with disease for this rose.  I can keep it as large as I'd like, yet cutting it back doesn't seem to make this pretty rose unhappy.

Another of my favorite roses that have appeared since the last time I shared my garden is The Fairy Roses....along my rusted fence at the top of my Rose Terrace, they look amazing!

Also blooming on the Rose Terrace is the gorgeous violet tall Siberian Iris. It's been three years since I planted these and each year they meet my expectations even more!

The colors this time of year are just so gorgeous...I love the combination of the perennials and roses everywhere!  Some of the roses blooming new this week are...(labeled in order of photo) Gertrude Jekyll, Queen of Sweden, Gruss an Aachen, Ruffled Cloud, Scepter d' Isle Rose and the last set of roses photo'd in a square are all unnamed roses purchased at the local grocery store. 

Hydrangeas are beginning to appear too in the landscape ~ I always get excited to bring hydrangeas in as cut flowers and allow them to dry inside.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Cottage Garden 5/27/16

My favorite week of the year is happening this week! its the week where both the Polar Joy Roses are in Bloom along with the peonies up the front walkway! 
Check out how stunning the Polar Joy Rose Tree blooms are! I love these trees because they are own root (not grafted).  I found them at Christianson's Nursery years ago when I was researching what to put in my garden.  I feel so lucky to own these beautiful rose trees, as I have never seen them available since my original search.

Last year I planted these snapdragons because they are my daughters favorite! Love that they are in the same color pallet as the other blooms in the walkway!

Okay, now for an honest confession....I have always thought and listed these beautiful peonies on my front walkway as "Sarah Berndhart" - I am honestly not sure why I thought that is what I planted...but it was what I had in my mind that I planted.  However, I was recently told an unnamed peony that I have in a different location is a Sarah Berndhart.  Sure enough when I compared online photo's I've been quoting the wrong variety all these years.  So I went back to my garden journal to see what I originally ordered back in 2007 and found that the peonies I planted are in fact "Peony Sorbet".  They are just stunning and glad I can finally share the correct name with everyone.  As you can see, the different stages of these gorgeous peonies are so pretty! Interesting though, it looks as though some are thicker in their petal numbers and size.  The mixture is breathtaking!


A few other blooms happening here in the garden this week are as photo'd; Freesia, Pink Flowering Dogwood, Chives, Lavender, Japanese Snowbell Tree, Japanese Pagoda & Spirea.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! xoox, tracie

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Old books….

I picked up these old books recently while out antiquing. When I picked them up, my heart told me that they had to come home with me.
“A Forest Pathway”, by Arthur L. Salmon  is a sweet little book that only has four pages.  A poem and beautiful illustrations on each page.  But what I love most about this tiny book is the cover and the tassel bounding that holds it together.  There isn’t a date on the pages of this book and I couldn’t find anything on the internet to identify this book.
“Gems from Lowell” is a 1904 gift book of poetry by James Russell Lowell. Inside this book hosts 31 days of beautifully written poetry with pretty illustrations. 
Lovely little vintage books that I am so glad I brought home. If anyone out there has any information on these two gift books ~ please do share what you know! xoxo, tracie