Monday, November 24, 2014

Savora Cooking Gadgets….

With picky eaters in my home, cooking in general has not exactly become my favorite past time.  I have a long list in my head of which family members like or dislike menu items in my home.  But then again, depending on the day, time of day and what they decide this list changes.  I can never keep up!  Needless to say cooking in my house is not fun, but gadgets to have available for when we do need them are necessary!  I was recently introduced to Savora.  Love the sleek look of the pieces offered, and a huge fan of the way they feel.  After browsing their website I ordered a few much needed pieces for our family.  The gorgeous Colander, Pizza Wheel, Ice Cream Scoop and Can Opener.


It was hard to decide on what colors as so many fabulous ones are offered.


Everything feels very reasonably priced and shipping was minimal when I ordered online. I chose red for the Colander so that I could have it sit on my kitchen counter tops with extra fruit during the holidays…I love the pop of red here and there during Christmas! The rest of the items I chose “snow” to match the other utensils I currently have. All of the pieces arrived beautifully packaged in very fancy boxes which would be perfect for gift giving!


The boxes open from the side and have a Velcro closure to secure the box staying closed. Each piece was tightly set inside a soft velvet like texture material. All necessary information is written on the side of the box that you would need. Again, perfect for giving as a gift!


Our families favorite is the Savora Pizza Wheel. Here is what the website says “engineered with an elegantly designed, ergonomic handle suitable for large and small hands. Die-cast with a forward-bias weight distribution that centers the weight over the cutting axis, creating easier and more natural hand alignment. Innovative kullens along the sides of the polished cutting wheel create air pockets to help food fall off the blade more effectively. Precision ground on both sides of the wheel, the thin cutting edge reduces user effort for more comfortable use. Presented in an elegant gift-box, this Savora item makes the perfect gift for food, cooking and design aficionados”.  Our kids love using it for the take and bake at home pizza.  Easy to use and love the large handle for their smaller hands to secure.  They indents on the side of the wheel made it easy to rinse off and clean too!  I worry about those sharp blades when my kids are helping with the dishes.


Our Colander we currently have recently started to chip the enamel on the outside and never ever keeps the pasta from emerging through the bottom holes.  I hate wondering if my pasta touches the bottom of my sink, don’t you? This is what the Savora Website says about the Colander; “This compact version of our larger award-winning design effectively drains food or can serve as a fruit bowl. The cast metal handles are designed for strength and comfort. Drainage holes for easing straining. Designed to perfectly nest inside the full-size Savora Colander for easy storage. Dishwasher safe.”  Did you see that…DISHWASHER SAFE!!! Love that – won’t worry about the chipping enamel now.  And our spaghetti we recently made stayed inside the bowl…no falling out the holes of the Colander and touching the kitchen sink!


My son eats tuna fish on a regular occasion – yes he’s a very picky eater, but he makes a sandwich the tuna using Cheez-it’s….yes, Cheez-it crackers! I am happy that he is willing to eat tuna because it’s a better choice than chicken nuggets and fries!  So the can opener in our home is used a lot and thrown in the dishwasher weekly! “The iconic Savora Can Opener is engineered with an elegantly designed, ergonomic handle suitable for large and small hands. The fluid, 3-in-1 design features a can opener, bottle opener, and integrated opener for twist-off bottle caps. Soft, integrated fins sheathed in a bright chrome ring provide a firm grip on twist-off bottle caps. The unique locking mechanism keeps the handles securely in place to diminishes stress on hands. If cleanup is necessary, it's also dishwasher safe. Presented in an elegant gift-box, this Savora item makes the perfect gift for food, cooking, and design aficionados”.  We love all the extra accessories this Savora can opener has – especially the twist off bottle cap remover…will come in handy during the upcoming holidays!


Another favorite for any family is the ice cream scoop – how cute would this be to pair up with a grocery store gift card for a favorite ice cream, ice cream cones, toppings for a family on your Christmas list? “The iconic Savora Ice Cream Scoop is engineered with an elegantly designed, ergonomic handle suitable for large and small hands. The impressive weight of the Savora Ice Cream Scoop helps dig through hard desserts more effectively. The well-balanced, solid cast-construction won¿t bend under pressure. Features a tapered tip to help pierce ice cream and reach the corners of a container, while its robust construction means it's dishwasher safe. Presented in an elegant gift-box, this Savora item makes the perfect gift for food, cooking and design aficionados”  This ice cream scoop by Savora has been used and thrown in the dishwasher and come out beautifully, unlike our last one that bubbled up after just a few washings.

I love that they have a lifetime warranty and a no hassle return policy! Savora wants you to be 100% satisfied!!! Can’t ask for more than that, right?

If you are interested in trying Savora products you can shop by clicking here.  I would love to know if you order anything and what your thoughts are too! Love sharing my favorite things with you! These are definitely on my list of favorites! xoxo, tracie

Friday, November 21, 2014

A New Front Door Rug!

The cold weather has made it’s way to Seattle! The low temperatures and rain have brought out our rain boots from storage!  With that, comes people trekking in mud and falling leaves on the bottom of their shoes. I finally had to pick up a rug for the front door to minimize the debris brought in from the outdoors.  With a new fancy Pottery Barn rug, I started researching rug pads as well.  This area rug WILL get wet and will hold dirt from being tracked into the house, so it was important that I find a rug pad that can not only keep the rug from slipping with excited dogs and kids, but to be able to air out and not soak any moisture into the hardwoods.  
I came across a website called Rug Pad USA.  A rug pad retailer based outside of the Greater New York area and specialize in manufacturing higher end, eco-friendly rug pads that are made in the USA. All of the rug pads are very reasonably priced and I decided on their premium-lock pad and really love it!  The process was super easy when I ordered and I had the pad within a week of ordering!
I know rug pads are not exactly the most glamorous topic to write about. However, they are a much needed “behind the scenes” product we all need in our homes. We use the rug pads to protect our floors, and some of these pads are made of PVC (vinyl) that contains plasticizers which can discolor the finish or the wood. The damage is permanent and it is not a pretty sight. Floors need to be able breathe. Many area rug pads will be labeled as good for hard surface floors or even wood floors. But remember, you aren't putting the rug pad directly on wood. You are setting it on top of your wood floor finish.
Its going to take a couple days to lay flat on the wood as the rug has sat rolled up since I purchased it…but I think it looks nice – and you can see what I mean about the important rug pad playing it’s roll “behind the scenes” because it is not out in plain site.
If you are in the market for a rug pad too – please go check out Rug Pad USA’s website. And take advantage of using the coupon code created just for Fishtail Cottage readers “pr15off“ at check out! xoox, tracie

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mooseberry Soap…

Recently I was contacted by Mooseberry Soap Company and asked to try a couple samples of their handmade soaps.  Now I need to tell you that I am a bit obsessed about what I use on my family’s skin – as anything we put on the outside of our skin goes directly into our bodies transdermally. So I had to do a little online research before I said yes to trying this product.
I saw on the Mooseberry Soap Company website – that the soaps and body care products are organic! Made with sustainable oils, pure earth clays, natural powders, herbs and spices. The bars last longer, creams refresh and smooth the skin and scrubs exfoliate and wick away dead skin naturally. I liked the sound of what I was reading and agreed to try the product.
IMG_6754Within just a few  days I received a brochure along with samples of Raspberry Mint Garden Soap (An earthy, herbaceous soap that deep cleans. Washes away dirt and grime; natural seeds, berries and clays for extra scrubbiness. Raspberry Seeds with Mint and Crushed Walnut, a touch of vanilla. Great in winter to wick away dead skin; Also good for summer gardening) and  Flea Soap  (soap bars last longer, creams refresh and smooth the skin and scrubs exfoliate and wick away dead skin naturally) to try on our three shih tzu’s!
My husband and I tried the Raspberry Mint Garden Soap over the weekend and loved it.  We both agreed it had just the right amount of suds and the natural exfoliates in the soap left my skin feeling soft and nourished.  The red color in the soap made me a little nervous to use on my white wash clothes, but it rinsed right out! 
IMG_6775Our dogs have sensitive skin as well and seemed to be just fine after a good scrub with the flea soap! I’m used to using liquid soaps when washing their coats, but it worked just fine.  They smell clean and the soap left their coats soft and fluffy! As we haven’t had any problems with flea’s or ticks, I’m sure this will help keep them at bay since this is the time of year that most pets are effected by those pesky bugs!
So would I recommend this soap, you bet! The website is super user friendly too – you can go visit and browse by clicking here!  Please let me know if you end up ordering anything ~ I’d love to know what which is your favorite!  xoxo, tracie
For a limited time, a coupon code for Fishtail Cottage readers has been set up, just type “15off” at check out. Can’t wait to hear what you think of Mooseberry Soap too!