Thursday, March 2, 2017

Lac Bleu Lotion Co. Bath & Body Products

Um, yes please!  I received the most amazing gift in the mail from LacBleuLotionCo and couldn't be happier to share how amazing these products truly are.  Especially because, for me every season is technically "Gardening Season", and I expose myself to all sorts of weather conditions So I enjoy spoiling my skin with beneficial products. I have super sensitive skin so I need to be careful about what I use on my skin (especially if there is a fragrance combined).

This sweet little package arrived so darling ~ I love cute packaging and it's so nice to know if I sent this to a friend that it would arrive as though I packaged it and sent it myself.

Included in this basket is a French Lavender Nourishing Bath Soak, Magnolia Rose Hand Cream and the Fig Body Lotion.  The fragrance of each one is so beautiful.  

First I must share with you the French Lavender Nourishing Bath Soak - I am a total bath salt geek and had to try this immediately! Ingredients include magnesium, pink Himalayan sea salt and lavender ~ my entire bathroom and bedroom filled up with the most amazing aroma of lavender after only adding a couple of scoops into the water. I was so relaxed after enjoying the evening soak, I headed strait to bed and slept like a baby. Which makes total sense as the description in Tanya's Etsy Store, LacBleuLotionCo says the sea salt and magnesium used helps draw out toxins from the skin and relieve sore muscles along with the essential oils of Lavender calms and soothes the mind and skin.

The Fig Body Lotion is so nourishing!  I only needed a little dab for my dry skin - there was absolutely no extra residue or greasy feeling after putting it on. Its a clean fragrance and I totally agree with the description of the fragrance on her site.... "apple, lemon and ginger, fig, caramel, and cinnamon".  My skin has felt super hydrated since I began using this lotion and I have not had any of my typical "sensitive skin reactions" to it at all.

Last, to share is the Magnolia Rose Hand Cream... perfect for your nightstand and or handbag. Between gardening, cooking and cleaning - I personally wash my hands so many times a day and rarely find relief for them, especially in this dry winter weather. I've kept this lotion next to our kitchen sink and am loving the calming fragrance and how soft and less dry my hands feel.

I know so many of you are careful what you use on your skin too ~ so I am enjoying sharing my honest opinion of these products I have personally tried. I am also happy to share that it looks like all of these handmade products are "Paraben Free" and "Cruelty Free" (not tested on animals), also many are labeled as "Vegan". I love that Tanya uses her own herbs and flowers that she grows in her personal garden in these handmade products.

Please check out LacBleuLotionCo and let me know what you'd be interested in trying and leave a comment! Even though these products are very reasonably priced, Tanya has offered to give an additional 20% discount (ends March 31, 2017) to Fishtail Cottage Blog readers!  You can share this post via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with your friends (they will thank you)! 

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xoxo, tracie

Monday, January 9, 2017

Social Print Studio Review and Discount Code for you!

Happy 2017 Everyone! 

I am totally willing to skip this time of the year! Some people say the worst time of the year is the week between Christmas and New Years. Personally, the most difficult time for me is the extended time between New Years and Spring. 
We have finally taken down all of the Christmas decorating and the house is almost back to pre-holiday organization.  I intend on reorganizing several closets and cabinets to keep me busy until I can get back out in the garden.  Would love to hear any plans you have to spark a good idea to do when I cross everything off my current list.

For a few years, I've been interested in creating a book of flowers that I host in my garden landscape. I have never intended it to be more than my own coffee table book to flip through and remind me of what will be again during this time of year.  I wonder if someday I will actually figure out how to put this little dream of mine into play - I love looking back at old photo's on my Blog, Facebook and Instagram to see what my garden will once again look like in a few months. I just keep thinking I should "wait just one more year" to see the landscape just a little more mature. 

Recently, I thought it would be fun to print a bunch of my square photo's and fill a newly purchased vintage bread bowl that I bought from Through the Porthole. I asked around for recommendations where I can print from Instagram and finally decided to try Social Print Studio. Not sure what to expect, I anxiously waited for the order to arrive, and honestly more than pleased with my purchase.  So much so, that I want to share with you my amazing experience. 

The photo's were super easy to upload through their site.  Shipping price was reasonable and the delivery was quick. When my package arrived, I immediately opened it to find sets of individual packages of 24 hard cardstock of my beautiful photos.  Packaging is important, don't you think?

You can see that the color is pretty rich in this photo below, and the quality of the photo seems to depend on weather it was a photo taken with my camera or my phone.  Obviously the ones with my camera were higher quality.  I had an iPhone 6 before, so I can only assume the portrait setting on my iPhone 7 plus will be even more amazing this upcoming summer. 

My sweet little vision of filling up my wooden bread bowl of my garden flower photo's and landscape has been fun. I set it on our great room coffee table this past week.
Our family has enjoyed going through the garden photo's and our friends who have been over wanted to do something similar with their family photo's.  My daughters want some for their rooms to hang on the wall with the starry lights we used at Christmas time.

I reached out to Social Print Studio and they offered to give my friends $5 towards prints - a great deal!

How it works:
SAVE $5 on your order using code   0TRACIUDC6

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fishtail Cottage's Christmas 2016... #8

Most of you are probably like our family and that you entertain the most in your kitchens?  It is always the most comfortable gathering place in our home, so having just the right amount of Christmas Decorations is hard to figure out - how much is too much? Or not enough?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've thinned out much of the holiday decor to simplify what is displayed in our home.  However, I have brought in a few new items ~ three of which are these pre-lit flocked alpine trees that are tucked in the corner of the dining area. These trees are tall and very thin and don't take up very much room ~ I switched out a tall wood pillar that usually stands in that corner of the room. Definitely an addition to our Christmas decor that our entire family is enjoying.

Instead of filling my wood hutch full of decor and color, I've added a very small amount of holiday pieces to display, this is probably my favorite - As long as I can remember, I've always dreamt of owning a white convertible Volkswagen bug (1960's), so when I found this cute little toy car this summer - i brought it home so that I could create this little dreamy combination!

Years ago, my mom gave me these two authentic candles that she used to display at Christmastime ~ I love this "Santa" and "Frosty" and enjoy having them as another special Christmas keepsake displayed on my hutch.

On the center island of our kitchen, I have a two teared tray adorned with pinecones, deer antlers, poinsettia's, vintage glass ornaments and candles - it is just the right amount of Christmas decorations in the kitchen, and doesn't get in the way when we are entertaining.

Another keepsake my mom gave me years ago, was an old Santa mug. My sister and I each had one and I remember hot cocoa moments at the kitchen table with them.  I have since picked up several more similar Santa mugs to display around my home ~ they all look so cute piled onto the coffee stand where our coffee bar is. I recently found that Pottery Barn sells these mugs and couldn't help but to purchase four more so that my children and granddaughter can actually use them, I don't want to be a parent and grandma that only has things to look at and not touch!

I've never owned a snow globe before now, and love this pretty little white one that I found ~ my granddaughter loves winding up music box's and listening to them, so when I heard this snow globe playing "Silent Night" ~ I thought she would love having one here at "Nama's house".  Having it displayed in the kitchen next to her dining chair, gave us an opportunity to play the music and talk about how special Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph is. She is only 21 months, but understands how precious and delicate Christmastime is.  The salvaged white box behind the snow globe is holding my advent calendar tags...to see a post about my advent calendar i made, click here.

 I am really enjoying getting back to blogging and sharing my home with you! I hope you too are enjoying the Christmas season. xoox, tracie