Monday, March 2, 2015

Fishtail Cottage Garden 3/2/15

Still feeling the excitement of spring blooms here at Fishtail Cottage!  Seeing color continue to appear from the dark and dreary winters dirt is so incredible!  I still can’t believe how this mild winter we have had here in Washington State has allowed the garden to progress almost a month earlier than last year.  I’m pleased to share with you what has appeared in the gardens since my last post!

White Flowering Current is attracting our native hummingbirds.  One of my favorite shrubs in the garden.  My pink ones are not even close to budding out (yet) but the white one is so satisfying for now.


This week fragrant hyacinth and yellow daffodils are added to my list of bulbs that continue to burst in the landscape.


Remember I shared in my last post about Camellia's appearing in the gardens, well this tree has exploded in blooms – already starting to drop spent blooms.  I transplanted this Camellia from our previous home and have enjoyed watching it grow here at Fishtail Cottage.


The Candytuft is planted along the area between my rose terrace and grassy area and used to be so prolific when it would bloom in the past.  It still looks pretty, but the blooms certainly don’t put on a show of flowers like it used to.  Anyone feel that after your Candytuft has been in your landscape? IMG_8634IMG_8635

Impatiens Omeiana is popping up all over ~ I know I planted this a few years ago, and it has certainly taken off this year, the pretty reds and yellows in the foliage add a pretty contrast to the landscape.  I’ve never seen flowers on this plant, but I read it’s supposed to have yellow blooms appear on it.


Other spring blooms that I look forward to and are definitely some cottage garden favorites is the Brunnera “Jack Frost” and my eclectic varieties of Lungwort…I just love these whimsical flowers!


Thank you so much for coming over and seeing what's blooming here at my place!  xoxo, tracie

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fishtail Cottage Garden 2/16/15

I cannot believe that I am sitting here mid February and writing my first garden blog post for 2015!  Our winter has been so mild compared to most of the country, and I am already seeing several blooms appear in the garden beds. It isn’t uncommon for our bulbs to start to show some greenery popping above the soil, but actual blooms this time of year, is a bit early!
The Hellebore are usually the first to make an appearance – which gets the butterflies in my tummy excited for spring! I planted several new varieties in my garden about three years ago and this year is my first time seeing blooms on these plants! If you are new to the Hellebore aka “lentil rose”, these gorgeous plants take approximately two to three years to get established before blooming – also they do not like to be moved once they are planted! They need last years leaves to be removed (about this time of year) to keep disease away and will reseed themselves if left alone.  I generally cut back spent blooms in my garden to keep the area looking clean, but leave the new growth alone as a filler in the garden!
Also blooming this week – is the kaleidoscope of spring crocus! This flower is usually the first to bloom in my garden but this year, it’s amongst several this week!
One of my favorite spring bulbs is the snow drop – I love the unique blooms it brings to the gardens!!
Love seeing the cheerful blooms of Narcissus too – they are smaller than a daffodil, right now here at Fishtail Cottage, I only see the greenery appearing of the daffodils…
Daphne has also began filling the garden with it’s unique and beautiful fragrance! The smell of this bloom is unlike any other, I first planted it because I loved the variegated leaves and the blooms lasted a long time in the spring.  This plant has not disappointed me at all!  The Daphne also does not like to be moved once it’s been planted…so make sure you think about how large it will grow – before planting!
The last of my bloomers I am sharing this week is two of my camellia's that opened up.  Both are close to the house which may be why they opened so early this year!  Camellia is of my favorite evergreen’s I planted in my garden! I planted several different varieties, some even bloom in the dead of winter!

Thanks so much for coming over and taking a peek at my garden blooms this week!  Curious where you are located and what you have blooming (if anything) right now!  I love hearing from my gardening friends all over the world! xoxo, tracie
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Friday, February 6, 2015

Bows and Burlap Boutique Baby Statistics Pillow…

A couple days ago, I shared a blog post of Berklee’s first photo shoot with local photographer ~ Courtney Irene-Marie. If you missed that post – click here!
One photo I didn’t share with you was this one below, using the birth statistics of our little B! 
During this past month alone, our family has had four special babies arrive in our life.  Now I know I should be shopping off of registries, but I love giving thoughtful keepsake gifts for people in my life.  So when I saw this adorable pillow at a friends house several months ago, I couldn’t help but inquire where she purchased it from. I tucked that information away and over this past month, I have purchased this pillow with each of the babies statistics as soon as I found out what they were…and with in just a few days, I had these pillows to gift to the new the parents! 
You want to know where I go them from, right?  Well first I have to share with you a photo with these adorable twins we gifted this pillow to. The parents say they plan to photograph the babies at every month to show how much they grow next to the pillows…so cute, don’t you think?

I’ve had so many inquiries about where to find these pillows, so I figured I should share asap!  Keep reading for discount code to the shop ~
Not only does Erin, owner of Bows and Burlap Boutique hand create the baby statistic pillow that I shared above but she does several other pillow cases as well. Just click on the picture to be taken to the direct link for purchasing.
Also available, are super cute assortment of personalized muslin favor bags, handmade signs, banners, candles and so much more! Erin will customize anything you wish! Simply message Erin in her Bows and Burlap Boutique and let her know what you are looking for. Proofs are sent for approval before your order is made.

Erin is offering Fishtail Cottage followers 15% off of your entire order when you use Coupon Code “FISHTAIL15”.  I can’t wait to hear what you order from Bows and Burlap Boutique!
Links to Follow Bows and Burlap Boutique~
Happy Shopping! Can’t wait to hear what you order from Bows and Burlap Boutique! xoox, tracie