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On one side of my home, we have a pathway made with flagstone.  it is truly one of my favorite parts of my landscape.  the walkway has been host to several different plantings that have started out beautiful, but over time, have just grown to large for their spot.  Seems like every year I remove, plant an seed new plants that I think will be perfect for this area, but I am always disappointed with the results after some time.  I know these photo’s look like it was beautiful, but like I said, the plants grew too large for the area and many would fall over into the pathway.
yard 011
2005/2006 is where it started…(a blank slate) a strait gravel pathway with healthy dirt that was brought in for each side of the pathway.  I think this photo is a great example that all of us gardeners start ‘somewhere’, right?


Summer of 2008 is when we put in the flagstone pathway…it certainly didn’t take long for me to start filling the area with moss and miscellaneous plantings.

Which quickly (by summer of 2009) became somewhat of a jungle.  I realized the creeping jenny was not my friend, although looking at this photo’s she is quite lovely…but very invasive for this tiny space.  What was once a small daylily quickly was finding itself very happy and multiplying like crazy. 2009 is the year my dad and I planted a row of gorgeous red camellia's in hopes of covering the horrible orange color that we stained the fence with. 
By the end of the summer of 2009 this is what this space looked like.
another view…
I recently removed almost everything and started over, in hopes that next year the look I am going for will evolve into what I have in my mind.  I still want the cottage look with whimsical foliage and blooms somewhat spilling into the pathway, yet still have somewhat of a formal look to it.  To accomplish this look, along each side of the gate, I have planted boxwood – with the idea that ‘eventually’ it will grow large enough to be shaped into a hedge. Also planted in this area are the following plants.
Coral Bells, Poppy Anemone Bulbs, Lady’s Mantle, tulips, snapdragon seeds, iris, strawberries, bleeding hearts, variety of roses (just a few that are there now are pictured), white oriental poppy, columbine, hollyhock, opium poppy seeds, red camellia, false mallow, johnny jump ups and scabiosa.  I'm pretty sure I threw some English bluebells in there too at some point this summer.
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So here it is, the flagstone pathway all cleaned up and ready for next spring/summer of 2013. I of course had to include both views for you!
oh, I forgot to include this little ‘volunteer’…any idea what it is? I’ve been letting it grow in hopes I’ll figure it out, but I don’t have a clue yet what it is????
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Unknown said…
Don't you love it when you can tweak an area without too too much effort? Can't tell you what your volunteer is - at first I thought it might be a peony, but then again....not sure.
Tant Otteskrufv said…
Both formal and cottage? I wait for next years pictures. The flowers you showed in this post where wonderful!
It looks like by the pictures,it's going to be stunning. Not sure what your mystery plant is.xx
awal.ny said…
I did like the path in the before pictures, so cottagey but I know how it is when the plants take over a path. I did notice that you planted boxwood bushes. I have them too and they do tend to get rather large too, good luck with the new path.
I am thinking of redoing a few pathways too, after this years lack of rain I may have lost quite a few plants. A new planting project for next year is always something to look forward too.
Gatsbys Gardens said…
What a great history of your flagstone path. I just did a redo on my path also, fun to see how they will look next spring and summer.

ANNE said…
absolutely gorgeous! I need to do something like this at the side of my house, the gravel there is FULL of weeds... love this so much!!
Karen said…
What a great flagstone pathway...I love seeing the growth through it's various stages. So pretty.
RobinfromCA said…
I love your pathway! Such an interesting photographic journey. Can't wait to see how it progresses!
Leslie's Garden said…
I kind of liked the look, all the lush fullness, but I understand what you're wanting. Can't wait to see how it matures next summer. I love boxwood, should look very pretty.
Beth said…
Your pathway looks really nice. I don't think we could do one and have it look that nice here in Indiana.

I'm by no means a plant expert, but I hope your volunteer plant isn't poison ivy. It's hard to tell when they're that small.
I love your flagstone walkway.....I've been meaning to do one for a while and I am thrilled to have found a good picture here that I pinned so I can do a "copy cat attempt"!! lol....I saw your blog link on SWEET SAVANNAH and that she visited you. So you must be in WA as well? I'm from Olympia. I just started a little Blog myself. Nothing nearly as professional as yours or SWEET SAVANNAH but I am only a beginner. Would be thrilled if you visited my blog. I need some feedback from the real PROS...
Thanks in advance
teacher2 said…
I thought it may be poison ivy also. But wouldn't it grow vine-like?
teacher2 said…
I thought it may be poison ivy also. But wouldn't it grow vine-like?

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