Saturday, November 13, 2010

2006 Building of our Cottage House

plan pictureWe chose our property in Kirkland based on the close proximity to basically "everything" and quality of schools. We found our property through a mutual friend and were happy to know that there were no "association restrictions"....We purchased a southern style building plans from the Donald Gardner Inc. website that would give us the charm we so desired.  After deciding on Tony Wood to build our custom home - we began our search for southern charm ideas while he worked on the foundation of our new home.

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Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

What a beautiful 'cottage'! I loved your other home but this one is more my style. I'm looking forward to seeing more photo's :)I love that outdoors fireplace...in Washington State you need a covered area with all the rain :) I'm from British Columbia so I have a pretty good idea of what your summer is like. I love the colours you've chosen for the exterior..can I ask what brand and colour name/number it is? Next spring we're going to paint our little cottage and I've been thinking of green but so far I haven't found one that I really like until now :) Ok..I'm back to looking at more pictures!

Jennifer Rizzo said...

What a great cottage evolution! Your house is beautiful!