Cottage Garden Changes 2009



Have you two ever been busy! What a change from the year before...I love it. Those Mallard ducks are sure cute...are they wild? One day I'm hoping to find a bird house like your large white one but if the wind blows like it is today it would have to be anchored with chains! You (and hubby?) are talented gardeners. Beautiful job. :)
Thanks for all your sweet comments Maura....the momma duck & ducklings showed up in our back yard about May. Was a great experience having them here to watch them in the beginning, but crows & racoons picked them off one by one - which made the experience awful. I would love to have chickens someday; if i could figure a way that would keep them safe. I am the gardener here, not a "master gardener" but a passion i have....looking forward to next spring/summer to share my daily hobby~

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