A Quiet Thanksgiving Day…

This is our first Thanksgiving Day that I can remember that we haven’t hosted over 30+ family members. It’s just us, my husband & my children. What a quiet and relaxing day. Even my kiddo’s are enjoying not having to get ready for a feast. Today is about the simple abundance of life!


Since today was so quiet, I had some time to create a new posting.

Over the past month, my husband and I made the decision to cozy up our great room, which of course included the kitchen because the two rooms adjoin. Just a few suggestions from new friends, by bringing in the furniture closer together & lighting the room up by bringing in a few lighter accessories – has really made a difference. See before & after pics!

I wish I could go white like some of you have. I don’t want to push it the fluffy foo foo around here. I want my husband to be on board w/the changes. (baby steps right?)






A few items on their way that I have found from one of my new friends @ Ticking and Toile http://www.etsy.com/shop/tickingandtoile

clip_image002 clip_image004clip_image006


These birdies came from Etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/anythinggoeshere


I also couldn’t help pass up two chairs from Pottery Barn to replace the recliner & vintage rocking chair…..they will be here mid December…..i can’t wait!


I have been inspired by so many of your blogs and suggestions to give me new ideas for the transformation….during the process of decluttering & of course accumulating. I have realized that once you start this process of “makeovers”, it doesn’t end. I am still waiting for a few items to arrive that will make my great room & kitchen somewhat unique & give it some more character. But in the anticipation of waiting, it made start thinking of another room.

The den! Over the past week or so, I’ve been flipping through magazines, searching your blogs, & in my head; shopping for new furniture, repainting, dreaming of what could transpire to make this my new sanctuary. After reviewing what I had spent on the great room and kitchen. I figured I may need to be much thriftier to get my husband on board! We do already have furniture in our current den that I would like to make use of – but with a few additions, this room could be my new sanctuary! I’ve found some great finds this week through your blogs taking me to your Etsy shops & ebay. I’m kinda funny that once I get an idea in my head – I can’t explain it, I just have find it.

I spend a lot of time in here & dislike the layout of the room. All of the furniture is on the edge of the walls leaving a huge open space in the center. The room is a very cool green, but with the lighting, shutters and the wainscoting it makes for a dark room which doesn’t help w/the dark & gloomy days here in Washington. This is the first room you see as you walk in the house & it’s always the room full of clutter. Most of the furniture pieces are filled with “whatever” & don’t really serve a purpose. The way the desk currently faces, my back is always turned to the front door. I want to reconfigure it to make the most of seeing the window that faces the front garden & entrance to the house.

Here is a couple pictures of what it currently looks like (with our Shih tzu Charlie in the middle of it all)!



I will miss the old phonograph I have situated directly in front of the window as I remember going into the basement of my grandfather’s house when I was little & playing the old scratchy 75 records with him. I plan to put it in the cellar in hopes of one day finding a new place in our home for it.



But for now, making the most out of this space is what I’d like to do. My husband has to figure out the details as to how I can get all the necessary cords linked to the computer – hummmmmm? I’ll let him figure that part out.



These are a few pictures of décor that I already have that I plan to use in the room!






Here are some of the items I ordered or purchased this week to help accessories.

These goodies came from Garden Adornments: http://www.etsy.com/shop/GardenAdornments



This fantastic egg basket was found at this Etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/thepolishednest



These amazing finds were purchased from my dear friend at Burlap Luxe:       http://www.etsy.com/shop/BurlapLuxe


And these chairs will be a perfect addition to cozy the room up – found on ebay! I was certainly afraid to buy something like this site unseen, but a new friend of mine reassured me I did the right thing…because they will be perfect!




I found the below bits and pieces from The Well Dressed Home in Bothell: http://shopthewelldressedhome.com/ 


Just can’t wait to share with you how everything pulls together…I welcome your comments & suggestions as well – so fun to hear from you!


Burlap Luxe said…
MS "T"
You are on a perfect roll! I love everything you have purchased. The clam/egg basket is fabulous I have one very close to your etsy purchase, and I just love the added drama it gives to my homes decor.

Thank you for including me in as one of your friends and your featured esty buys.

I cannot wait to see the white chairs in there perfect place, love the look!
have a beautiful week designing your new spaces.
Unknown said…
I really love the chandelier its gorgeous and the bird cage. What fabulous finds I cant wait to see what else you find. Love the gingerbread house by the way, I have promised my son we will give it a try at christmas as he loves gingerbread men. Sarah
Hello again!
I love what you did with your family room...it's something that I invisioned when I first saw the 'before' photo's and was thrilled when I saw the 'afters' . I'm looking forward to seeing it all done up with the new chairs and other goodies :) Your den is going to be perfect when you're done with it....I love all the accessories you found. I have NEVER written so many comments on one blog before but I was addicted after reading the very first post you published. I look forward to following your 'journey'! Have a wonderful week.
Maura :)
I really like the new arrangement for the furniture. Looks more cozy. Love the new chairs you ordered. You picked up some wonderful items for you den. I can't wait to see it all put together. I really love the wire basket!
Julie Marie said…
Everything is looking just beautiful!... I too want to meet my husband halfway on the fufu things... the all~white homes are so beautiful, but I still love the look of natural wood and colors of Nature in my home... so I mix the two, and we are both happy!... I am also sentimental and get attached to our things, so I like to keep them and use them... especially family heirlooms (like your wonderful old record player from your grandpa that holds such precious memories for you!)... I think adding a bit of white like you are doing makes things perfect... we have chocolate brown leather recliners, similar to yours only darker brown, and I love the look of a white afghan on them... will be back to visit soon!... xoxo Julie Marie
awal.ny said…
Hi, I saw your comment about what Melissa from Pink Satin Sashes said, I have a few arbors but I don't know, I think your gardens are pretty amazing from what I have seen so far. I am a new follower, I just have to see the room after you place all of your pretty finds. Those wingbacks are amazing and thank you so much for posting where you found everything. I hope you are having fun getting ready for the holidays, especially with that many kids, there must be so much excitement in your home. I know with my three they just are bursting with energy. Nice to have met you, I always enjoy meeting new bloggers.

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