Snow Day…

Looks like today may be the last of any blooming flowers I have left for the year.  While it makes me kinda sad, it does get me a excited for the anticipation of Spring.  Allowing my garden to rest is one of the most difficult things to watch. However, it is giving me more time to focus on the inside of the house & getting ready for this terrible winter that is coming…

I bought this cherub angel in 2001 after someone dear to me passed away from cancer.  Its is a gentle reminder of how special she was to me. 


Just had to rush out to snip what may be my last bouquet of the year…..


This is a twig from my crabapple tree……I love seeing a hint of color from my dining room window. This is one of my favorite trees because it gives the visiting birds food when they can’t find anything else!


This rose I found still blooming is a David Austin shrub rose Reliable for bright displays even in frosty weather.  Up to 50 flirty pink blooms at at time, from spring to fall! The large clusters put on a lavish, eye-catching flower display. 4’ feet h/w petal count 20 strong frag. “ashes of roses”


Yeah for camellias!…..they seem to bloom in my garden just as most flowers are disappearing. This little guy was tucked under my hydrangeas this morning.  It is called 'Winter's Interlude' Very slow growing, which is perfect for us gardeners that are looking for additions we can control.  I love the fact that Camellia’s leaves are evergreen & for me most every plant I have is not.  I hear this is a favorite of Southern gardens?


This rose bush is “unidentified”… I brought it from the “Quail Creek House” the fragrance was too wonderful to leave…


My little fountain is still circulating – I get so many little birds coming to this fountain to grab a drink….I put a Nyjer feeder near the fountain this fall.  I love sitting at my computer & seeing the busy little visitors. Makes me feel like the garden is still alive.


So happy to see this hardy fuchsia still full of blooms for the hummingbirds that stay in our area year round! 


had to giggle a little when I found  some of my lavender, cosmos & snapdragons still blooming…(so not normal)! Lucky me!!!




Beautiful photos...always so pretty to see the snow on the last of the fall plants...
Burlap Luxe said…
Oh! "T"
This is a beautiful post.
I love that you make mention of your dear friend with the reminder of a cherub in your garden...where she walks softly admiring all that you have created in her memory (tear)

Love the snow frosted garden.
keep inspiring us with your beauty!

PS. Did you get my email on the tray for the ottoman...The unusual find at Target?

Have a beautiful creative day
Burlap Luxe said…

You are now added to my blog roll of inspiration!
Rhonda said…
What I would give for snow here! It was in the mid 70's today! It will be cooler by weeks end which will definitely be more conducive to decorating for Christmas!
I am glad you stopped by today.
What a beautiful post!! I am enjoying the snow too:-)) But like you hate to see the garden go for the year :-)) Love you David Austin rose, waht a beauty!! I find some lavender still blooming last week too, what a strange years we've had!!
Have a wonderful Thnaksgiving!
Heaven's Walk said…
Thanks for visiting Heaven's Walk the other day and leaving your sweet comment about the angel in my garden. I adore your angel! I can imagine what an inspiring affect she has on your garden. :) Lovely photos today, too! It's so pretty seeing flowers blanketed with crisp white snow. Have you gotten any more snow? I know it's headed our way for tomorrow and Friday. Although I love seeing it through December, it could all melt for the rest of the season and I'd be happy. lol!

Oh, and I've got to mention that you do NOT look old enough to be a mother to 7 kids! You are adorable, and your house looks so very cozy and inviting. :)

Have a blessed Thanksgiving - and I look forward to getting to know you better! (I'm your newest follower!)

xoxo laurie
Unknown said…
love the photos, espeically of the cranberry tree makes me feel really festive. We havnt had any snow yet but its promised this weekend i cant wait, doesnt snow make everything so pretty & magical
It's always sad to see the garden die down for the winter. Yours is still looking beautiful or at least it was when you took these photo's. I love your cherub. We don't get much snow here in Kansas...not like we had in the mountains of British Columbia at all but at this point in my life I'm glad we don't. I love the cozy feeling that snow brings though. Enjoy your beautiful snow covered garden. :)
Naturally Carol said…
I am fascinated by the pics of snow on your flowers!
Lynn said…
The pics of the flowers in the snow are just beautiful-enjoy:@)
Pamela Gordon said…
What pretty pictures! You are so blessed to have all that colour up to this point. I love the apples on the tree with snow caps. :-) Blessings to you.
Beautiful flowers in the snow!
Pat said…
First time to your blog, and I will definitely be back. Love how much you write with each entry. Love your gardening and pets.

Those are some beautiful shots! Your angel looks especially angelic with her dusting of snow, and crabapples will forever remind me of my grandmother who made what had to be the world's best crabapple jelly. Truly the best. And your camelias! Yikes! I'm assuming that you're in the South which has become a deep freeze. Hasn't this been the strangest winter??? We don't have snow in Florida, but we've had some cold temps. Waiting for spring to get here, and it can't arrive soon enough for me.

Happy Outdoor Wed!


Sheila :-)
Jocelyn said…
What very lovely pictures.

Donnie said…
Beautiful photos and that little cherub is so sweet a memory keeper.
Lovely, just lovely photos posted this week for Outdoor Wednesday.
Joyce M
Linda said…
It's amazing to me to see snow on all of the flowers...we don't get snow here, and it looks so pretty in your yard.Thanks for sharing!

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