What I am inspired by right now!

We have sold our play set which has made room for something? in the back yard.  Not sure yet, but lots of ideas have popped up – swimming pool?trampoline? bball court? etc.


I’m thinking an extra bonus room “cottage style”……a place to get away, or when we have guests, they can stay comfortably just outside our French Doors……

I found this just outside of the UVillage Ravenna Gardens.



I also came across Bob Bowling & contacted him thinking he’d be an excellent addition to my rustic character I am looking for.  I have sent him mail explaining my height / width I have to work with – curious if he does plumbing, electrical etc. 



more inspiring pics found throughout the internet…..

CabotCove_twilighthomepagemainimagegarden house idea2garden house idea3015


Burlap Luxe said…
Beautiful MS. "T"
You are off to a beautiful start, I so know Shellagh your number 1 follower I also love Washington state I use to live in Redmond and would Ice skate in Kirkland and out in Woodenvale, small world.

I know you are going to have a blast, and a new found love and inspiration through your new blogging friends.

Stay inspired.
What a great idea and something like these structures would look wonderful back in that corner. I bet it would be used lots and a great place to just get away from it all when you feel like it. I'm going to look up those web sites. Thanks for passing them along. Enjoy your week. Maura

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