Den Chairs Arrived!!!


They are perfect!!! I am so excited of how they look & how comfy they are…coming along! coming along!


Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie... oooh, your den chairs look just fabulous!... and I love, love love your little table~cabinet! You are giving me some great ideas here... xoxo Julie Marie I had to laugh here, your word verification was "latte" and I am sitting here drinking one! (I took a pic of that!)
Anonymous said…
Did you buy them or get them made? They are adorable.

Come look at my kitchen reveal...well part of it.
Tricia said…
Oh, they look cozy :)
Unknown said…
love them and the little side table
La Dolfina said…
They are beautiful!! Enjoy, they look super inviting and cozy.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself. I love your blog and blog name and I look forward to coming back often :)
Merry Christmas!!
La Dolfina
Thanks.....believe it or not, i found these chairs on ebay. A little nervous to purchase something like this without seeing them for myself, but i guess that means i took a "leap of faith"...They really are pretty perfect for the room!
Sharon said…
I love the table in the middle. I have one like it only it's blue. I believe they are called "chocolate tables".

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