Den makeover goodies…..


Great Finds for my den makeover!! I have done a lot of running to & from places to purchase, try it out, return, exchange, sell etc….trying to figure out what looks right….I think it’s getting there….still waiting for more items to come together to try & more additions needed….but wanted to share with you what I found thus far!

This little urn was purchased at “Cotton Ridge Vintage” Etsy shop. Isn’t it adorable? 

Really loving Etsy right now!!!


Galvanized Picture Frames – purchased at “Ravenna Gardens” Uvillage


This crate was purchased at Pottery Barn online store & then I painted it white & sanded to make rustic!'


Rustic Urn from Pottery Barn (a little “commercial”, but I’m sure it will fit in here somewhere)…


Purchased this coat rack from Pier 1….(came black, but painted white yesterday).


This little bird  house has been sitting in our cellar; not sure where it’s going – but it came out of hiding!


Galvanized items purchased at Ravenna Gardens UVillage.

102Anthropology light switch…bummed out that the outlet covers didn’t work.


Rustic baskets were a Ballard Design purchase – very happy with this!


Another pottery barn purchase…..set of three! so many uses these will have in my den!!!

Love hearing your feed back & appreciate suggestions!!!! xoxo



I see you have found your large farm bucket! Love the coal bucket too. If you are in need of a smaller one just let me know :)
Anonymous said…
Why does the light switch plate not work?We had an old coal bucket growing up, I wish I had one now...and I have an old galvanized bucket sitting in the rain...maybe I should go get it.

Nice purchases and I look forward to seeing what you do with them.
michelle said…
Love all your pieces! The crate for magazines is very cool!!!
The light switch is fine, just the outlet covers didn't fit :( they were really cute! Yes, you should get the galvanized bucket & bring it in! The more worn the better in my mind. Thanks for visiting!
What wonderful treasures! I love worn items too. And I adore the name of your blog, it's too cute! Thanks for stopping by and the nice comment, hugs from Cali, tami
Tricia said…
I love all the galvanized items :)
Cottage Panache said…
Tracie, Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love how you are mixing it up with old and the new, I love your choices and what a great blog name!
:) Maureen
Anonymous said…
I'm lovin' all of your pieces, Tracie! I can't wait to see the room once you've got it all put together!
Have a great day!
~ Jo :)
Hi Tracie :)
You left me a comment about doing a custom burlap sign, but your blog isn't sent up to send an email... so I posted here. I can definitely do a custom burlap sign... email me at and let me know the details.
Julie Marie said…
Everything looks wonderful! I especially love your birdie coatrack!... xoxo Julie Marie
Love all your pieces, just beautiful!
Vicki said…
These pieces are just wonderful. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

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