So proud of me!!!


So, I’ve had this old sugar mold dark wooden piece that went with my rustic theme of wrought iron & bears in our old house.  I’ve had it sitting in the closet, listed on craigslist several times & even taken it to a consignment furniture store (& they wouldn’t take it)…


Since starting this blog – I have been so inspired by how crafty so many of you are!  Me – I’m pretty terrified of ruining something!  But figured I would try with this piece.  So I headed to my local Michael’s craft store & picked up some paint & sandpaper.  Then I found these little glass snowflake candle holders that fit perfectly in the sugar tin molds. & then found a glittery ornament I thought I could take apart!  Just so proud of me how it all came together & I had to share!!!



Unknown said…
It works wonderfully well done :)
That looks so great together! Fantastic job, love it!
michelle said…
It is so beautiful!! I love the snowflakes candle holders, they fit perfectly!! I am so glad that you took it out of storage and fixed it up!!!
Wow, it turned out beautifully, you did a great job! I had to click over from your comment over at my friend, Jo's blog (Vintage Rose Collection) after I noticed your name is spelled like mine, doesn't happen often. Your blog is beautiful, I'm off to take a look around.
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie... funny how we find blogs we love... I just popped over from my friend Tracie's at My Petite Maison, who I see popped over from another friend of mine, Jo~Anne Coletti... your blog is beautiful!... and I love what you created with your candles and wooden box... really stunning!... I am signing on as a follower... and going to look at your older posts... Bisous... Julie Marie
Unknown said…
wow..his is GORGEOUS! Well done mon amie! TFS!
Unknown said…
P.S. Just became your newest follower. lovely blog you have here. will be back to look around soon!
Tricia said…
That looks great! You did a wonderful job. I love sugar molds, I can't believe no one wanted it...lucky you I say :)
Timi said…
Great job.
You did a great job, glad you took the chance and went for it. Looks so pretty with the snowflakes.
This turned out wonderfully~ it looks wonderful on your hall tree! Thanks for stopping by!
Anonymous said…
I really like your house alot. Your hall stand is very ornate....I like it too. Thanks for following me and good luck with your beautiful blog.
Anonymous said…
You should go find my friend Alaina at Arbour House Lane....she loves to garden and yours and hers look very similar. You might get on well.
She is on my side bar and she is a wonderful person...tell her Melissa sent you.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for stopping by. I haven't been on in a while. Getting ready to post every few days (hopefully) Regarding the chickens: I have had hens with a Russian Wolfhound and they were fine together. My dogs are curious about them, but the chickens really stand their ground and my yorkipoos are fine with them. A good magazine is the Urban Farmer if you ever get a chance to check it out.
designchic said…
Wow...this looks fantastic!! Aren't you glad now that it didn't sell -
I love it Tracie!! You did a fantastic job on that! Your hall tree is really beautiful as well!
Loving all the Christmas touches throughout your home.
See; there was a destiny for that piece. That's why you couldn't get rid of it. ;) It's gorgeous now. And I love the snowflake candle holders!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

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