Artwork for the den…

Finally I can show you! I  purchased this artwork at store on Etsy ( a few months ago when I first started on my “den makeover”.  I just thought these prints were so unique and perfect for my new room. I’ve tried really hard to step away from the mass produced items at large stores we all know.  I can say that I am loving the hunt for unique pieces like these for my home!  She had many options to chose from, however I stuck with the bird theme I have going on. 


When the prints arrived, I raced out in search of the perfect frames…no such luck!  I did find one on eBay that I thought I would love, but when it arrived – it wasn’t quite what I had ordered…so back in the mail to the seller it went.

look at the difference of what was ordered (left) & what arrived (right)


Back out I went in search of something, Etsy, antique stores, boutiques, large department stores, and again, no such luck for the perfect frames. 

However, last week I was at Pottery Barn & of course found what I thought would be the perfect frames.  Brought them home & tried my bird prints out in the frame & honestly, I have to say……I LOVE THEM!  

Today, they were hung on the wall for display & I can’t be more happy with how they turned out!  Yep, another perfect goodie to put in my den! 





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{oc cottage} said…
Just adorable!!!!

m ^..^
oldgreymare said…
Flying high with these two great prints.

sorry, couldn't resist....: D

Tete said…
I really love this! You did a great job putting these in frames and I love the label on the bottom! HWW
Lori said…
Just love the artwork on the dictionary pages. I have some kinda infatuation with everything made with vintage dictionary pages. Love the table cloth too.
I think these frames are perfect ,just plain enough not to complete with prints!
NanaDiana said…
Love your prints and the way you have them displayed. It is very disappoiinting to order something and get a replica of what you ordered, isn't it? LOVE these frames! Hugs- Diana
Julie Marie said…
Your bird prints are so pretty Tracie, and those are just the PERFECT frames!... I want to move in to your den!... xoxo Julie Marie
Love your prints and the ruffled table cover is really pretty as well. Thanks for stopping by, Theresa
Tricia said…
Those are so cute. I love how you put the little bird plate on the frame :)
Donna said…
Wow, I really love your bird prints! I adore birds and nests, and have used those very prints in some of my projects! The frames are perfect, they were worth the hunt!! I also really love your pretty ruffled tablecloth (it's darling!) and the birdcage is awesome!!
It's so great that you held out for the perfect frames because they are just that....PERFECT!
Unknown said…
J'adore those images printed on old book pages. i've done that myself and LOVE the look! Your frames only added to their unique beauty! TFS!
michelle said…
I am in love with your art! The frames are so perfect for the prints! Love the little label you added too!! :)
Wendy said…
Seriously love the prints in frames. I'm new to your blog from A Beach Cottage, so I don't know the history of your ruffled tablecloth. Did you make it or buy it? LOVE the whole corner.
I know this is my second comment ,but I have been obsessed with these prints ,so what have I done ? I have gone an purchased my own ,cannot wait for them to arrive ,I have never used Etsy before so now I will be checking this out too!
Anne said…
lovelovelovelovelove it!! Not just the bird prints, but also the wonderful combination of the white fabric and warm wall color.
Just perfect, I love them. And the little file pocket is just a great little extra that make them so unique! Thanks for linking up!
Unknown said…, Love, LOVE this look!!
They look fabulous in your room:)

Now I must be off to seek some prints of my own!!
xo, Rosemary
Glenda/MidSouth said…
I really like those prints and the birdcage. Looks great together. - You did good.
Olive said…
Lovely bird prints. Do you ever look at thrift stores? You can remove whatever is framed in the frame. I love old frames and your PB are meant to look old. ♥O
Love these and they look great in your room.

Unknown said…
Oh I love them! Great addition to your den!
Happy WW
Julie Marie said…
Hi again Tracie... so happy you joined Debra's party too!... so much inspiration out there!... I loved looking at your precious birdies again!... love to you, xoxo Julie Marie
Sandy said…
Beautiful! Love those frames and prints. Can I ask what color your upper walls are?
Anonymous said…
The bird prints look terrific! As does your wall color, the stained wood, the furniture, the birdcage, and your header!
Lady Pamela said…
This is just a beautiful room. I would love to see more.

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