Link up to my Party "Cottage Flora Thursday's"

This is the premier of Cottage Flora Thursday's which begins tonight.  I am looking for others that enjoy the same interest of Cottage Flora Landscape.  Please link your gardening post to this first ever linky party.  Please help me advertise this debut by placing my link in your side bar.  (& of course sharing this link in your post would be fantastic!!!)


lol - so i'd really like to host this party, but i can't figure out how to do a link...i've tried InLinkz & it disappears from the post when i upload. & with linky tools the link shows, but it uploads to a "web page does not exist......i use live writer to upload my posts because in blogger it won't let me use any of the features (like add a picture/link, change font etc) in HTML mode - uggh. so frustrating. Any help out there would be fantastic! You can however, copy the picture on my sidebar if you want to add my blog to your side bar. xoox
Tara said…
Hi Tracie,please pop over and visit me as I have an award for you..xx
sounds like fun...maybe one of these days I'll get caught up and get to play!
Happy New Year!
Hi Tracie,
I know what you mean, I cannot work out how to attend a party but not have the tech savvy on how to do that let alone host one ,if you did host this party and if I could work it out I would ,however Kristin from my Uncommon Slice of Suburbia posted the following post

I have asked her to help show me how to attend parties and I am not even certain if I have sent the link to you correctly,she may be able to help you too.
michelle said…
Hi Tracie! Cute idea, I linked up my little garden from a previous post from last summer! Thanks for hosting!!
I love this link, too...but I'm having trouble finding recent posts! We don't do as much gardening any more but I love seeing what everyone else is doing! ♥
I linked up a post from my garden last summer~ so fun to look at as we are buried under snow now!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the invite. Right now I have nothing to post but I sure will in the future. Have fun with it!
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie... so glad you got your link figured out!... I created a fun new little post just now so I could join in today, I linked up, and I am looking so forward to all of the upcoming posts as Winter turns to Spring!... xoxo Julie Marie
Alyssa said…
I just linked in! Thanks for coming to Boston and letting me know;) I am your newest follower too! Yay! Would love for you to follow along at Boston Bee so we can share ideas! ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee
Thanks for the invite, due to being very new at posting and also due to being not very blog savvy I actually don't have a clue how this works, will look into it in the near future. Have a great weekend
Julie Marie said…
Hi again Tracie... just read your comment on my post, I am in Zone 5. I went back into my post and put that!... thanks again for hosting the party, it is so much fun!... xoxo Julie Marie
Naturally Carol said…
Hi Tracie, thanks for your lovely comment re my apron...I was one of your first followers! and I would love it if you followed me too! I will not be able to join in your linky party, much as I would love to..because I have a more tropical garden as we live in Queensland, Australia...which is a subtropical climate. I did have some naturalised freesias pop up under a tree last winter though!
Cindy said…
I just happened to do a garden post for my show and tell today on my blog so I linked that up to yours!
Sounds like fun. I'll try to remember to join in next week. It'll be fun to go through my garden pictures and remember what it felt like to be warm.
Hi and thankyou for the invitation - I think I got it all right.
Anonymous said…
Hi Tracie, thank you for inviting meas well. I'll let you know as soon as my post is up. This week I've linked up to a different meme. I took a quick look and loved what I saw. All the best!!

Alyssa said…
Oh no! Your follow button didn't register :)Alyssa of Boston Bee
Diane said…
Can't wait to check out all the great links to your party Ÿ

Thanks for visiting me over at Pittypat Paperie Ü
Unknown said…
hello,i loved the picture of your garden, beautiful,kisses from argentina, mely
Hi Tracie- Glad you got the party linky to work!! :) I am already a happy follower of your beautiful blog - I'll be linking up an outdoor garden dining post- is that alright? I'll put your button on my blog too- Thanks for hosting! :)
Okay- linked up- if the post isn't okay for your party- feel free to delete it- I won't be offended at all! :) I just don't really have any landscaping only type posts yet- Thanks again!
Donna said…
Hi! I'm so glad I found out about you from Cindy's My Romantic Home. :O) I thought I'd join your party. I just did a post on my homemaking blog on curing the winter-time blues and one of the remedies I suggested was buying an amaryllis to bloom indoors. I love your blog and do hope you will drop by and visit too.

Donna @ Comin' Home

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