When somebody dies…


When somebody dies, a cloud turns into an angel, and flies up to tell God to put another flower on a pillow. A bird gives the message back to the world, and sings a silent prayer that makes the rain cry.
People disappear, but they never really go away. The spirits up there put the sun to bed, wake up grass, and spin the earth in dizzy circles. Sometimes you can see them dancing in a cloud during the daytime, when they're supposed to be sleeping. They paint the rainbows and also the sunsets and make waves splash and tug at the tide. They toss shooting stars and listen to wishes. And when they sing wind songs, they whisper to us, don't miss me too much.
The view is nice and I'm doing just fine.


We miss you DMF (12/31/01)…


Unknown said…
I am sorry for your loss. Beautiful graphic and poem. Lovely tribute.
Julie Marie said…
A most beautiful and touching tribute to a loved one Tracie... xoxo Julie Marie
Burlap Luxe said…
I am sure they are missed, and they so know it.

Blessing soulful one.
My thoughts are with you at this time
Katie Bulmer said…
Thank you for your comment on my blog. You were not being harsh. I appreciate your heart! I replied with a comment if you are interested. I like your blog!
Hi Dear. My Mom has been gone 8 years and even just today, I got it in my mind I need to call her. That feeling still can be unsettling but I have found a way to move on. It's never easy, and my heart goes out to you. I also came by to say thank you for the kind support you've given my humble little blog this past year. Your kind comments are always appreciated, xoxo tami
michelle said…
A beautiful post to remember a loved one. Actually this was perfect for me today, my grandpa died 14 years ago today and I miss him more than ever. I am so sorry for your loss and I know that they are watching you and taking care of you.
Beautiful tribute, Tracie.

For me, the comfort of carrying loved ones I've lost in my heart has helped me each day when I remember and celebrate knowing them and their choosing to love me too.

I am certain DMF knows your love.
So pretty and touching! Thank you!!!!
Such a lovely ode to a loved one.

Kathy said…
I am so sorry for your loss - my brother Tim was killed last January. I was the eldest of 5 - he is sorely missed - but, my faith and belief in God's love has kept me - I am praying for the same comfort for you and all who loved DMF.
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry for your loss, Tracie. What a beautiful poem for a tribute to your loved one.
Warm hugs,
Someone once told me 'when you loose someone you love, you gain an angel you know" Rest assured this is so true. I have just become your newest follower, I also have a blog so please visit sometime and i'll send inspiration your way and maybe you too can follow me. Have a great week.

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