Garden Cutting’s for Sharing

One of my most favorite things to do with a cottage garden is to make flower bouquet's for others with my flowers from my cutting garden.


When I first started gardening here at Fishtail Cottage in 2006, I didn’t have anything to share which made me so very sad! So, I have continued to plant fantastic cutting flowers throughout the garden. This way if I clip something, it isn’t so noticeable.


Matter of fact, my entire garden is set up to cut flowers from the garden…school teachers and neighbors seem to benefit the most from this fun passion of mine.


Some of my favorite flowers to combine and share are hydranges, roses, lady’s mantle, babies breath, shasta daisy’s, lilly’s, delphiniums, sunflowers, peonies, coral bells, and columbine…& oh, so many more!


Thanks so much for coming by to Cottage Flora Thursday’s – hoping you will link up a post to share with others! Please do share this link with others on your post so that they too can come by and this garden party can grow grow grow!!!



Gypsea Nurse said…
Oh my! This is simply breathtaking!!! I think I am in love!!!!
So glad to have stayed up late tonight!
gypsea nurse
Regina said…
How delightful!
Thank you for sharing.

Happy new week ahead.
" Regina "
Ricki Treleaven said…
How thoughtful of you to share cuttings from your garden! I wish we were neighbors :D
Angela said…
Your flowers are so pretty. I just spent an hour weeding mine, so it is nice to have a visual reminder of what I am working toward.
Deanna said…
What a wonderful idea to keep flowers going in order to gift your friends with something nice and pretty. I'm trying to start growing my own flower patch but I know I'll need lots of luck!

Happy PS
Deanna :D
YOur garden is beautiful. Love your vase full of flowers!
Gail said…
Cutting gardens are such a lovely, nostalgic idea. I have a small one that start with daffs, to alliums, to stargazer lilies, to herbs in mid summer. I keep my eye out for small vials or bottles to put these bouquets in (then the receiver doesn't feel obligated to give vase back). Thanks for sharing your cutting garden concept

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