Planting More Roses…

Do I really need more roses in the garden? Not really, but I welcome them with a happy heart!  I ordered these sweet and I must say fragrant roses from Heirloom Roses last month and they are now on their way to Fishtail Cottage.  They are to arrive sometime this week – so, where to plant them is the question?
French Perfume – So striking in Color and has a fruity spice fragrance to it. Creamy yellow centers shading to lipstick and near red at the petals edges – clusters of 3/5 on an upright plant with dark green foliage. Blooms continuously throughout summer. Zones 6-10 Height & Width is 4’x3’
FRENCH PERFUME™   (KEIbian) Pat.  8476
Perfume Delight – Deep Rose Pink that produces beautiful buds that open into large double blooms with long stems for cutting. Continuous blooms Zones 5- 10 Height & Width are 3’ x 3’ Very Fragrant.                  
Wife of Bath – Small double cupped blooms of a beautifully rich rose/pink in abundance on a compact plant. Consistently blooms throughout summer.  Height & Width 3”x4”, Very Fragrant
Heirloom – This rose has semi double blooms of deep lilac and purple on an upright plant. It will continually bloom all summer long. Zones 6-10 Height & Width are 4’x3’, Exceptionally Fragrant
Lemon Spice – This beautiful tea rose is a double bloomer which blooms repeatedly all through spring / summer. Its light to medium yellow blooms will be stunning in my garden, not to mention the fragrance it will bring to the garden.
So I will have to let you all know where these little beauties will be planted! I ordered two of each so more than likely – just throughout the garden… I love being able to walk through the garden and smell the fragrance of flowers drift by me… sighhhh, looking forward to that moment!
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xoxo, Tracie


I too am a bit of a rose hoarder...I always think I have room for just one more. We have the French Perfume and it has the most delightful old rose scent!
How pretty! I had 12 roses at one time~ I did a circular garden exactly like my grandmother had~ sadly, I only have one left!
These are beautiful Tracie, I'm loving the Wife of Bath rose:)
Gatsbys Gardens said…
Tracie, the roses are beautiful. I love when they are scattered throughout the garden, always a wonderful surprise.

Unknown said…
Dear Tracie, What lovely roses. I am a failure with roses but Butch say's maybe we will keep on trying till we get it right! I need my soil tested. What striking colors these have.
I'm off to work, enjoy your day..
Sincerely, Shirley
Ricki Treleaven said…
They are all gorgeous. I really like the Lemon Spice!!! :D I can't wait to see them in your garden!
Hi Tracie
I could almost smell each of the roses as I scrolled down. They're all beauties and will look lovely when planted.
Erin said…
All gorgeous roses, and I am so glad to read this.. I always want a rose bush, and now, I want one even more. Good info here:)
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie... I just love all roses and you can never have too many! I also love your beautiful white birdcages in your previous post, and especially love your sweet little birdies!... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie
Beautiful roses! This year is THE year I am going to really work with my roses... they really need some loving :) I have a similar one to your first picture, mine is called Double Delight and smells devine! I do love those "peony" looking roses too and would love to incorporate some of them into my space.

Becca's Dirt said…
What a lovely selection of gorgeous roses. I am wanting to do a rose garden. Can't wait to see what you do.
Oh my...I can see why you order them all, who could choose between them?

I know just where you could plant them *sweet smile*...though you would have long walk to smell their lovely scent lol.

Thank you for the lovely eye candy and hosting again this week.

Blessings Kelsie
Olive said…
They are beautiful. I would kill them. I cannot grow the knockouts and our deer eat any rose we plant. What do you do about critters in your garden?
Sunray Gardens said…
Those are all beautiful choices. I hope they all do well for you.
Goldenray Yorkies
Victoria said…
Oh my..thankyou for sharing all these beauties...I have an immortal love for gorgeous..magical!!
HolleyGarden said…
I love roses, and these are beautiful. I hope you enjoy them!
Betty said…
What beautiful roses. Makes me what to add some to our yard.
Nice selection of roses, they will be beautiful next year! Heirloom Roses is the BEST place to buy roses. Fortunatly, I live about 15 miles from them....just don't have a big enough lot to plant all the roses I would like but I have about fourteen. If you have the room "Sally Holmes" is AMAZING! Look forward to seeing your beauties in bloom.
Rose heaven at your place. Nice.
Joyce M
Unknown said…
what a beautiful roses...
Would you like to send me some...? :)
LV said…
In my opinion, you cannot get too many roses. I love them. Yours are some of the most beautiful.
Gorgeous roses!! I have Perfume Delight and want to plant a few more this spring....haven't decided which ones though. I need something that's easy care and that does well in hot and humid conditions.

Have a great day!!
Beautiful Roses, the colors are my favorites. We have them climbing on the back fence and one rose topiary just full of buds. Lovely Post............

The French Hutch

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