Springtime Cloche…

Happy Spring Everyone!
071068I haven’t set up my Spring & Eater Décor yet…
078but found these darling little feathered Chicks at Ben Franklin recently along w/some faux carrots to add when decorating the cloche this week.
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xoxo, Tracie


Unknown said…
My mums got some little chicks like this she gets out at Easter they are so cute. She also knits little easter chicks & puts those cadburys creme eggs in side them (Im not sure if you get creme eggs out there but they are awesome :)
Oh I love it. The chic and carrots are so cute and so colorful. Great idea. Hugs, Marty
This is so cute...I have been so focused on the garden I have not even thought about spring decor yet...Love those carrots btw, just something about them.

Blessings Kelsie
Unknown said…
What a darling cloche festive presentation ... & carrots to boot!

Happy Spring ~
Unknown said…
Oh Tracie,
Happy Spring to you my friend..it is such a happy time. I'm glad winter is over and looking forward to enjoying some sunshine..I love your chick..he's so fluffy looking! :)
what a cute chicken, so scruffy and yellow perfect for an easter display:)
Eee that chick is so cute. And what a great idea. Really simple to due. I will pull out my glass cake stand and lid and try it in there.
Sandi said…
Your little chick looks like a little duck that I have. I don't remember where I got mine at. So fuzzy and cute! Love cloches!
Verde Farm said…
That is too cute!! I just love it :) You have such an eye!
Hi Tracie,
I have a few of these chicks I put out every Easter, they always make me laugh. Your cloche arrangement is simply sweet.
Burlap Luxe said…
Love those cute fluffy chicks... Me too! not sure what inspiring Easter I will come up with :)

Love to see whats next Ms. "T"
NanaDiana said…
OMGosh- I think those little chickens are the cutest Easter chicks I have EVER seen...love them in your cloche! Darling!! xoxo Diana
oldgreymare said…
you need to put your email into your profile because right now you are still a no reply comment and no one can reply to you via email..as I just tried to do wand then noticed the" no reply" after i had tried to send email... sigh

**** here is what I had tried to send****
They are sold everywhere here and lots of homes have them. I have only seen white and this yellow. Don't know much about them. Maybe google them?

On Mar 20, 2011, at 1:59 PM, Fishtail Cottage wrote:

Fishtail Cottage has left a new comment on your post "ALL IN THE TIMING":

oh - that bird house is to die for.....i so have been looking for something like that to put up in a new garden project area i am working on.....those Banks Roses are so lovely! Would love to know more about them.....? xoox
Lynn said…
The chick is adorable, cute cloche:@)
Awwww, the little chick is precious!

Simple Home said…
Aw, so sweet Tracie!
Anne Marie said…
my Mom puts out little chicks like that for Easter and they are so cute on her table...so fuzzy and adorable...
Anonymous said…
That's so cute! I love the little carrots and truth be told, I like the chicks for Easter more than the rabbits. Thanks for sharing your Easter decor with us!
Arabella said…
Aren't those adorable?! I just love them!

I'm dropping by from Masterpiece Monday at Boogieboard Cottage.

Hope you have a lovely week :O)
Unknown said…
I pulled out my Easter stuff yesterday. Yours is so cute, the carrots look real to me!
Enjoy your day~KarenSue
Jules said…
That fluffy little chick brought a smile to my face. And the carrots? Cute enough to eat! Aren't you glad I didn't put that in the opposite pair? :-) I would never eat a cute little baby chicken!!! Your blog is just delightful! jules

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