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So I was walking the garden to see what is waking up up from winters nap this week & just look at what I found. [010_thumb2[2].jpg]
Dug up, chewed up, spit out garden bulbs…oh, I feel like setting up a camera outdoors just to see who the culprit is. And look at this one. just dug up, gnawed on just enough to ruin the bulb completely – ugggh!


Now I know how Mr. McGregor felt when Peter Rabbit invaded the garden. Funny how upset I get when it comes to my gardens progress!!! Even though I have hundreds of bulbs out there coming up – just a couple in a prime location being devoured can really make me mad! Below is a picture of what they should be looking like right now…

011_thumb1Here is a couple goodies that I found happy in their place this week!

This beautifully variegated plant is – & is called Arum Italicum- is also known as Orange Candleflower because of its 12-14" spike of vivid orange berries. This exotic plant puts on a show from late spring until fall. It produces creamy white flowers that appear first followed by the striking berries. The show isn't over yet as white speckled leaves appear and last into winter. This is truly a plant for all seasons. I remember planting these last February, but they disappeared from the garden during the summer months…they are back & had to figure out what they were again to share with you! I’ll share more photo’s with you when I get some blooms!


Of course most of you know this one, Heather. This variety is called “Mediterranean Pink Heather”. There are about 1,500 different varieties of heather. Growth habits vary from dwarfs to two inches high ground covers – & can even be found as a small shrub averaging six feet tall. Flowers are bell shaped, about two mm across. Attracts bees, butterflies & hummingbirds due to it’s high nectar content. In the early 1600’s European physicians used this as a medicinal herb as an antidote against bee stings and venomous bites. Propagated by using seeds in a greenhouse like setting. Heather requires mild acidic soils and exposure to sunlight. (will tolerate light shade) This is a very hardy plant & is a great filler in the forefront of any gardens! I love it that it gives my garden bed a “pop of color” this time of year!


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I can't WAIT to see buds here...
That is a pretty flower that plant puts out. I hope thoes rabbits stop eating your plants soon. Have fun gardening..........Julian
Pamela said…
The heather is so pretty and thanks for all the information on this plant!
I like plants that attract butterflys and help the honey bees along.
It's pretty like lavender!
My yard is bunny and deer land!

Pamela xo
Ricki Treleaven said…
Thows dastawdly wabbits!!!
NanaDiana said…
Oh I hate it when the pests get to the flowers before I even see them.
I hope they are done doing damage!!!

Love your heather-I don't have any of that around here. xxoo Diana

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