2nd Saturday'z Flea Market…

Amazing morning…So I got up at 6:30 to head to my second flea market ever!  I was one of the first to arrive (4th in line) and met some lovely folks who shared the flea market secrets.  A few gals had husbands with them to do their payment & load the cars while they kept shopping. Another gal noticed I didn’t have a bag and ran to her car to grab one to share.  I was cracking up – almost nervous…but enjoying every minute of my visit with them while we all waiting in line for an hour before doors opened.
I was so surprised when a gal came out the front door and started handing out gift baskets to the first 20 in line – Which was me too!  What a sweet thing to do….I was giddy about receiving a gift! Which was full of goodies…

So once we all took turns running to our cars to drop off our baskets ~ and the doors opened, I was off to find what called my name. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for, but I knew I’d find something – much to the advice of my new ‘Junkin Friends’ I browsed…I figured I better do what I do best & browse and scout what eye candy sings to me and then I’d go back to see if it was still there – my mind tells me, if it is still there, it was meant to be…meant to come home with me…meant to be mine.
So I browsed, “Garden Party”, “John Bob Cool Junk”, “Circle Creek Home”,  “Ormolulu”, “Island Chicks”, “Flutterbudget”, “Whimsical Whites”, “Circle Creek Home”  and many, many more vendors…lot’s of smiles and hello’s throughout the perusing.
So now you wanna know what I picked up, right?   I found this fantastic shabby Smith and Hawkins Bench to add to the garden.
This great tray is hand-made from salvaged wood – it’s much bigger than it looks and can hold a fantastic vignette of drinks and appetizers for our entertainment needs.
This wooden box is one of my favorites!  Since seeing Jo’s bread box over at Secret Garden Cottage, I’ve been on the hunt for something with character for my counter top.  I came across this rustic box thinking – “I can paint this white”, but the more I think about…I may want to leave it as is….just has so much charm the way it is!
This Robin’s Egg painted blue “fleurs” bucket was something that definitely caught my eye!!!!  I loved it as soon as I saw it & think it’s going to be a darling addition to my daughters (eventual) room “redo”.
You’ve all been using sweet frogs to display your pictures and postcards – I just felt left out not having one…I used it to display my chick postcard I received in the first picture (above).
Love these little chicken wired mossy filled ribbon adorned cones…I couldn’t decide on which color ribbon so I grabbed all three (pink, blue & white)…check out that goose egg!
Look at these adorable vintage plant holders? a gravel filled jello mold with sedum rickety basket filled with moss covered bleeding heart.
Who doesn’t need an enamel wash bowl for the garden?
Loving this yellow Coca Cola crate! I plan to use it to carry my pyrex dishes in when we travel with hot dishes during the holiday’s!
Bet you wished you could have come too…here is the next dates for the 2nd Saturdayz if you are local friend of mine!
Oh, there is one more goodie that I picked up – but will save that for another day…kinda a funny story!
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Anonymous said…
Gee you scored huge! You should go again so we can all share in your junkin treasures.
Alison said…
You found some wonderful stuff! I've been wanting to go to this for a while, just never seem to get around to it. I hear in June it is going to be in Snohomish, so maybe I'll go then. I just dislike going into town and trying to find parking.
Sounds like a great Flea Market. What wonderful treats you snagged. I love them all, but especially the wooden box for your counter! How I miss the Northwest.
Gypsea Nurse said…
Ohh.. you did have a major score!!
Fab finds!!
I guess I don't need to tell you to enjoy your weekend huh?
That sounds like a blast! You got some wonderful things~ I love that bread box:)
Sounds like you had a great day out! Love all your finds, but particularly like the wooden box.
Alyssa said…
That Coca-Cola box is in great shape! Flea Markets are addicting...looks like you've been bit;). Awesome finds! Alyssa
Wow Tracie, what a haul, and mostly large things too. I like the bench, it's perfect for the garden and in good condition.
A good flea market can keep me busy for hours and although we have one near us, it's mostly booths of vendors with jewelry and clothing. My favourites are the ones with antiques.
Ricki Treleaven said…
Tracie, you lucky duck! You scored big! *awesome* I love the bench and the little moss cone thingies.

I have not been to a flea market in quite awhile, and your post makes me want to go out and find one!

I am looking forward to your post about the find you have yet to share with us *hint, hint*...

Ricki Jill
NanaDiana said…
Tracie- Holy cow! You hit the mother lode! Did you have to rent a truck to get it all home?>) Nowq, I could have snuck everything into the house except the bench without a lot of "eye rolling" on you-know-who's part! How'd you do?'>) xxoo Diana
Ahhh Flea Markets...I can't wait! They'll be starting up soon here in MN :)
Fun finds...I agree, that box is amazing as is! Lucky you! Laurel@chippingwithcharm
Pat said…
Loved going to the flea market with you. Big outdoor ones are fun, with the right weather. You got some good stuff, "for an amateur"!

Julie Marie said…
Oh Tracie, how fun!!! I have been to many estate sales and never been given a gift at the door, lucky you! Love, love love all your finds... especially the blue fleur container, and that vintage Scotch box... I would leave it just the way it is, so much history there! Can't wait to see all your new treasures you put in your garden too... you made a haul girl, way to go!... wish I could go with you!... so much fun meeting fellow junkers at the markets!... most of them are super nice!... xoxo Julie Marie
Amy said…
Love your finds! Flea markets are soo fun!
I love what you found! I've been looking for similar flea markets/events, but haven't really found one that has the kinds of treasures I want....
Wow! I can't believe how many great things you found! And she gave you a gift to start the day? Nice!!

Hi Tracie, you did find some great treasures! Love that bench! Every garden needs a white bench. And, I agree, that wood box has wonderful beauty and character just the way it is. Wish I could come to the next one.
Enjoy your Sunday!
~ Julie
Tracie, Thank You so much for visiting Circle Creek Home at 2ndSaturdayz Flea Market. We are so happy that you love your new treasures! The next 2ndSatursayz will be held in Snohomish on May 14th on 2nd Street. We will have more fun things for you and all of your friends. John and Brenda
Pamela Gordon said…
WOW! Did you ever find some goodies! I would have bought about the same things as you I think. Oh my, they are wonderful! I'd need a truck to bring it home in I think. Fun Fun! Pamela
Oh, Tracie! I want everything you bought!! If I had been there I would have been trying to snatch everything away from you! lol! It sounds like you had a great time and I am so excited to see how you use each and every piece!

Happy Sunday!

Lucky you! I've been wanting to hit the 2nd Saturday ever since I heard about it a couple of months ago... I'm really looking forward to my daughter moving back to the Seattle area this summer so that we can do some of this togther! Can't wait to hear about your final "treasure"... I LOVE those chicken wire hanging baskets thingies... so springy! But my fav is the coke case... I've been on the look out for one of these at a reasonable price for a long, long time!

How funny, I just posted about being in the same place this Saturday. We didn't get there as early though, but I did find some fun stuff. You found some really great things!
Sandi said…
Oh my! You can pack up that white bench and send it right on over here to Michigan along with the white tray, the chicken wire cones, the fleur bucket...oh you can just send it all my way!! LOL
Beautiful finds!!
What a wonderful flea market, Tracie - to give the first twenty patrons such nice gifts! I'm sure you had a blast. And you certainly found some terrific treasures. So, are you hooked now?! ;)

Thanks for continuing to link to my party. I love to come by for visits.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage
Wow, this sounds like such a great market. I've never been to one where they give out gifts. I love all your treasures especially those chicken wire baskets and that bench. I have a similar bench (not old) and it needs staining every year. I think I might just have to paint it now.
Anne said…
what cool stuff! Those cones and the 'Fleurs' bin are really great. Don't you just love flea markets!!
I WANT THAT TRAY!!! Oh, that's right, we're not to covet, so I LOVE THAT TRAY!!! And the tub is next on my favs, but I like all your finds. What fun you had I can tell. Thanks for sharing.
Donna said…
Ok..NOW I'm jealous.. or should I say more so? I already admired your garden so much..but these finds..are scrumptious!

You must have been so excited to find them. :o) Love that bench..and the big water pail.

Unknown said…
Hey there!!! Thanks so much for this sweet posting about our Market. I wish I would have known that YOU were Fishtail Cottage! I was the one you bought the scale,and mossy cones from ;) So glad you found such great junk, and got one of the Easter Baskets too! Now I know you, and look forward to seeing you in Snohomish in May!
Marguerite said…
Wonderful finds, that bench is great. although when you said you were thinking of painting over that whisky crate I almost fainted. It's so perfect the way it is. glad you changed your mind.
Unknown said…
absolutely love the bench, the boxes and all your other gorgeous things!
Tammy @ Type A said…
i'm so jealous, i just live in the wrong location for finding such treasures. thanks for sharing this at my party!
Unknown said…
Was wonderful to meet you, though informally! Had fun standing in the cold waiting to jump in and get those treasures with you and the other ladies! Glad to see you found some wonderful things. Hope to see you again at another show or flea market.

Lingering Legacy
(the gal standing behind you with the "pack mule" / hubby)
Debra said…
How fun! You found some great things. I love that you got the gift basket, too. It pays to be early! :)
What Fabulous Treasures, I must say I am totally jealous of anyone who gets to flea market or tag sale yet, still at least a month away for me...
Wow! Amazing finds. Thanks for including pictures of all of them and telling us about the market. Makes me wish even more that I lived in the Seattle area!

And also, you're so kind to share the address of the flea market. Not everyone would give up their secret shopping place.

I'm your newest follower!
Sue said…
Love the new finds, especially the blue fleur container and the wooden box. As an avid "junker" myself, I think you found some true treasures! Visiting from the Picket Fence. ~ Sue
Heidi said…
your story is so fun! second flea ever huh? well I predict many more in your future, girl you are hooked!

love all your treasures too! definitely have to leave the box as is ~ so cool!

Wowzer, you sure did get some great stuff, wish I had been with you! :) LOVE the fleur tub..so sweet! Thanks so much for linking up, it's always fun to see what you've been up to!
Missy :)
WOW you found some great stuff!!!
I love everything.......that tray, I WANT!!!
sheila said…
You found so many neat treasures esp. the wooden box.I love your blog.
Blessing, Sheila
I love it all! Can I come shop with you? The box is fabulous, I'd leave it just the way it is. Thanks so much for linking up with VIF, have a great weekend, xo Debra
Unknown said…
Love your moss covered cones!
Linda M. said…
Happy Pink Saturday, Wow it looks like you have a fantstic time at the flea market.
Homeroad said…
I love everything you found! Beautiful site! I'm your newest follower from homeroad.net. Stop by, I think you'll like my site too!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Love all your finds!

~ Gabriela ~
Unknown said…
Love your blog... love your flea market finds! I need a garden bench, mine bit the dust after about 10 yrs. Stop by and visit my blog anytime - take care!

Lynne Moncrieff said…
I would so love to visit a Flea Market but there are none, to my knowledge in Scotland.
What amazing finds and what a delight to be handed a gift although to be there so early, you deserved a gift.
Happy PS.
Wow! What great finds! You really scored some treasures there and we can't wait to see what you do with them. :-) Thanks so much for linking up this week to Inspiration Friday!
Joani said…
Those were some awesome finds. And, you event got a gift before getting in the door. How cool was that? Have a great Sunday.
How fun to get a gift before you enter a flea market!!

You came home with some wonderful finds...loving the bench!
Anonymous said…
My luck I would have been 21st in line, just late enough to miss out on the goodies.
Wow- for not grabbing as soon as you saw something you did come home with some special items.
Thanks for sharing.
annies home said…
love it love it great finds come visit my blog at http://shopannies.blogspot.com if you find time
I've been to 2nd Saturday'z... Isn't it a great 'lil market. How lucky to be one of the first 20. Whoopeee... All the girlies love a little prize...

Have a great HOT day... :-)


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