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So it’s no secret we live in a “Fishbowl” – the ultimate goal is for our landscape to eventually grow large enough to give us  privacy while we are in our backyard and patio.  Every year we have done a little bit to accomplish this goal, but careful not plant something that will be invasive,  destroy sidewalks and roads and be neighborhood friendly.   It’s important to me that i  plant somewhat drought tolerant plants in the garden.  I try very hard to research to find just the right plant, shrub, tree or bush and use new dwarf variety’s that are constantly being introduced all the time to help gardeners like myself that have minimal space to work with.   Many times, I am wrong in my choice and end up pulling it out, moving it or giving it away. 
So recently it was suggested to me to plant the Bradford Pear Tree by another blogger for privacy between me and my neighbors property.  I did some research on this tree and agree that this might be a good fit for my home and property.  This tree has a fast growth rate which will get us to our goal of patio and backyard privacy!  Showy creamy white flowers appear in early spring before it leafs out and has green thick branches and leaves throughout the summer. Bears a small fruit that attracts birds. Tolerates full (hot) sun and is fine in clay soil, resistant to pests and diseases.  All these aspects are perfect for the location and look I’d like to see.  Bonus of the research says it has a fantastic fall color as well. 
The only issue I’ve read about this tree is that its branches are susceptible to breakage from icy winds and snow.  I am hoping where we are planting these they will be somewhat protected because they are along a fence and on the other side of the street is a rock wall where our neighbors home sits up above ours.
012We thought this project is something that we’d “eventually get to”, but when we were on our weekly Costco run, we saw this tree species there for only $37. each and they were at least 10 feet tall already.  We brought home three, went back for for two more and then again for another three…they were easy to plant and the past couple days we’ve had a mix of rain and sunshine – perfect for planting spring trees.  No we won’t have the privacy in the winter, but we are not as concerned about the winter months as we are the summer months.  Plus we will have the - trees to shade the hot sun on the patio  - afternoon cocktails will be more fun this summer!
Couple other garden blooms going on this week here at Fishtail Cottage;  Candytuft, trillium, pink flowering current, daphne, tulips, daffodils, bleeding hearts, poppies, heather & pansies…

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nanniepannie said…
I planted seven Emerald Green Arborvitae trees a couple of years ago for a privacy screen, then realized I'd most likely be in a nursing home before they did the trick. Oh well, such is life.
Anne said…
You had me at 'Bradford Pear..." my very most favorite tree, hands down!! They're pretty all the time and have such a lovely size and shape. I have got to plant one here...
Hi Tracie, I have several Bradford Pear trees and they are just starting to bloom here in Va. Great choice!
NanaDiana said…
Hey Tracie- We have never had a Bradford pear tree but you can bet I will try to find one now. I think the best advice for plants you can get is from other people (rather than a plant nursery). We have privacy issues on one side too and need you-not so much for winter as for summer.

Love your plants and everything looks fantastic! xxoo Diana
Pamela Gordon said…
I have heard of these trees but didn't know much about them until you wrote about them ;-) I hope they work for you. They sure are pretty in blossomtime.
Betty said…
I have been trying to do the same thing here. First year bought things I liked and most died. Than did research and things are growing.
Love Bradford Pears...they are blooming now all over my area and are just gorgeous. You're goig to love them!
Unknown said…
Oh, I love Trilliums! I have only seen them when I was a child in the woods on my grandfathers farm. And it is against the law to dig them up here. Love your pictures. 8>)
Sunray Gardens said…
You have done such nice things here. Will enjoy watching it all come to life this year.
Goldenray Yorkies
Julie Marie said…
Your trees look so pretty outside your fence!... I love our flowering pears and so do our birds! Ours is just starting to bloom, even though we had more snow this morning, yuck!... I linked up a post though, one I just did about herb vinegars from herbs from my garden... I want to come visit you and have afternoon cocktails in the shade of your trees!... xoxo Julie Marie
Marie said…
What an absolutely beautiful tree Tracie! Love the white flower blooming. Also love your little side path, so cute!

I've only lived in our home two and a half years, but my husband has a green thumb and everything he plants thrive happily. I'm the one who maintains them though, and love getting out there and gardening.

Ricki Treleaven said…
Love the flowering trees!
Becca's Dirt said…
Beautiful Tracie. I am looking forward to seeing how those trees look all lined up so pretty on the fence line. Hope you're having a good day.
The pears do sound perfect for your needs...we have many pear trees on our property but not Bradford, actually we don't know what variety they are as they were buried in the over grown woods....I love them and especially the fruit and watching the birds and squirrels feast.

Your other blooms are lovely too.

Blessings Kelsie
Unknown said…
Nice seelction Tracie, I have heard that this tree is beautiful and shaped like a pear too! I have seen one and it was splendid. We cut down 27 oak tree's from a real bad ice storm we had in 2009. We cut all the tree logs and split all the wood ourselves..Now we have a clean slate to work with and plan on growing some really nice tree's that we hope, like you, are friendly to the lansdscape and our neighbors. It's so much work. We bought 2 Cypress tree's this weekend.. 95.00 a pop so we will use just these for another area. I love tree's...
Kathy said…
Bradford Pear trees are striking in their beauty when they grow big - and they can get pretty significantly big.
I just think it is in the nature of the tree and how the branches are at the trunk - making them susceptible to breakage -
Also, the flowers - though very lovely do not smell good at all -
I saw city workers cutting back a stand of Bradford Pear a couple of years back - like they do the Crape Myrtle - the trees were growing into power lines - I thought they'd ruined them - they did come back very nicely - but they don't have their beautiful teardrop shape.
I hope all goes as you wish with your trees -
Thanks for hosting this wondrful party,
Donna said…
Tracie, This is such a good idea! Poor thing. I'm sorry you live in a fishbowl. I remember our fishbowl days all too well. Every time hubby fusses about all of the yard work on our seven acres, I remind him of the neighbor girls who used to peek in the slats of our dining room window to watch our family have supper.

When you have kids...the whole neighborhood wants to be a part of your life. :o) Especially if you are the only mom home during the day. I miss them..but not the constant interaction.

Now we have a peaceful paradise.

Pear trees are absolutely wonderful and I'm so excited for you finding three at such a good price. And with them so far along, you won't have to wait for privacy. Such a creative plan for gardening! And their blossoms are so pretty too. Beautiful photos of your garden, Tracie. ;o)

Ricki Treleaven said…
Okay I re-read you post, and now we are on the same page. We have Bradford pears in our backyard, and you will be stunned at how fast they grow. They are also among the first of the flowering trees to bud, so it is always exciting to see them begin to bud every spring because then you know that winter is almost over! I have found them to be fairly hearty, but we do live in Alabama, although we have had record cold snow and ice the past few years.

I think y'all made a great choice. :D

Ricki Jill
LindyLouMac said…
I think the trees are a good choice and it will not take long for them to establish themselves.
Everything looks great and I sure like that walkway - I'm trying to build something similar! Hope everything grows well for you - Happy Spring!
RBell said…
Incredibly in-depth research followed by wrong conclusion leading to struggling plant subjected to subsequent removal in a continuously repeated loop? Umm...I thought that was how I was supposed to be doing it? At least, that's how I've always gardened. Happy GBBD!
Anonymous said…
I love Bradford pears because around here they are the first flowering trees to bloom in the Spring letting you know that Spring truly is on the way. They are used a lot around here for prettiness and privacy. You did good! :)
HolleyGarden said…
Very nice all in a row. You will enjoy them and love the privacy. How nice to find some quite large!
Wally said…
I love the gate in your header photos. So nice to see daphne, they don't seem to be very common any more? Our main city lake has ornamental pears along the foreshore, Manchurian not Bradford. They are wonderful especially in spring and autumn. I'm sure your ornamental pears will bring you much enjoyment, as well as the privacy.
Donnie said…
We cut ours down because it got bigger each year and many limbs broke in our North Carolina winters. The blossoms would stick all over the vehicles too. They do grow very tall and have quite a root structure.
Indrani said…
Very colorful curtain between the properties. :)
Looks like a great idea. Good job!
Joyce M
eileeninmd said…
Love the trees and what a great price. Your yard is looking lovely. Great photos. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter.
They are going to look wonderful! We're constantly trying to plant things to screen views, too, so I know just where you're coming from. :-)

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Beth @ Unskinny Boppy
We had them at our house in GA. It was what attracted me to the house when I saw it online. But be careful of how close you plant them to each other and to the fence. They will get really big. And full. We had one that gave us privacy out our upstairs bedroom window. Then one windy day we heard a loud snap and watch it split in two. And while pretty the flowers do not smell lovely. My kids called them the fish trees!

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