Sneaky Birthday…

Do Birthday’s ever sneak up on you…? Recently my daughter turned 10, and I was – well, the word is – “unprepared”.  I have to say thank you to my local shops, café’s and their employees to help me pull off what needed to look like I have it together & was prepared the entire time!
My daughter Birthday this year fell on a Sunday - So the evening of Thursday before her birthday, my daughter came to me saying – “let’s get started on those cupcakes”.  It was almost bed time for her & I knew I couldn’t begin a project like this so late.  Her eyes welled up with tears claiming she had promised her class a cupcake celebration the following day… At that point, my tummy sunk way down in my chair and promised her something better – something more special!
When I awoke the next morning and got the kiddo’s off to school – I went into a frantic moment – of “What the heck am I going to do?” Donuts? store bought cupcakes? Had I promised something I couldn’t present?  So I am in the drive thru at Starbucks for my morning mocha and on their menu board is a new item “Cake Pops”… hummmm, now there is an idea!
After getting my coffee, I parked and ran inside to see what these were and if they were as cute as in the picture.  Can we say DARLING?  I proudly went to the counter and ordered 30.  The gal looked at me like I was nuts…and kindly replied – lets see what we can do. She had a few boxes in the refrigerator of these goodies and sold me what she had – I headed off to two more Starbucks and cleaned them out too.  Afterwards, I stopped at Michaels to search their dollar section for cupcake paper cups & headed home to create something fabulous! 
So excited how this turned out…
When I arrived at school to deliver the Birthday goodies – my daughter was delighted!  Ahhhh, disaster averted!
Thanks for popping over to visit & please do share a story where you’ve avoided a disaster (so I don’t feel so bad) To see what I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label……
xoox, Tracie


Trisha said…
I love it! Way to save the day mom...hope she had a very Happy Birthday!!

NanaDiana said…
Ah...yes...and now I know what your Cupcake fiasco cost you...besides gas and running. My little SweetCheeks loves those cupcake "pops"... A good save, my friend! xxoo Diana
Pamela said…
Ah you are the best Mommy ever!!!!
I can so relate to this! What we do for our kids! The guilt can eat you up...but you came through big time!!!

I have to have one of these cake pops..that is all i keep hearing about on blog land and Facebook!!

Pamela xo
Anonymous said…
Mommy of the year, I'd say. Cake pops are so good. I hand made some and took on vacation. They were gobbled up! Your presentation was adorable too. :)
The cupcake pops turned out great! I haven't had an opportunity for a "disaster" yet, but I'm sure it'll happen :)
I'll have to see if Starbucks in Canada has the cake pops - they look sweet.
You're such a good mother to come up with something, even if not homemade. Your daughter will remember you arriving at the school with the goodies for a long time.
Mary said…
I love this! I also love your vintage corbels, so I featured them on "My Top Ten Fav Picks" at Boogieboard Cottage. Have a great weekend! Mary :O)
Scrappy Grams said…
Good save! I'll have to go in next time I'm in Starbucks to see if we have them here.
Wendy Aspinall said…
well done Mum and when she's big with children of her own she will remember this day and how you put some magic out of your mum bag of tricks.... and what a great idea...Hugs wendy
I wish I could say I was as quick thinking and creative when my daughters 18th bday came and bit me from behind this yr...Though I think it was more denial because I new 2 weeks after her bday she was moving away. :(

Great looking treats..Good job mom.
Blessings Kelise
I love cupcake!!!
Beautiful your blog...

Nicely done! I've seen these at Starbucks and thought about getting some myself for the vintage baby shower I was hosting!

As far as disaster averted... not sure I've ever averted the disasters... I think they happened! ;)

Martha said…
Thanks for visiting Linderhof.

How clever of you and your DD never knew did she!!!!They are truly darling! And know she knows that you are the best mom!!!!
Leslie said…
very nice!!!! Happy 10th birthday!
Unknown said…
I love the tray you created! My girls and I saw these in Starbucks and thought they were so cute! Happy Birthday to your dd and Happy PS!
Gypsea Nurse said…
Happy Birthday wishes.... and what a beautiful assortment you created... You are a fabulous mom!
Happy PS!
Unknown said…
You are the best Mommy! Happy Pink Saturday!
Burlap Luxe said…
What a Mom!!!
You made her day magical at any :)

Love that you had to run to several StarBucks to pull this off!!

See you soon, Happy Birthday to your sweet little garden bird!
Burlap Luxe said…
What a Mom!!!
Oooop's left out Cost on last comment:)

You made her day magical at any- *cost :)

Love that you had to run to several StarBucks to pull this off!!

See you soon, Happy Birthday to your sweet little garden bird!
Unknown said…
My kind of a MOM! You deserve a gold star for this fabulous idea!! Love it ... may I tell you when my birthday is ... chuckle!
Happy April PS ~

Mom to the rescue, they were fabulous. Wonderful post for Pink Saturday. Have a wonderful weekend.
Hi Tracie,
Oh, these are gorgeous!!!! What a wonderful idea! How did they go over at school? I bet your daughter was so proud of these treats! Great job, mom!
I'm gonna have to check these goodies out at Starbucks.
Hope you're having a great weekend!
~ Julie
missshawna said…
Hi Tracie,
Those look fabulous! You definitely came through for her and she will always remember that.
Good job!
Julie Marie said…
Oh Tracie, those are just adorable! You are such a sweet mama, I know your little girl must have been so happy!... much love to you sweetie... xoxo Julie Marie
Marguerite said…
Fantastic save, what a great mom you are. and a pretty pink hat as well. When you mentioned forgetting birthdays I thought, yep, every year I try to forget mine....
Unknown said…
Oh my gosh... LOVE the hat... LOVE the cake pops!!!

Thanks for sharing this at last week's For the Kids Friday Link Party! This week's party is in full swing. I'd love to have you stop by and join in on the fun!

This treat tray is just wonderful! What a nice thing to do for your daughter. Happy Birthday to her. I don't want my kids to get any older. I wish they could stay forever.
Barbara Pilcher said…
Great story! You're the best Mom.
La said…
Starbucks to the rescue. Your presentation was fantastic.
A Vintage Vine said…
Love these pictures...visiting from A Rosey Note!!!
Pam Kessler said…
Such a pretty Birthday treat. Would have never known that you threw it together at the last second. I'm sure your daughter was thrilled with the treats!
Tricia said…
Those little cupcake pops are so cute and I'll bet they're mighty delicious too. I love the way you presented them. We can't bring homemade things to our school so they have to be store bought. Yours is a great idea.

Thanks for linking up to my very first Photo Feature Friday.


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