Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sweet babies deserve sweet treats…

Is it me or is it baby season? Seems every time I look at Facebook, or chat with a girlfriend, I hear of another expectant mother…?  What an exciting time for the families to be expecting a sweet bundle!  At Common Folk Co. they have the sweetest gifts and goodies to purchase for the expectant mother, but Common Folk Co. wraps the goodies in a vintage styled bag and papered goods. 
If you have seen anything in the pictures I have shared that you are dying to have – please contact the store directly at (425) 747-4100!  If you missed previous post about this amazing boutique – please go back to peek around here.
Thanks so much for visiting me today xoxo, Tracie


ShantyGirl said...

What a cute shop I love all the furniture used to display the baby goodies! Thanks for sharing

Alyssa said...

Great shop! I love the furniture! Thank you for the pay it fwd! It's adorable and went right into my floral tea cup! ;)Alyssa Right back at you~

Shirley said...

Dear Tracie,
if you show more pictures like these, I'm sure the population is going to grow even more so...LOL!
I love those baseball sox's...

Charcoal and crayons said...

What a lovely little shop! So many cute things.

vicki said...

What a gorgeous baby boutique - where is it! I would love to be able to shop there!


BECKY said...

We are one of those expecting a new grandy around mid May!! This shops' display is absolutely adorable!

I am going to have to go check out the link you shared, too!
Have a joyful week!

NanaDiana said...

What a darling shop and I love all the cute things. I love babies in the house! xxoo Diana

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Tracie,
Love this post, wish I were there shopping right along side you! I just love the rusticness of the pieces. That lamp shade with the booties hanging from it was such a cute idea! I am going to steal the idea for another artful project for my shop!

Come see my new wire cage creation, and my shelter signs

PS. I hope you get yours on Monday if not it will be within a day or two!