2nd Saturdayz Junkin Findz!!!

I know you are so curious what I brought home with me from 2nd Saturdayz… I am the first to admit – I missed out on some great finds that I didn’t grab when I had the opportunity on Friday!  But I am so happy with what I brought home…

My favorite items I found were these matching set of rusted iron potted urns…they grabbed my heart right away & I knew these two were coming home with me…



but they caused quite a mess in my car…





Next was this special bunny, who is missing a portion of his ear and foot – but I brought him home anyway – I had one similar to this sweet rabbit years ago, but she was stolen off my porch – so glad to finally have another to accompany my garden!




I just shared this adorable vintage lunch box at Pink Saturday…couldn’t leave with out bringing this home with me!


Purchased this Adorable rack – hoping to put it close to the chicken coop to hold some much needed necessities for Josie & Daisy – not sure what yet, but I will find something! lol


& how about this sweet vintage pink milk pitcher? so sweet, right? I know exactly who will receive it for an upcoming birthday!


Loved this chalkboard the moment I saw it & knew it needed to find it’s way to my car!  Not sure yet where it will go, but I love it!


Another favorite find is this wire topiary adorned with tiny terracotta pots…to die for!

195190     192

Couldn’t pass up a copy of Jeanne d’Arc Living magazine – along w/my handmade tote made by John Bob Cool Junk Bags


To see what I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label……

xoox, Tracie


Sandi said…
I LOVE your finds especially all those little terra cotta pots in the wire carrier! I can't wait to go junkin!!
So wonderful to meet you at the 2nd Saturdayz show!!! Such cute finds you've got there. Love your blog and will be back to check out what you are up to over here again soon! Happy you had fun, and congrats again on winning. Maybe we'll see you up north here someday to come visit Lynden and Grandiflora? :)
Blessings my dear!
Trish ;)
I love the things you find! Most days I wish my house and yard were twice as large, so I could have more fun decorating! thanks.
I LOVE your finds Tracie!!;) I bet it was sooo much fun! I have to go sometime~ Hugs, Rachel

French Farmhouse 425
nanniepannie said…
Wow, love everything you bought. I just added a new cat statue to my garden, I will be linking to you this week with the post.
More good stuff Tracie. Since I don't like chippy and rusty, I'd be painting everything to look like new, but that's just me. :-)
If your bunny is concrete you may be able to fix him - I've patched my bunnies and even St. Francis with the product you buy in a little tub for holes etc. in drywall. Goop it on, shape and let harden - paint over and lookin' good to even weather over winter.
Joani said…
Love the urns and the pink pitcher. Sounds like you had a great day. Hugs
Unknown said…
What treasures! Love the chalkboard, the pink pitcher and the lunchbox planter!!!
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie... you hit the jackpot again!... love all your vintage finds...and I'm happy you took that little bunny home and gave him a beautiful garden to live in... xoxo Julie Marie
Nancy C said…
Wow! I love all of it. Good thing I wasn't in competition with you! :)
Stephanie said…
Wow!! I would love to go junk shopping with YOU!! So many great things.
Donna said…
Hi Tracie,

You found the most beautiful things...so much character and charm! I love them..especially the bunny. :o)

Everything you brought home will make your garden even prettier than it already is!

I've taken some wonderful pictures while hubby and I were walking around our property and through our woods. I can't wait to share them with you next Thursday. By the way, I mentioned you on my post today.

I received a gift of a Hydrangea called Twist and Shout. Since you love flowers I thought you might have heard of it. I planted it next to my porch where only the morning sun goes. I do hope that was the right place. It is in shade the whole rest of the day.

It's wonderful to have some time to visit everyone now that the graduation is over and visiting grandchildren are gone.

I'm glad I chose such a great day to drop by! Such wonderful finds!
Barbara Jean said…

I mean I love it all. Really!!

blessings you lucky girl! =)
barbara jean
Erin said…
Awesome, awesome Finds!!! Love all that you got!
Oh my...I love all your finds!
You have a great eye!!
deborah said…
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deborah said…
I just found your blog and love it! I am also a fellow gardener! Stop by and see what I have blooming today!
You found some amazing pieces! Love the matching planters and the one with all the clay pots. I can't believe someone stole your bunny off of your porch, that's awful!
Have a wonderful week!
Becca's Dirt said…
Good deals Tracie. Wish I were junkin with you.
Suffia said…
I always enjoy reading your post, everything is so pretty.

So do you want to come to my house and create something great!?!?! You are so creative!!

Come link up your garden posts ever Tuesday at
Unknown said…
Love, love everything.
I am so inspired by the lunch box planter, what a fantastic idea!!
Great chalk board, too.
Thanks for sharing, I am inspired.
Paula said…
What fun planters! Love all your little whimsical finds! Thanks for sharing, Paula in Idaho
KK said…
I love everything. I can't pick a favorite but those urn things are fabulous. The little bunny is adorable. Good pickin.
Arabella said…
There is absolutely no way that I could chose my favorite item because I think I love them all! You have fabulous taste...always impressed with your finds.
Linda said…
What wonderful finds!! I love every one of them...especially the pink pitcher!
Linda said…
Marvelous photos!
SCORE! I could use that hook rack too.
Unknown said…
I love everything you found..but that little bunny has stole my heart. Broke ear and all. :)

I too have girls(chickens)..many more then you...they are such special animals, don't you think?

Happy to have found your blog.
OH you found some great goodies..those urns are to die for! (and that pink pitcher is lovely...someone is going to be very lucky to receive that as a bday gift!)
Thanks for linking up to my party!
Oh you had great finds, Tracie...LOVE those plant stands!!
Anonymous said…
What wonderful treasures, and with TLC I'm sure they'll all find a wonderful corner within your garden and home.
Kathy said…
These are absolutely amazing finds - If I had been shopping there they'd be my choices - perfect for the garden! Thank you for sharing this with A Return to Loveliness,
Hi Tracie....

LOVE, love, LOVE Second Saturdayz.... You found lots of yumminess.... Good for you..

Warm blessings,
Diana LaMarre said…
Oh, my, you found some wonderful items. I would have bought of those myself!
CatCat said…
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