Fishtail Cottage Blooming Spring…

See here? A little bird has taken up residence here at Fishtail Cottage.  I am just so excited!!! No idea what type of bird this is, any guesses…?


Well, I am just excited to share with you that Spring has officially arrived, & proof to see a bird nesting in a birdhouse here! Just have to giggle that the “chosen home” (in my opinion) isn’t the best one available…but it is what they chose!

I try very hard to make my home a bird sanctuary…so that I will have constant visitors!  To make my feathered friends happy, I give food options.

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I’ve got a pondless waterfall for easy bathing and fresh cold water throughout the year.




Several bird baths are available for use throughout the garden if running water isn’t favored…



So what else is blooming here this week at Fishtail Cottage


Linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday’s (party will be post at 7pm) with this Garden Post. To see where I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…

xoxo, tracie


Anonymous said…
Are you having more sun than we are? Your garden sure looks more springy than around here!

I love your little bird friend.

We had a momma and a poppa robin live in our yard..until our darn cat ate one...I have never felt guilt like that ever for a little creature!
Cannot wait for the peonies!! Mine have buds just waiting :)

We haven't had a lot of birds this spring except for hummingbirds. We've seen a lot more than in past years... maybe it's the cool rainy weather. We have 2 feeders right outside the window by the computer. There's two of them "fighting" for the feeders right now.

Thanks again for hosting "the party"!

Anonymous said…
Beautiful images!

I'll be joining the party this week, hopefully. Thanks so much for hosting.:-)
Looks like a Bewick's Wren, they started several nests in birdhouses but moved on. I notice two pairs of Chickadees in a couple birdhouses here. Your flowers look so pretty! Your lilacs are ahead of mine.
michelle said…
Everything looks so beautiful!! I have set up a little bird haven as well and need to pick up a couple more feeders. I love your pondless waterfall, so pretty and soothing. I saw an Indigo Bunting last night and was so excited!! (at least I think that that is what it was)
Enjoy your beautiful garden!!
Ricki Treleaven said…
Your garden is looking so pretty!!!! :D
NanaDiana said…
Everything is looking wonderful in your yard! If I were a bird I would want to make my home in your yard! Spring has sprung at your house! xxoo Diana
Heaven's Walk said…
Hi Tami! I agree - I think it's type of wren due to the way she's holding her tail. Love your bird-heaven! We've got tons of goldfinches here partying with the Baltimore Orioles, hummingbirds, chickadees, and bluebirds. We could watch them all evening long out on our deck. :) Your garden is so pretty and colorful! ♥

xoxo laurie
Unknown said…
Dear Tracie, Looks like we both have a love of birds...thanks for hosting once again..I love it here..
What a lovely waterfall! Your garden is so pretty!!!
Oh what a sweet home she has chosen...I so enjoyed visiting your garden tonight and your water feature is just stunning...If I was a bird I would choose your pretty garden too.

Hope you are having a great week so far.

Blessings Kelsie
Hi Tracie,
your garden seem a true paradise for birds. And the birdhouse is so beautiful in its natural colors. I know why the little bird will nest their. I would too, as I would be a bird.
Best greetings, Johanna
LadyV said…
I'm enjoying your garden. It's lovely, and what a wonderful bird sanctuary you've created. Your flowers are blooming nicely and are some of my favorites.

Darla said…
It is so much fun when the birdies finally use one of the nesting boxes. Your gardens look very inviting.
How exciting...I have never had a bird use any of my birdhouses; it must be fun to see.

Your garden is looking lovely. You put together an amazing mosiac ~ very, very pretty.
Becca's Dirt said…
Oh my goodness Tracie - you have so many pretties now. I love that you are mindful of the birds and mentioned making your gardens a haven for the feathered ones. I am thinking more and more about that too. I want to create that kind of place too. Hope you are having a great day.
Donna said…
My goodness, Tracie! You have the most stunning garden ever! Even though I didn't do a big garden post today (I did it Monday), I told everyone to be sure to visit..and this is perfect example of why! Wow! I have no words. :o)

You must have the happiest birds for miles around.LoL!
HolleyGarden said…
Very pretty! You have quite a bit blooming - can't wait for that peony to pop! Cute bird - don't know what it is, but it will be fun to see it nesting and taking care of its babies.
Crystal said…
Spring is exciting!!!! VERY exciting after winter!!! Love all the blooming flowers and water!!!
cherry said…
Looks like a sweet little Wren. Everything looks so pretty..
Have a wonderful weekend
hugs from Savannah, Cherry
Unknown said…
Tracie, What a beautiful yard you have! If I put bird seed out rats come and make nests. So I don't.
I think you bird friend chose a perfect home. It's lovely.
Enjoy your spring weekend!
Julie Marie said…
Love all your cute little birdie houses and gardens too... that looks like a little wren to me... so cute!... xoxo Julie Marie
Anne said…
Wonderful visit to the garden! Yes, its a little wren of some kind... they always grab the houses first. In my previous house I had several and it was wonderful how the babies would stick their heads out of the house and watch us, and scold.
Very pretty Tracie! :) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend~ Hugs,Rachel

French Farmhouse 425
Donna Reyne' said…
Tracie, everything looks beautiful! I love that a precious little bird has moved into this great house!
I was late to the party due to blogger issues but I made it so Thank you for having this little weekly event!
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend
NanaDiana said…
Tracie- I think that is a wren...maybe~;>) Your pictures are beautiful and I love all your flowers! I can't wait for Spring to really hit here! xxoo Diana
What a lovely garden! What a beautiful sanctuary you have there! Cathy
Your blooms and photos are wonderful. I think your little friend is a wren. We have a nesting pair in the garden at the moment. V
Ingmarie We said…
Lovely photos and mosaics. You have a wonderful garden.
Anonymous said…
Lovely photos!! Like you I do what I can to attract birds and make them feel welcome in my garden, they always make me smile :) Happy Spring, Jannet
Beautiful photos. I especially love the little waterfall! Very relaxing to look at.

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