Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So much potential…

About a year ago – I was headed through Monroe Washington where I get my little Charlie groomed!  I pass by many beautiful and charming homes, but this one in particular house has caught my eye. I kinda fall in love with “potential” and what possibly was the history of a home…& what stories the home would tell if only it could talk. 

Every time I drive by this sweet cottage, I slow down to almost a crawl so I can peek at every inch possible. It’s set on a corner with a split rail fence between the street and the home with overgrown shrubs and grass and a beautiful field all around it. I never have seen any cars there & looks like it’s been abandoned for quite some time.  
I finally got the courage up to stop  and park and explore.  I of course first went up to the door to see if it was occupied. A note was taped on one of the doors noting to contact the agent if one would like to see the home and grounds.  I peeked around it myself & let myself inside any open doors I could find.  This beautiful home was once loved and I still can see so much potential. 
The home itself looks like it had been added onto. 
the back area looked like it had a pantry to store canned foods maybe and a door that led out to where old yeller would stay.
This is the back side of the house where there is a fabulous upper patio that overlooks the pasture areas.009010
018There  are three outbuildings on the property.  One was a very large horse barn / stable area, why I only shot the roof of it is beyond me….it looked massive!

Another outbuilding was this sweet looking building – I assume a garage of some kind that hosted cars?
This one is an old coop – no locks on the coop itself – just too cute for words… Fabulous set up w/ all sorts of great places for the chickens to roost and be safe. 
Hope you enjoyed peeking about a little taste of rustic dreams…Thanks for visiting & check out to see where I am linking up to this week!!!!

oxox, tracie


Willow said...

What a beautiful place. I just love it. My Hubby and I have talked about what type of house we would like to move to when he retires and he is thinking of another fixer upper. Oh how I wished this one was closer to WV. Just lovely. Thanks so much for it.

Julie Marie said...

Oooh Tracie... that beautiful home is telling me stories right now... of a loving family who once lived there, who, even though they have passed on, still watch over it and tend to the grounds with love and care for the place they still consider "home"... that is the kind of place I dream about... an elusive dream of mine, that perhaps one day will come true and Jack and I will find our little cozy cottage...waiting to be discovered and brought back to life, just like this one in your post... xoxo Julie Marie

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

You are SO RIGHT, My head is whirling now "Thinking of all it's potential"... I LOVED tiptoeing around with you...That was Such FUN!!!
Thank you for the tour,
Have a wonderful week,

Petite Michelle Louise said...

i love old house but my heart breaks to see such beauty vacant...unloved...and falling to disrepair. i hope someone comes along and loves it back to its original beauty!

Passionate for White said...

Left me wanting more. And I could just imagine freshly laundered linens hanging out on a clothesline in that beautiful back yard.

Becca's Dirt said...

I would love to buy a place like that. I like to rumble through old places too. I can see gardens everywhere too.

Rachel Noelle said...

I LOVE that cottage~ So charming~ I can see why you stopped to look!;) Hugs, Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

stefanie said...

sooooo sad!!! it really needs a family to love it!!! its perfect!

Red Gate Farm said...

If I lived farther south I'd be calling that agent in a flash! What a fabulous old place. Seeing empty places like this makes me so sad... I hope someone buys it for themselves soon. I'd hate to see this gem fall into disrepair :( That shot of the porch and the balcony... I think I'm in love. Thanks for sharing it with us Tracie!



Ticking and Toile said...

What an adorable place!! Reminds me of my great grandmother's home that was so fun to explore! I'd LOVE to buy a place like that....maybe someday! :)

Garden's coming along.....I'll snap a couple pics and email you!


CHERI said...

You are right...that sweet place has huge possibilities. Don't you just wonder who lived there and why they left, etc? Sort of sad when you think about it that this house was once a home...it must feel very lonesome. Glad you stopped by and gave it a little love & attention:)

Tiff said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely cottage. Hopefully someone will find it soon and call it home. Did you call the agent? I'm wondering how many acres and what the price is.

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

I luv the old barn and the other out bulidings. Just need some TLC. Thanks for sharing the cool photos.....Julian

Victoria said...

What a lovely home! I hope someone comes along and gives it the TLC it deserves! So sad that it's abandoned:(


How pretty! You are a woman after my own heart...what's a little trespassing among friends? LOL!

Happy WW Tracie,

Jeannie B. said...

Well, I think I want to live there!

Melynda said...

So much home to make and share with the family, it could be wonderful!

The Sterling Cherub said...

Don't you just wonder at the stories this place could tell?

It's a very charming property, love the chicken coop and the garage. It appears that it needs a family to move in and fix her up to all her original glory before too many years pass, or she may just end up a falling down wreck, which would be so sad! You are right, she had a lot of potential!



Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

What a nice foray into this house with you. I have fantasies about one near me I have seen for many years. Happy WW!

SallyLeeByTheSea.com said...

I bet that place was so beautiful at one time ~ the design is fabulous. So many cute little outbuildings too. I hope someone will purchase it and renovate it back to its former glory.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

This certainly looks like a house that could use some loving. I'm sure the property is as pretty as the home.
I hope you friend is doing well. The new treatment sounds positive. I wish her all the best.

A Cottage Muse said...

So many hidden stories in those rooms with so many more memories to be made...thanks for letting us take a peek with you!

I am Chrissa. said...

Where is this? I want it!

I wish it were mine. In fact, I think I just cried inside a little.

xo, Chrissa

Southwest Cottage Designs said...

I love rustic and love this country cottage. What fun it would be to live there! Thank you for sharing this dream cottage.

ANNE said...

oh my, i'm in love... esp that back porch with all the windows, the outbuildings, and such a pretty setting. It looks like a dream makeover waiting to happen!

Anonymous said...

There is a similar place not far from me. I have not been brave enough to prowl and explore. Maybe when our weather gets a bit nicer.
Thank you for a fun tour.

arrielle_p said...

Nice home to live with a family. This place really needs some renovation so that it makes more beautiful. :)

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