Fishtail Cottage Iris…

So funny sometimes when you begin to post about something, you realize there is a pattern to your choosing's. 
I never knew how attracted I must have been to the purple shades of the Bearded Iris when I visited the Iris Farm in Snohomish a couple years ago.  As you can see below, shades of purple is what I purchased & planted here at Fishtail Cottage.
Every step of the way the blooming of the Iris is absolutely gorgeous!
Irises are considered a perennial herbs, growing from creeping rhizomes.  They will clump up into several plants and after three years they must be divided to continue to show those beautiful & prolific blooms. They also prefer to have “dry feet”…if the ground is too wet the rhizomes will rot.  I heard that the Snohomish Iris Farm was selling off most of their Bearded Iris collections – so I headed out & ordered more.  I believe my cravings for yellow’s & pink Bearded Iris is was what I purchased & planted in the fall of 2010. Not one of those newly planted Bearded Iris’s has bloomed this year. So we will see what arrives next year.  Generally I have planted my iris’s along side of my roses which bloom beautifully together. However, this season my roses have yet to bloom as well! 

This bearded iris is much smaller growing than the ones above.  But unbelievably fragrant. Honestly, it smells just like Grape Bubblegum! I wish I could remember the name of it to share with you! 


Last year I added this Siberian Iris to the garden – yes…”here & there” throughout the garden…I adore the sweet blooms on this one.

I suppose you are so curious what the garden is looking like right now?  Here a few pictures to share!
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Hoping next week to share the peonies or roses! Feels like they’ve been trying to open forever!
Thanks so much for coming over to peek around!  Hope you will be linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday’s this week?  Please do visit my link parties on the side bar to see where I am linking up to this week!!!! xoxo, Tracie


One said…
Your flowers are really gorgeous. I have some nice flowers too but I haven't been focusing on taking photos of flowers lately. I have been taking of butterflies and critters around the garden... including my dog instead. I have been hesitating whether to link up or not since my posts are not directly about the garden though the scenes are taken in the garden. Do let me know if you would prefer that we link up only specifically landscape posts.
Your Iris's are gorgeous! I have some that were here when we moved in. Some years they do wonderful, some years not so much. This year seems to be a not so much year.... only 5 or 6 have bloomed. One year I had 49!

My mom calls them "flags" and passed some on to me that were my great grandmother's... they are much smaller than my other ones.

As always, thanks for hosting such a wonderful "party"!

Marie said…
My oh my Ms. Tracie - your garden is looking sooooo gorgeous and delicious. Very inviting especially that vignette with the pair of cottage chairs. I just love it!

Faded Charm said…
I love your lounge chairs. Are they new? Usually the new ones I see, I don't really like. I've seen an awesome chippy white metal one recently, but nowreally in my price range.

Your gareden is gorgeous and I'm hoping to be able to link up once the weather warms up a bit more and my kids are fdone with school.

Lovely collection of iris. I like the mauve ones it is the same colour as our tree dahlia bloom which I link for cottage flora thursday this week.
Lydia said…
Don't worry about the new iris not blooming first season. Not unusual, If I dont' divide by September- the next season newbies frequently no-show.
Mary said…
Love the photos of your garden! Your iris are beautiful~ love the purple! Thanks for hosting :-)
Hi Tracie
Your garden is looking colourful already. The only iris I kept are the pallida as seen on my post - the others needed dividing too often and iris borers were an issue.
I do like the purple selections you have.
Siberian iris are not as needy and I have a couple of clumps of them.
NanaDiana said…
Tracie- Your garden ares is looking gorgeous. I love Iris too. I dug up some light lemon yellow ones from my daughter's old house a couple of years ago. They didn't do much last year but this year they are beautiful. I love them paired with the deep purple ones. Is the Snohomish place replacing the iris with something else?

Am I dreaming or did your neighbors take down some huge trees next to your place? xo Diana
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie, your Iris are just gorgeous!... my mama and my grandmothers always called them "flags" so I still do... they are such a favorite and their smell can only be described as Heavenly... how lucky you are to have obtained all of those!... xoxo Julie Marie
Marcia said…
The coral bells in your garden caught my eye (also called heucheras). I have some of the same ones in varying sizes of growth. I hoping the youngest ones take off this year and do some major growing.
HolleyGarden said…
I tried to comment earlier, but I don't think it went through. Just wanted to say I love the white iris dipped in purple, but I am most impressed with your garden pics. Your garden look amazing - very romantic. Beautiful.
deb said…
What beautiful gardens you have! I love iris too and yours are so pretty...I gravitate towards the purples too!
LindyLouMac said…
I have never seen an iris like the first photo before, it is beautiful.
No time to get pix of my own garden this week...So nothing to share for the party, but wanted to pop in and enjoy your gorgeous garden and you sure did not disappoint...Love the iris' too...

Have a great week
Blessings Kelsie
sheila said…
The Iris's are beautiful, I love the colors. I always look forward to Cottage Flora Thursday. Your garden is so pretty.
Tracie, your irises are beautiful! Unfortunately, all of mine have finished blooming, and I really miss their lovely contribution to my cottage garden.

Have a terrific weekend!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage
Heaven's Walk said…
What a beautiful garden, Tracie. I adore that birdbath photo. So serene looking..... :) Did your peonies bloom yet? Mine are just amazing this year!

xoxo laurie
ravensdotter said…
Beautiful garden! I live across the valley from Snohomish and all the flowers are so slow this year, especially roses. I am not nearly so tidy a gardener as you, but you inspire me! thanks,
Hi Tracie,
Love those white Iris with the purple edge, wow!! The day I bought roses, I also went to the Maltby Iris Farm and picked up some Siberian, Not much was bloomin up there yet either.
I was looking at your old post "everythings not rosy" I know just what you mean I lost a lot over the winter, it was a record temp low year and the year before was also so cold, I feel scared to replace too much...
I always love seeing your gardens! Thanks again for hostessing!!
Vicki Boster said…
Hi Tracie - Your gardens and iris are just beautiful- iris are one of my favorites! Fabulous photos - you have a lovely garden~~

daisy g said…
Love how you've framed that part of the garden with the tall cypress (or is it juniper). What a lovely vingnette.

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