Oh my!  over the past few days, we have finally seen some roses open up.  Mind you – not only do we get the blooms, but every rose planted here at Fishtail Cottage is fragrant.  So while I garden, or just sip my coffee on the patio – I get the pleasure of enjoying all of the aspects of owning a rose! 

Climber – Colette

(my favorite climber & so fragrant, disease resistant!)


Amber Carpet Rose


Winchester Cathedral


Brother Cadfael


Polar Joy Tree Rose


French Perfume


Ruffled Cloud


Blythe Spirit




Cottage Rose & Awakening


By no means are these all the roses in the garden, several are still getting ready to bloom – which makes me so excited that I have more I can share about my roses!  Below are a few photo’s of Roses in the landscape.  Top photo – ‘Winchester Cathedral’ with Iris, ‘Leander’ with Snowball shrub and ‘Ruffled Cloud’ with yellow lupine.

162165  164

Now don’t think these roses are perfect, they are definitely not! With all the rain we have had this year, I have plenty of black spot and yellow leaves – this next couple days – will be a clean up for my garden beds – as I’ve taken a hiatus over the past week due to a death in our family.  Still cannot talk about it…but will in time!  

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xoxo, tracie


They are so beautiful! A yard full of Roses must smell devine:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens
NanaDiana said…
They are gorgeous indeed! Did you say Colette is your favorite climber? Is it a repeat bloomer? Have you ever had New Dawn climbers? I had those and loved them and now I can't find them here anywhere. Is there a comparison between Colette and New Dawn?

I am so sorry that there was a death in your family. Whether it was expected or not, it is never an easy road to travel...and changes your life in ways you only could begin to imagine before it happened.

Blessings to you and I will keep you in my prayers. xo Diana
Sandi said…
So many beautiful roses! I have a daughter-in-law named Colette...wonder if she is a climber too. lol.
I LOVE roses that have a fragrant smell...nothing like them!!
Unknown said…
your roses are breathtakingly gorgeous tracie......really. i am so sorry to hear that you've suffered a loss in your family. my thoughts and prayers are with you as you mend your hearts and celebrate a life.
I love roses, and that smell; heavenly! I think the first one, was it Colettte is my favorite also. Just planted a couple roses at our new home last year. Hope to have more.
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie, your roses are sooo beautiful!... your entire garden is just amazing!... My roses are just barely beginning to open... I am linking to your party this time!... xoxo Julie Marie
I never realized you has so many different types of roses. What do you do when they have the spots and yellow leaves? I am planning on buying a climber and I am gathering as much info as I can. All of yours are lovely and I can almost smell them!! ;-D
Linda said…
The aroma must be amazing. You have a green thumb.
Tricia said…
Oh how pretty! I love the first one and the white one best. I have some climbing roses...William Baffin, I think, they used to look so beautiful, but are looking rather sad now.
Naturally Carol said…
Hi Tracie..I just had to stop by and admire your roses! I love the Collette, such unusual colouring and such a full petalled rose too. Your garden must look wonderful at the moment.
How lovely!!! I too am a lover of roses...I don't know about you, but for me working in the garden brings me such peace. I hope you fnd peace in the garden this week and I am very sorry for your loss. Take care

Lydia said…
Oh- The Collette. I need to add a climber this fall to an arbor. she's a contender!
Alyssa said…
BEAUTIFUL!!!! The aroma must be fantastic! What do you use to keep bugs away?Alyssa
Kathy said…
Gorgeous roses! You have some very lovely varieties!
Bonnie K said…
Beautiful, but painful. My rose selection is so limited by our zone 3. I would so love some of the roses you have. They are perfect. Thank you for sharing, even if it made me a bit jealous.
Oh my gosh these are incredible! I planted my first roses about 3 weeks ago...yellow knock out roses. I am terrified they are all going to die. Any advice?
The first one is my favorite! But they are all beautiful. My roses still have a bit to go. We're a little later with things in the garden than the Seattle area.

I'm sorry to hear about your family's loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Your roses are just magnificent!!

Darla said…
These roses are beautiful! Love the pink ones...take a deep breath.
Diana LaMarre said…
What a nice variety of roses. I really love the lupine, too!
Beautiful roses! Thanks for hosting Cottage Flora Thursday.
Gatsbys Gardens said…
Tracie, the roses are beautiful. It is difficult to have many roses now that have fragrance. I have many roses but only one variety, Mary Rose, is fragrant. Isn't it heavenly to walk by and get a whiff of that perfume? The garden is wonderful for taking the mind to another level.

Oh your roses are stunning Tracie! love them all:)
So sorry to hear about a death in the heart goes out to you~
Your roses are beautiful and were worth waiting on. You have a better climate for roses than we do in the South,ours have to be super hardy or you will worrk yourself to death trying to keep them looking good.
Your roses are absolutely gorgeous, Tracie! All my spring flowers - including my roses - have stopped blooming. Now it's just the lilies and the Queen Anne's lace to keep me company with my coffee. ;)

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage
sweetbay said…
I hope the roses' beauty can help with the pain of your loss; they are gorgeous, especially with those elegant Lupines.
Wow! Beautiful roses - someday I hope to be good at such a sophisticated plant! I think Brother Cadfael is my favorite. Or maybe Ruffled Cloud...
Marie said…
Wow Tracie - I'm so envious of your gorgeous gorgeous roses, especially the salmon English roses! So beautiful girlfriend!
Tracie, your roses are stunning. I've planted carpet roses in 2 shades of pink along the walkway out the front. Not particularly fragrant but vigorous bloomers.
I also have New Dawn on a trellis out the front and one in the back.
Thinking of you during this sad time.
HolleyGarden said…
Tracie - these are beautiful! I can almost smell them from here! Lovely, lovely. They look great - I wouldn't be able to tell you've had so much rain on the leaves. I bet the rain helped the blooms, though. So sorry about the death in your family.
Olga Poltava said…
So beautiful! I can never get tired or bored looking at roses.
La said…
May I join you for coffee? It looks so peaceful and beautiful.
Donna said…
Tracie, Your roses look lovely. Be happy for the rain! We've gotten just about none. So few flowers this year. Sigh..

I enjoyed 'yours' so much since my rose bushes are not blooming. I love reading all the names!

Wally said…
Gorgeous. I especially like Colette and Ruffled Cloud.
So sorry about the sad news in your family.
Monica said…
Tracie - Your roses are gorgeous, especially the Winchester Cathedral. This is the first link party that I have participated in and I have discovered some really lovely blogs. Thank so much.
My condolences on your loss.
Your roses are just beautiful. We don't quite have the climate for these types of roses in Ontario, but I always love to see them.
Ricki Treleaven said…
Thank-you for the rose eye candy. Very nice, Tracie!
Anonymous said…
You have a wonderful garden of roses. Such beautiful blooms and immaculate foliage! Love Winchester Cathederal. Need it on my list!
Very pretty my dear - I'm curious about Colette now as I need a climber for a particular spot, thank you!
Gorgeous roses, for sure! I love the heirlooms! My condolences regarding the death in your family.
Lynn said…
It must be wonderful to enjoy your morning coffee with the roses-enjoy:@)
LV said…
What I would give for a rose garden like that. I have a few, but nothing to compare to yours. They are all truly stunning.
Karen said…
Gorgeous roses, that first one is a stunner!
Sarah said…
Tracie, I know the time and effort that goes into a garden. Your roses are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these beautiful images. ~ Sarah
Kaye said…
Oh, those roses are sooo gorgeous. We have no luck with them here in FL only seem to be able to grow knockout roses. Thanks for sharing!
Bet said…
Wow! the color of Colette is beautiful!
Rosa B. said…
Oh, I love roses!! My husband got me a rose bush for Mother's Day this year and I'm hoping I don't kill it! :)
Your shots are lovely!!
Marina Capano said…
They are so beautiful!

love flowers

deborah said…
Beautiful blooms! My roses are done with their first go round! Waiting now for them to rebloom! Thanks for sharing yours!
Linda said…
Really wonderful photos!!
Lovely images of roses.
Joyce M
Deb said…
That first picture of Colette is stunning!
niartist said…
Those roses are absolutely amazing! I came by via Susan's party, but I missed it myself. I took pics of my pergola all dressed up this afternoon (with the 2 hour lull in the rain), and I REALLY hope you'll stop by and take a peak, and let me know what you think of the progress! :)
Thank you for sharing your roses with us. I can almost smell them in my living room. I especially liked the Blyth Spirit and Heirloom roses. Living in an apartment, I miss the gardens and grass and roses of my youth. I appreciate what you are doing. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
Daniela said…
Che meraviglia! Simply Wonderful! Greetings from Italy!

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