So today, a third chick hatched! I shared ‘One’ & ‘Two’ with you already…


If you need to get caught up with this story I posted last week, please do so! It’s been a very exciting week for us here at Fishtail Cottage…anyone know if they will all stay black, or will they change color as they age? Would love to know!

xoox, tracie


Awww so sweet...Congrates on the new babies.

Blessings Kelsie
Donna said…
Hi Tracie, All of my chickens changed color somewhat as they got older. I mean..your black chick will still stay black..but other colors may appear too. It depends on the breed. If you know what the breed is, you can do a google search and see 'adult' chickens. They are pretty true to their breed for the most part. :O)

I LOVE seeing your chicks. We only got one to hatch. So precious!

Naturally Carol said…
In the pic..your chick almost looks like a baby kiwi..the colour is so similar! So cute and vulnerable aren't they.
Lucky you! Baby chicks are so cute.

I have ducks since they were ducklings.

Oh my goodness they are as cute as can be!! I wish they stayed that little longer ~

NanaDiana said…
Love that newest baby!!! Well, if you want a different color..isn't that what Miss Clairol is all about?;>) That's a joke, folks- xo Diana
Julie Marie said…
Ooohh Tracie, I am sooo in love with your little chicks, I just want to hold them and kiss them!... xoxo Julie Marie
Anne said…
Yay! No. one has friends now. They're so adorable I could melt.
Ido said…
She or he is a cutie. One time we had an egg in the house in a box with a light bulb, waiting for the chick to hatch, my husband said he wanted to see the chicken "being born" he waited and waited and it wouldn't happen, one day we went to the movies and when we came back the chick was out of the shell, my husband was sooo disappointed, he was our favorite chicken, we named her Ken-Tailte (an Egyptian name)we would call her name in the morning and she came right away for her breakfast, who said that chickens don't have a brain? Sorry about the long comment but I wanted to share the story of our chicken with you.
Have a great weekend!

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