Baby Chicks…update!

So they are not so cute & little any longer…but loving their sweet chirps heard throughout the day to enjoy.  They are growing faster than I can imagine, eating and drinking more than I am able to keep up with.  I worry soon they will be able to fly the makeshift coop they are currently in. 

I am excited to say (and hopeful) they will be able to be moved to the outdoor coop within the next few days…

I’ve been collecting sweet accessories over the past couple months and have a vision in my mind of expanding the coop area.  Not only to make it visually appealing but functional for my idea of keeping chickens.

Wanted to share with you a photo of the sweet little chicks I named One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six! 


We never had any more hatchlings after the first six (which is completely fine)! Just was hopeful for another color to add to the mix.  All of these sweet chicks will be rehomed, although the kids are pushing very hard to keep “One” as it was our first hatchling & has been handled more than the others & is quite funny to watch!


So we will see – not sure of the sex of any of them, as from what I have read about Silkie’s is that they will be difficult to tell what sex they are for months… I can see that we have both bearded and non bearded silkie chicks though…

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They sure are cute! That's a bummer that it takes so long to figure out the sex of them. I can see why your kids want to keep "One". :)

NanaDiana said…
Well, aren't those the cutest things ever (even in their UNcute stage)? Gotta love those silkies! Imagine sexing a chicken-not an easy feat! xo Diana
They are adorable! I am thinking about keeping chickens but the upkeep of them makes me think twice. Hope your day is a nice one.

Char said…
They are sweet as can be. I know chickens are not as cute as chicks, but neither are dogs as cute as puppies. They will be fun to watch and grow. Just think how quite it will be when they are bigger!! Char
Donna Heber said…
They are the cutest little things! Enjoy your new babies.
Unknown said…
too cute! adoreable.
Anne said…
So nice to see them thriving, Tracie! I love those little earholes...
OMG these little fellows are too adorable!
They would be hard to get rid of once you've spent that much time mothering them!
SoOOOoooo cute.
Julie Marie said…
Oh Tracie, they are all just precious! Love the look on "One's" face!... wish I had some chickies!... xoxo Julie Marie
Heaven's Walk said…
Yup.....One's the cutest of the bunch - and I think he/she knows it! lol! What little cuties!!!!

xoxo laurie
Gatsbys Gardens said…
They are wonderful, but I know what you mean. Chicks can only last for so long in confinement. Although, lots of people are now raising chickens in their backyards.

Naturally Carol said…
I love them..that cute/ugly look of growing feathers poking out everywhere is just adorable!
Aw, they are sooooo cute! Love the names too! Lynn
Anonymous said…
so cute, we are in the process of designing and then building a coop ourselves. Cant wait for some fresh eggs :)
Awww,they are so nice, I want some of those, but unfortunately don't have the room.:)
Ricki Treleaven said…
They are so cute! You can give them all unisex names, like Terri, Pat, Cameron, etc....*giggles*
Carole said…
Is there anything cuter then baby chix???

the chicken poop will be great for your garden:)

Awww, thanks for the update! I love the awkward age...past fluff, but not quite feathered. Not sure if you've managed to stop by lately, but we had quite a hatching event of our own last week too...16 turkey chicks...all from one hen! If you get a chance to drop by and see the video, you'll be even more relieved your hens stopped at six! ;)
Lisa Gordon said…
Oh my goodness, they are simply precious!

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