Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My new ‘rig’….

As long as I can remember my dream car has been a White Convertible Beetle!  Nope not the beautifully redone model – but the vintage one!  Always wanted it but never had it…sigh, maybe someday.
But I am excited to share with you that I did get a new rig!  So long to the “mom car” I’ve had to drive for the past twelve years!  I’ve been eyeing this car for quite awhile & excited to share it now sits in my driveway!  Nope ~ I won’t be taking it off road, just the typical drop kids off at school then head to Starbucks and then to Costco still kinda car, but I will say its a little fun to drive it with all the possibilities!
But will still wait for the ‘someday’ of my sweet idea of owning a “vintage white convertible beetle”! To see where else I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoox, tracie
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Cottage and Broome said...

Love your new vintage bug, that must be fun to drive. I'd love to have a vintage car! If you get a chance stop by and see our recent Cottage post about vintage cars. Love your blog.

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi girl I had a Jeep a few years back and so miss it, I would love to get a Jeep Commander My friend has one and I love it.
Now I have another friend with the Rubion. I think I could give my car up for another jeep anyday, then I think hmmm! but I do love my car, I think I would need both!

You are so blessed girl! I love that it is white :)


jeanetteann said...

How sweet is that? love it x

Anne said...

Good for you!! Love the "bug"!

Lavender Cottage said...

Being a VW girl (I have a Jetta) I would have preferred the bug myself but a Jeep is a real statement in itself.
Looks like a nice new shiny vehicle Tracie, enjoy!

Ironstone and Pine said...

I would love to trade in my mom van for a jeep...ive been driving it for years! Can't remember the last time i called a "car" my wheels..twokids now in college, i try not to complain but I'm ready to change the image!

ProfessorRoush said...

Welcome to JeepLand!

It's not a car, it's an adventure.

Carole said...

Love it...both really. Would love to trade in my old suburban but can't give up the space. Treat it like a storage unit sometimes.

Rachel Noelle said...

Congrats!! :) love it Tracie~

ANNE said...

Cool ride! My first car was a bug convertible, a '65... loved it! Hope you get one someday...just remember to put the top up in rainstorms (can't tell you how many times i screwed that one up when i lived in florida!)

NanaDiana said...

Those old jeeps just keep going and going and going, don't they? sigh...it will sure DO until your DREAM CAR can be found!

My first roommate had a white VW convertible and we rode all over in that- It was a 1970 model, I think...xo Diana

Jordyn said...

So jealous! I want a white Jeep so bad! I love them!