If Sophie Wins…& a WARNING!

You are probably wondering what I would do with the Cash Prize If Sophie wins”?  Well, that is an easy explanation!  We first would donate some of the prize money to Homeward Pet Shelter.  A local no kill Animal Shelter that is funded through private donations.   Secondly we would repair some of the damage that Miss Sophie has contributed to here at Fishtail Cottage.  (to vote ~ click on picture below)


Now I know puppies are not perfect – they only look perfect from the outside! This is my WARNING do not scroll down if you are looking bring a puppy home…this is almost like “birth control” for new puppy owners.

I would first get my carpets cleaned for all the “accidents” on the floors.


And take a look at this……To avoid “accidents” we tethered the puppies to the kitchen chairs so that they didn’t have free reign for accidents.  My kitchen chair was chewed on while my husband sat there working on his computer – he apparently thought the sound was a raw hide toy. This too needs repair!


And my most favorite hooked rug in the world that I saved and saved and saved for back when I was young has had a few encounters with puppy teeth. I am so very sad about this & hoping I am able to take it somewhere to be repaired!


And another area rug – albeit just a cheap Costco rug to help keep clean feet as the puppies come in from out doors has been turned over and used as a scratching playground.  This too needs to be replaced.



So you probably think by looking at all this damage that we don’t keep a close eye on our puppies.  that couldn’t be farther from the truth…I swear it happens when I turn my head or leave the room for just a moment…how are they so quick to destroy?  Just look at all these toys they have – yet they are in the basket & my possessions are being destroyed…(sad face).

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Just voted for this CUTIEPIE!! Martina
Sophie is so cute! I just voted for her! Good luck! ;)
Oh Tracie I couldnt help but LOL reading this~ I say that because right before reading this I just got done throwing out my favorite sisal runner in our entry(that I looked all over for and loved) that my husbands dog just finished soaking with pee :( I am sooo upset~ so I totally feel your pain my friend! Im off to vote for sophie again... xo
Burlap Luxe said…
I was up so late last night into 12:30-1:00 AM I voted for her so I would not get to busy today and forget, in fact I now have a sticky note on my frig :)

Sad to see the damage but also so very cute that Sofie feels comfortable enough at home to just tear it apart!

Cindy said…
Now THAT photo of Sophia on this post should be a painting some day! I just went over and voted for her, she is too cute,... and good thing too, because she has certainly made her mark!

Oh Sophie...you are so cute and so naughty! I am laughing over here thinking of our rug, baseboards and slip cover that our puppy chewed up 5 years ago and I have done nothing to fixed it since. That sound like the perfect way to use your winnings. :)
Happy Monday Tracie...hope you are well!
Tanya said…
I'm so relieved it's not me "the bad puppy mommy" to blame for my own puppy's bad behavior. Mine is just as naughty. Sometimes I think she's just a neurotic mess and needs medication. I have taken to baby gates and constant leashing, and when I know I'm going to be busy and not paying attention I put her in her kennel. She's 11 months old and finally learning not to chew on our things, but still digs under the fence and has not figured out the ONLY outside potty issue...and the barking at neighbors, someone is going to drug her one day. The good part is that I know that they do get better, later. Good luck!
Unknown said…
So know your plight, Tracie! We vote every day, all 3 of us. They are like children, buy them all the toys you want but a tin lid w/spoon for kids is the BEST toy EVAH!, same with puppies liking eau de naturale!

So love that cutie pie!

Have a beautiful week, my friend.

You've got my vote! Good luck to Sophie. She's adorable!

Unknown said…
I know how destructive they can be, I have been there and done that so many times!! That is why, I just can't break down and bite the puppy bullit! The older I get it's just too exhausting! But, they are so cute and they love you so unconditional! Sophie is so so cute! Voting for her now! Good luck.
Betty said…
That is a nice thing, to donate some of the money. Great idea.

When I was pregnant with our first child, we had a puppy just a few months old.

We bought a new coffee table right before I went into the hospital. When David went home after I gave birth he found that our puppy named "BooBoo" had chewed up the corners of the coffee table. So I know exactly what you are going through.
Sandy said…
Sophie has my vote! Her little devilish face made me do it! haha
I brought home a 6 week old Rottie and she was the best dog I ever owned.. but, she ate everything the first 4 months to the point of me wanting to give her back to the breeder.... I did not and she gave us years of loyal loving!
Good luck to Sophie!
Thank you tracie for the seeds, was sweet of you!
Ormolulu said…
. . . and she hasn't even reached the *terrible two's*, Tracie ;o)

Tell Sophie she doesn't get the crown unless she behaves better!!!

xoxo Debi
Ormolulu said…
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Debra Hall said…
Hi there! Thank you for coming over to visit my blog....you have a new follower too-Me!! Going to vote for the little cutie....
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie, Sophie is sooo adorable, mischief and all!... I hope she wins the contest!... (maybe for the most mischievous now???)... Tessy is not even a puppy, and she still gets naughty sometimes... I caught her crunching on some of my faux Autumn berries the other day!... she kept going back to them, I finally had to put they away... I am back to posting, hope you get a chance to visit soon... xoxo Julie Marie
Kate said…

Sophie has my vote adorable so stinkin cute. Much luck

Tammy said…
I have a shelter puppy, who just happens to be named Sophie too. She is a year old now, and fairly well behaved. We still baby gate her in the laundry room when we are not home. Crate training works very well, something to consider. Puppies actually feel comforted in their crate, won't soil it, and can't chew your stuff. A sock with ice in the toe and a knot to hold it in makes a great teething ring too, and it catches those sharp little teeth when they come out.

Off to cast my vote :)
NanaDiana said…
I went over and voted for that little devil!;>) xo Diana
AndeM1 said…
Sophie is the cutes dog....she reminds me of our Oreo who is a teddy bear puppy....I have voted for Sophie but will go again....my fingers are crossed for this little cutie...chewer!!!!
Carole said…
She has my vote. We haven't had a puppy in yrs and have had no kittens in ages but oh do I remember the damage they can do. Knowing that I think next yr we may get a rescue dog....hope our cats don't tear him/her up too much:)

x Carole
Hi Tracie
Doesn't matter what they ruin, they look at you with those big eyes and you just gotta' love 'em.
However, like babies, puppies are cutest when they're asleep.
I hope Sophie wins the contest!
Donna said…
Hi Tracie, Welcome to the 'new puppy' club. Everything is a perfect teething toy..except teething toys of course.

I had to laugh...I've been there and done that. Thank goodness, puppies DO grow out of this stage.

Hang in there...Soon she will be all cuddles and no chewing. Sophie's darling!

Donna @ Comin' Home
June said…
Oh I feel your pain Tracie. If I had a dime for everything my pup destroyed I'd be a well off puppy owner. Isn't it a good thing Sophie is so darn cute!!!
Sophie is just darling!!!! Soo CUTE!!! :)
Sunray Gardens said…
Tracie that is a puppy for you. :) You can't let them run loose unless you are watching them. Fortunately they do grow up some day.
Cher Sunray Gardens
Goldenray Yorkies
Going off to vote...cute Sophie looks so innocent! My sweet departed Gracie once destroyed an antique silk wedding hankie that I was getting ready to sell and ate an entire starfish that was in a bowl on the coffee table.

After a few tastes of bitter apple, I only had to hold up the bottle and show her when I'd catch her chewing...she'd stop immediately!

Ricki Treleaven said…
Sophie is such a diva...she really must win! I have been voting for the little girl, and I will continue voting for her.
Gatsbys Gardens said…
It is a good thing that Sophie is so cute. Our little Reggie chewed my silk drapes while he sat so lovely at the top of the stairs, fringe on an oriental rug, shoes, rug edges, could go on and on!

Our first dog many years ago tethered to a chair chewed the 6" oak moldings and then stripped the wallpaper off the wall.

Just remembering these things has put me in fear of getting that second dog we talk about.

Just dropped by to vote for Sophie again, wow maybe you need to spend some of that money on a muzzle. LOL! Just kidding, chewing is what puppies do. Ask me how I know-it had something to do with having to replace library books!

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