Monday, September 5, 2011

Laundry Room Organized!

So in my last post, I shared with you my Gift Wrap Closet!  Since the laundry room became my next house hold project – I am happy to announce and share that it too is organized!  I have so much storage in my laundry room that would make most folks jealous.  However, all that space has gone left unused and carefully organized since we moved in over five years ago.  Funny how time flies and then one day you wake up and think – wow…how come I never thought to use this space!?!


No longer are the cabinets filled with coloring books and kids crafts, saved cards, miscellaneous cords, pet supply overflow and un-used cleaning supplies! I’m honestly embarrassed to share these photo’s with you!


Nope, it’s now a room I am not cringing when I walk by or have the need to go into…!  I still need to come up with some clever ways of labeling the baskets (most don’t even have anything in them – but I know over time, a new hobby will fill them.  This upper section is now housing pet supplies, and the lower cabinet section and pre-purchased gifts for friends and family!


Inside the wrapping paper closet, I was trying to host many of my “craft supplies” I have accumulated…i.e. scrapbook paper, paint supplies, special paper punches, glitter, embellishments” craft tools etc.  When I pulled all that out to “re-home” I picked up clear containers for storage and am now using a spice rack to hold all the small clutter……I am loving it!!


Also organized, are individual cabinets for paper products, cleaning/household needs and another for school supplies. 


Baskets line the top of the cabinets to help store old toddler toys for when we have a guests with little ones.  Also winter hats, scarves and mittens for each of us!  That way they won’t get lost in between seasons! Leash hooks are behind the door to hold those insightful mis-colored leads and collars! Powdered oxy-clean is held in a container on the counter along with a storage bin for found money and buttons in the laundry!

092087  088   086

Easy access for a quick homework no. 2 pencils & writing pens, colored pens & pencils in separate galvanized containers on the desk area are a must have in the house! Now if they stay organized like this – it would be a dream come true! ha


Drawers are organized with chalk pens (mine), along with permanent markers (also mine) with quick in house tools needed for the the quick fix (yep, mine too!) The other two drawers host more household needs i.e. batteries with a battery power check so we are not wasteful with those spendy batteries! Quick snap close containers are holding items like rubber bands, clips, push pins, sewing needs etc.


And thrown out on the street was the vacuum cleaner that no longer worked & the steam cleaner that smelled funky when I used it! So now it this clean closet just hosts a few cleaning supplies…sigh…


What’s next this week on my list, you wonder? Well, I will share with you that it will be the master bathroom! Can’t wait!!! To see what I am linking to this week – please check myCottage Links” label…xoox, Tracie

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Sunray Gardens said...

Looks fantastic and you're right I would love to have that space. I definitely do not have enough storage space here.
Cher Sunray Gardens

kathee said...

Beautiful job...thanks for sharing! You are on a roll!! xokathee

Debbie said...

Tracie, that looks exceptional! Definitely organized. I know it makes me feel better when everything is in it's place. You've out done yourself.

Anne said...

Where oh where did you find the little galvanized buckets??!! I so want them for growing herbs.

Love the laundry, you did a fabulous job!

poppilinnstudios said...

Wow! I'm impressed! Looks great!

NanaDiana said...

Tracie- It all looks great- clean, decluttered and organized. Love what you did...and that's a really great idea for an old spice rack! xo Diana

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh...you are inspiring me to clean out my closets and get some cute baskets!! This turned out terrific! Wow, I need the space for sure!


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

My master bath and laundry are among the few rooms in my house that are currently organized! Your laundry room looks great, Tracie!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Great job Tracie, I need to get moving on lots of little nooks and crannies.


Ginger Zuck said...

WOW! You did a lot of work, but it is awesome. Don't you feel great! I get so giddy when I get something like this accomplished.

Lavender Cottage said...

Great space and nice job of organizing. Do you hire out?

Hibiscus House said...

I love this, and am impressed! You have me in the mood to organize now.

Shyrlene said...

Those are some mad design skills! Way cool!

Passionate for White said...

Great job!

Lydia said...

You have passed along a bad case of laundry room envy):-

You might like this casual look to labeling- calligraphy lables with around floral stickers - attach with ribbons.

Have FUN!

The Country Nest said...

Everything looks wonderful! DO you keep going back and looking at it? I just love when I first clean and organize my space......too bad it doesn't stay that way forever!