Sunday, October 9, 2011

Second Saturdayz finds!

The day was filled with Soccer games – but I escaped from the family scene for a little time to peek through this months Second Saturdayz!  I didn’t arrive till later in the afternoon, but still managed to find some fantastic items available – a lot actually that I had to leave behind!  069I did find something that made me nervous to bring home, because I wasn’t sure if it was exactly what I was looking for – but the idea of it is hanging on my inspiration board! See that photo of the fireplace on the very bottom? It’s a gate being used as a fireplace screen.  Loved the idea of it, but haven’t come across one I’ve liked yet.


This time at Second Saturdayz – I finally did come across one that I adored…however, like I said above I didn’t know if it would work?  Hard to see in the photo’s below because the green in the garden is still quite prolific (happy to say)! but I really wanted to give it a try – so home it came!





I also found these sweet chippy fence posts that I thought might work on each side of the fireplace in lieu of candlesticks? (it was worth a try) – if not I figured they could find another place in my home or garden.



So I removed the fireplace screen I had there – but just never felt like it fit right.  010In fact this fireplace space in general has always been an area of “yuk” in my book! I very much dislike having a TV above the fireplace.  The mantel is too high which means when you are sitting on the couch you have to look “up” to watch television.  The idea of using tile (my fault) on the fireplace while we were building this home – was to tie into the tile we used in the kitchen…plain & simple it just doesn’t work!

Anyway – I removed th064e current screen & replaced it with the rusted ‘ol gate and the chippy posts…I thought it made an immediate difference in the room! Our cabinet hardware is bronze as is the distressed embelishments in the wood itself – but the white chippy posts weren’t working!   Do you Agree?




So for now – it will sit with just the gate until the right things come along! but I do like it better! Any suggestions to help with this area are greatly appreciated! I know you are all so clever out there! 





The posts? well they are sitting here next to the very loved chalkboard in the kitchen! Gives a bit more character here!

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Rosemary@villabarnes said...

I like the gate. Your right though, the posts were not working. A couple dark urns would look nice, or large vases. White is a little to stark.

simpledaisy said...

Ooh...what lovely finds!! I love the gate too!

NanaDiana said...

Well, I love your new "screen". You're right- I didn't care for the posts there though. I'm with Rosemary- I think a couple of big urns would look great there...I think you need something "chunky"...and Thanks- but no I will NOT come and sit on your hearth! xo Diana

Shirley said...

Dear Tracie, How about a pair of Andirons..you can visit your local fireplace store and see what they have..they may have some discontinued items cheap enough! Worth a shot!

dr momi said...

I like how they all ended up :-)

jeanetteann said...

yes the screen does look nicer than the previous one and much nicer without the posts. Still think they would make great candlesticks or maybe lamp bases. x

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

The screen/gate is very cool Tracie! I love the posts by the chalkboard, perfect spot:) Rosemay's comment on the urns I think would look great...some greenery in them perhaps?

GardenGirl said...

Way to go Tracie! So sorry I missed you, I was there setting up on Friday, But had flowers to set up for a wedding on Saturday!

Happiest Autumn, great fireplace screen!
Deb ;)

GardenGirl said...

Love to be a part of your give-away, let me know what you need from me!

Linda said...

What a charming idea! I've never thought of using a gate that way!

GardenGirl said...

would you send me an email? I tried sending you one, but it won't go through...I have no idea what's going on, sorry. My email is savedbyhope@hotmail.com
deb ;)

My Little Home and Garden said...

Hi, Tracie
I'm always amazed at how some people can take a rusty, old something-or-other and find a place where it looks great! Good luck with the white posts; I'm out of my league on advise for those. :)

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What great finds!!
I am loving the gate and the chalk board with the posts by it!!


Marcia said...

Here's my 2 cents since you asked for ti. I think the gate in front of the fireplace looks out of place. Wrong size and it does nothing to screen it. Since your mantle is taken up with a tv (no comment on that choice!), then use the hearth as you would a mantle to do some neat displays which you are so good at. Those seasonal displays can be larger than what the mantle would have allowed and will draw the eye away from the fireplace behind.