Sweet Vintage Hand Mirror…

When I was much younger, I remember my aunt and uncle gave me an ornate three piece set which included a brush, mirror and comb. It had gold accents to match my bedroom furniture.  I always felt so fancy when I would use them.  So when I came across this small hand held mirror that was reasonably priced ($8.00) I picked it up and didn’t hesitate to bring it home. 



I love that the mirror is in tact with just a few visible discoloration on the edging. The details on the handle remind me of a gorgeous old silver spoon!


Thinking it will go somewhere in my Master Suite, perhaps on the Vintage Buffet I found at Second Saturdayz recently? 


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Tracie...the mirror is beautiful! I'm glad it brings back such sweet memories! Have a great weeks!

What a perfect mirror! Even better that it brings back fond memories of your childhood - I love it when I find items that have some nostalgia to them. And $8.00 is a steal! Whenever I find vintage vanity mirrors, they are always over-priced! :( Anyway, have a blessed day!

Betty said…
My Mother gave me a set as you described. I still have it, but the silver case came apart from the brush and I need to glue it back on.
Unknown said…
I love this brush! The handle is so pretty! I have one somewhere that was my mother-in-laws. I need to find it! Very lovely.
OOOH! I can see it now... another collection inspiration for me!

Unknown said…
It was so much fun as a young girl to have such beautiful items like the brush, mirror and comb..and still so at our current age..very nice..
Unknown said…
i have an affinity for old hand mirrors....this one is lovely! ;)
NanaDiana said…
What a sweet old mirror- it is lovely! xo Diana

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