Heuchera–in the Northwest Gardens…

So this weeks project is to get my Heuchera (aka coral bells)ready for the upcoming season.  Heuchera has to be one of my most favorite here in the Northwest.
There are so many fantastic leaf colors available to us such as shades of purples, yellows, greens, oranges, even variegated. http://fishtailcottage.blogspot.comThese plants do well in both full sun and full shade. I love the fact that they are evergreen in our Northwest Gardens too.  These plants give color throughout the entire year.  But the summertime is the most amazing show one could ask for.  Such a simple plant, easy to care for, not much disease to worry about and flowers that last all summer long.  The plant itself forms a mounding habit and the flowers appear on spike like rods that come up from the center of the plant.  Flower color varies depending on the plant itself from – whites to pinks!  Hummingbirds, butterflies and bees are very attracted to these gorgeous blooms.  
http://fishtailcottage.blogspot.comHere at Fishtail Cottage, I have lined several boarders with many varieties of this plant – great plant combination ideas along side of the Heuchera are plants like lungwort, hosta, heather and ferns.  Creating a terrace of heights behind this plant will really help accent the beautiful colors that are offered in the Heuchera family.
Many people worry about overplanting in their gardens ~ however, I must say, I have had better luck creating an ‘atrium effect’ allowing plants to grow together which not only helps shad the base (roots) of the plants I grow, but also minimizes weeds.  
Although Heuchera plants are technically evergreen, they do not look very pretty right now. 001 Coming out of what we refer to as their dormant stage.  This photo is a fair assumption as to what most of these plants look like…(well at least the ones in my garden do). They are very leggy looking and many have grown higher in the mound than is healthy for the plant. 002The best thing to do with all of these plant is go ahead and snap them off at the base either by bending or snipping it off with a pair of sharp garden sheers. 
004Now if you are like me and love and adore these gorgeous beauties throughout your entire garden, you can replant the piece you just snapped off by digging a small hole and stick the base of the plant right in the ground.  You may have several new starts that you can plant throughout your garden or maybe share with a friend?  Mix the dirt in that area with a handful of compost and your new plant will begin to grow roots. 
006To ensure new root growth and luscious plants sprinkle 007Alfalfa meal  around the base of both the established plant and your newly planted Heuchera.  Scratch the Alfalfa Meal into the soil. 

Within a few short weeks your plants should start showing new growth like in this photo below.
By summertime you will have gorgeous and happy Heuchera’s in your own gardens.
Don’t hesitate o ask me any questions,  I’m always happy to help!  Happy Planting ! To see what I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie
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I love your coral bells. I think I need to plant some!
Veronica said…
Oh wow love the shape and colours! So happy to see them available here in Cape Town although not a large selection. They are on my list to plant . Love your pics!

Eileen said…
That's some seriously healthy heuchera! I love the names. They all make me hungry! I'm over on the Kitsap Peninsula. You asked about my thyme courtyard and I'll have to link up......if I can figure it out!

Your garden looks dreamy!
I have seen these at our garden center but didn't realize how pretty they look planted. I'll definitely see if I have room this spring!

Gatsbys Gardens said…
Great post! I love heucheras and some are even evergreen in the colder climates i.e., Southern Comfort and Carmel are two.

Zinnia said…
Heuchera is a wonderful perennial. I have two versions. I wish you a wonderful day! Zinnia
I love the small blooms of coral bells and the fact that the plant seems fairly indestructible!
Sue said…
I absolutely LOVE all the color in your garden!

Happy Spring,
Love the ferns peaking out from behind! Nice color combo!
Julie Marie said…
Happy Spring dear Tracie... oooh, I love this time of year and can't wait to be out in my garden every single minute!... it also brings back so many happy memories for me as I garden, for I reminisce about my great~grandmother and grandmothers cottage garden and tagging along with them at an early age, and also my mama's gardens... I think you and I were both born natural gardeners!... yours are just beautiful!... I have missed our visits my sweet friend!... xoxo Julie Maarie
Julie Marie said…
I really DO know how to spell my own name (Marie)... I just type really fast... oops!
Anonymous said…
Loved your post on Huecheras.... how did we ever garden without these beauties?
Also, so nice to find a local garden Blogger!
Anonymous said…
Loved your post on Huecheras.... how did we ever garden without these beauties?
Also, so nice to find a local garden Blogger!
Wow. I have never planted any Heuchera but I am planning to get a couple at a plant show here in town this weekend!
Snooks said…
I really like these plants. I am hoping I can plant some here.

@ 3Beeze Homestead
I'm going away whistling and humming a tune. Spring speaks on your blog.
Joyce M
Jim said…
Beautiful blooms.
Tracie, you have a nice collection of heucheras. I'm glad we're not the only ones (southern Ontario) where they push out of the ground after winter. Some of the new hybrids don't even make it over winter but with this being a mild one, the plants are not too bad.
Your garden looks absolutely delightful!
Ann said…
They certainly make wonderful garden edges. They are so full and colorful. Great inspiration.
NanE said…
Happy PINK Saturday! I love Coral Bells too but they don't always perform too well here in the hot South and then of course if they do survive, the deer would eat them :(
Thanks for sharing yours! Nan
Beth said…
I have one of these that is called Stop Light.

First, I didn't realize that they were in fact considered an evergreen. Good to know! My friend was just asking me about that this morning.

2nd, also good know that I can create new starts from the cuttings! I'm glad I haven't cut & tossed them yet! I now have a plan for them...I hope they make it when I do start.
deb said…
My Mom used to have the old fashioned coral bells. I didn't appreciate them when I was younger but miss them now! Yours are gorgeous!
Becca's Dirt said…
I have added Heuchera Coral Bells this year to my shade garden. I will be looking for more of this plant. I didn't realize it is so easy to get a new start. I do the same with begonia's and coleus with good results.

Glad to see the party get started this year. Happy planting to you too.
Your Coral Bells look so pretty! I will have to see if they grow here in Colorado. I'm guessing they wouldn't be evergreen here. I always love seeing your gardens.


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