Features from Garden Party #4

I really enjoyed taking my time last week looking through all of your garden posts you shared at the Cottage Garden Party!   I am excited to share a few features that caught my eye during my visits…Please click on the photo to be taken to their post!

I loved seeing these artichokes in the gardens over at My Cozy Corner!  A true cottage garden shares flowers, fruits and vegetables all within the same bed!  Isn’t this fun?

Another fun post that shared their cottage statuary in the gardens was My Vintage Gardens and Distressed life.  Its so sweet to see these details mixed within the garden blooms!

I couldn’t help but get a little giddy when I came upon the Arbor House Lane post about her Roses and many other pretty pinks…I’m patiently waiting for mine to open up ~ so reading this post gave me a sneak peek!

And take a peek at all of these gorgeous fuchsia baskets hung over on the patio of The Gipsy in The Parlour ~ I would truly love to seat myself at this table and enjoy the view!

Thanks so much everyone for sharing your beautiful gardens! looking forward to seeing what is going on where you are this week! xoox, tracie


allisamazing said…
Loved this week's features! They are all so beautiful :)
Shannon said…
Love that first one!!! Looking forward to joining in as soon as I get a chance to photograph the yard :)
NanaDiana said…
Beautiful features here, Tracie. I love them all and will pop by and do some visiting- xo Diana
These look like interesting blogs but only the last photo linked to a site. I thought I should mention that (unless the problem is solely at my end).
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness, thank-you so much for including me - what a special treat!!

So glad I found you & your lovely space here.... on my way to check out the other lovelies you featured ;-)

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