Our July 4th….

Tradition is, to head to my aunts house for the 4th… we have enjoyed spending the 4th out there at the lake every year for the past fifteen years!  Her home is amazing and decorated to the hilt. 


258This is my husband and I sitting on the infamous white steps where we have our family photo taken in our old navy tee’s!  Our kids truly enjoy this holiday and will 100% tell you this is their favorite holiday to be together.

My aunt is probably one of the most talented and creative people I know…take a look at these fabulous treats she made to pass out at the party!


The view from my aunt’s dock is pretty amazing…take a peek at how beautiful Mt. Rainier is!  Can you imagine waking up to this every day?



337Many of the homeowners decorated their boats for the evening boat parade and throw gifts to the families that watch from their docks…


Here is a photo of the log boom where the fireworks are set off over the lake.


There is nothing better than snuggling up at night and watching the celebration of our freedom together.


Thanks so much for coming by to see where we celebrated the 4th of July ~ hoping you all had as much fun with your family. Enjoy the rest of your weekend…xoxo, tracie


Jojo said…
That ia an all-American celebration!
Unknown said…
how amazing! what a beautiful place to celebrate this holiday with loved ones! thanks for sharing it with us....what wonderful memories you are creating!
Artsy VaVa said…
Wow! What a gorgeous setting. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks like lots of fun!
Looks beautiful and I am sure a great time for all!!
Susie said…
Tracie, That is the best holiday decor I have seen so far. To be together with your family and celebrate is a wonderful plus in life. You and your cutie look so nice. My daughter used to take the family photo on her big back steps too...but she sold her house and is building again, so we rented the local Lion's club. Smiles to you, Susie
What an amazingly beautiful setting! So glad you get to enjoy it each year!

allisamazing said…
What an amazing place to be able to celebrate together as family!
Wow Tracie! What a beautiful place to spend the 4th - or any day of the year! It's gorgeous and your aunt's decorations and treats are so festive! I love the view of the mountain and the way the fireworks reflect off the lake! I really could live there! I can imagine the entire family lined up on those beautiful white steps for a group picture! So much wonderful family fun! Glad everyone had a great time! Hugs, Leena
Japolina said…
I love this post. How amazing!
It's the perfect spot to celebrate! Your aunt has a fabulous place.....funny, it's our kids' most memorable holiday, too, since we usually spend the week with family at the beach. We've also had old navy tees many of those years!
Your aunt has a fabulous place on the water and what a celebration you had! I'd look forward to a family gathering like this too.
It looks like it must have been a wonderful day. Your aunt has a gorgeous house!
I grew up on an island and it was tradition for us to watch the fireworks from my dad's boat too - been many long years since I have done that, but your sweet post brought back wonderful memories.

And yes that view of Mt. Rainier - WOW!!! And your Aunt's treats - those are just too clever!
Unknown said…
What a set up your aunt has!! You and your husband are the cutest!!!
Unknown said…
Oh darn i was hoping to get a inside tour of this great home! :)
Unknown said…
To this Canadian, it looks like the quintessential July 4th withe the white house and the bunting. Love the idea of the evening parade before the fireworks. What a wonderful tradition.
Karen said…
Wow! Your aunt's home looks like something out of a magazine, so pretty and I love the patriotic bunting she puts up. My friend lives on Bainbridge Island and they have a parade with all the trimmings on the 4th. It looks like Washington has the right idea with 4th of July festivities.
Leslie said…
what a wonderful place to spend the holiday!!! Everything .. EVERYTHING looks so festive!!!
Now THAT'S my kind of 4th of July celebration! Can't imagine having the joy of doing that every year -- love the boat parade!
Sandy said…
That is quite a family gathering and the fireworks,, wow!
So glad you all had such a great time.
Tracie, you had the perfect 4th of July setting! Your aunt's place is beautiful!
farmhouse-story said…
what a fabulous place to spend the 4th!

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