Rescued Roses!

I got a call from a dear friend today asking me if I wanted any of her plants that she was throwing out.  I of course said yes…a few yellow rose shrubs and some white daylilies!  I know exactly where they will go – right outside the Guest Suite windows. 

You see, my neighbor chooses not to weed the yard on his side of the street, so the view is not pretty…our family refers to it as a ‘wheat field’, especially when the grass isn’t mowed for months!  Unless you like the look of this! yuk…(don’t get me started)!
You are probably wondering where in the world I have room for these new rose shrubs?  Yes, I thought that at first too, but I am going to plant these babies in front of the picket fence where the street is…so they may be grown happily and provide a better view for my guests. Well, at least during the summer months…lol
Difficult to see from this photo, but the view goes right onto the ‘wheat field’ across the way! So I cannot wait to get these pretty ladies planted! Which will more than likely be tomorrow! 

Here are a few new blooms I’d want to share with you this week…listed in order ~ Snapdragon, scabiosa, snapdragon, globe flower, cottage rose, daylily, mystery plant, hardy fuchsia, Siberian iris, lily, Baronne Prevost rose, unnamed rose, fairy rose.
I will definitely be sharing a few photo’s next month so you can see the progress…I just hope I can get them to survive and follow through with my vision I’d like to see!
Hope to see you at the garden party here later this evening?  To see where else I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie
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Donna said…
Holy smokes, Tracie, you have a GREEN thumb with all caps! You should put out a calendar of your flower photos! I love your white picket fence, and the flowers will look so beautiful against it! Have a wonderful week... Donna
Weeee! Free flowers! I hate to see them thrown away so I'm glad you rescued them! I'm sure they'll look beautiful, just ike the rest of your gorgeous plants, and will give you a nice view than the "wheat" LOL! Happy Gardening! Hugs, Leena
I'm so jealous! It's so hot here! All of my gardens are suffering. Your blooms are fantastic!
Thanks for sharing and happy gardening!
Sylvia said…
You do have the prettiest flowers!
allisamazing said…
Your flowers are stunning! We are finally getting some heat here and the flowers are just beginning to come out :)
Your flowers are all so beautiful. I would love to be able to have a hardy fuchsia.
Gorgeous flowers, Tracie! This must have been a good year for snapdragons, because mine wintered over and are blooming profusely at the moment.
Wow. That is going to look incredible. You have the eye to take some lonely plants and create a beautiful area.
Carisa said…
I love free plants! What a fab blog, I will have to check it out. :)
Mrs. Petrie @
Beth said…
Such lovely photos. What gardener does not always have room for a few more plants?
You have a green thumb Tracie, those roses will repay you for saving them with lots of flowers.

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