So I was walking from my car to the front door of our house and couldn’t help but inhale the most amazing fragrance from the garden. 002009 It stopped me to look around and start smelling everything in sight.  I finally realized it was the blooms on the Actaea simplex ‘Hillside Black Beauty,’I planted a few years ago.  Until now, it has just been a pretty purple colored plant in the landscape, a nice break from all of the green. A few weeks ago, I noticed it had spikey berries on it which I thought was interesting, but no idea of the surprise that was coming. 008The fragrance is amazing, I wish I could send you the scent of this plant electronically…it’s a fabulous gift from nature.
My plants are about five feet tall and about two feet wide. In bloom for almost a week now and the tall spikey blooms don’t need any staking (very impressive).  005It is grown in partial shade with maybe an hour of afternoon sunshine. The soil in this spot is moist. Doing a little research on these plants and have found a lot of fabulous reviews about it…I had no idea what a treasure I have in my front garden bed. 

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Gypsea Nurse said…
UMMM.... you got me wondering myself now!!
Glad to be back and can't wait to catch up on all!
Susie said…
Things that smell perfumey in the garden are wonderful. Even if it is sweet smelling. It's heavy perfumes in an elevator that make me whoozy. So here's to sweet flowers. Smiles, Susie
What a wonderful surprise...A burst of sweet fragrance along with the pretty purple berries.
Don't you love surprises like this?!

Pamela Gordon said…
Such a pretty plant. I've never heard of it before.
Gorgeous, Tracie--I love chocolate foliage in plants!
Unknown said…
It seems like every time I read your blog, my "must have" list gets longer :-)
Shirley said…
I had no idea the flowers were fragrant! I've always admired the foliage but now I just may have to add this to my must add list!

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