Simply Me Tranquil Dream Catcher

This is another custom made dream catcher by Tausha over at Simply Me.  I have to be honest, my room feels so much more tranquil with this piece added to the Master Suite.  Although I was a little worried at first that it wouldn’t match anything in the room, the colors are just so dreamy, it fit right in.


The heavenly details that Tausha puts into her hand made creations are like no other!  The sweet woven thread, tattered ribbons, beads, shells, feathers and bows cannot be matched to anything else on the market!  I feel so lucky to own this piece and will treasure it always.


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Pretty colours,why do they call these dream catchers. I've seen them around the blogging world for a while and wondered? x
Love the gorgeous colors. What a treasure you have:-)
Victoria said…
Your dream catcher is lovely! I too own one of Tausha's amazing dream catchers and I love it so much! She's so talented.
Unknown said…
Dream well, my friend.
Ricki Treleaven said…
Oh, Tracie! I absolutely love your dream catcher. I think the sweet fabric streamers are perfect for your adorable cottage home! I want one of these!
Beautiful! Tausha is so talented! ;)
I've seen a lot of these but none this beautiful. It's lovely! Sweet dreams!
Pam said…
Hi Tracie, I'm a brand new follower...Love the dream catcher as well as your entire blog! My decor is a lot of white and it could defiantly use a splash of color! I'd love you to drop by sometime and get in on my "Paris Monday's monthly giveaway or just to say hi! xo's Pam
Heaven's Walk said…
I am so glad that Tausha started creating these dream catchers! She found her heart's calling when she did. They are all so unique, so beautiful....and reflect her sweet soul. :)

I need to buy one.... :)

xoxo laurie
Beth said…
Your dream catcher is lovely, Tracy! Tausha is very talented. Thanks for showing this, Tracy.
Kathy said…
Hello Tracie,
This Dream Catcher is quite exquisite - all the elements you described come together to make it romantic and whimsical. - so beautiful! I appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,
I love this are so lucky to have a Tausha original! I recently made one for my daughter--it turned out really pretty. Tausha was sweet enough to tell me where to find the hoop and stuff. Hers have so much detail--just love them!
Honey at 2805 said…
It's adorable! Thank you for sharing your creative touch with Potpourri Friday!

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