Monday, February 11, 2013

5 New Hellebore Varieties to add to my Garden!

Okay, I know I am a garden geek, but can I just tell you how elated I am today?  I am so excited to share with you that I was very lucky to find these newly introduced Hellebore’s!   I found them at a local nursery called “My Garden” in Mill Creek Washington…I love going to this nursery in particular, because they usually have plant varieties that I don’t normally find unless I am willing to order via mail. 
I’ve been looking forward to introducing some new hellebore plants to my landscape.  I currently only have a few common varieties in my garden…but I must say, Hellebore are some of my most favorite plants that I own.  Mostly because they provide some of the first blooms after the dreary winter months.  These plants are not fussy…very easy to grow and I can enjoy as a great evergreen filler during most of the year here in the Northwest. Here is what my hellebores currently look like in the front walkway. The blooms should appear within the next week I presume!
Below is a photo of my new hellebores, yes, fifteen of them! Because these new hellebore have been growing in a green house nursery, I cannot plant them outdoors just yet – so they are enjoying living in my bathroom for now.  I doubt that I will see blooms on them this first year, but next year I will be in hellebore blooming heaven! 
I have begun just a little clean up in the garden beds over the past week.  I focused on the front walkway and the patio areas.  Cutting back leftover hydrangea blooms from last year (down to the first sign if growth); Sniped rose branches to about 24" high; Scooped up dead/soggy leaves from lungwort, hostas & other low growing perennials'. I also snapped off any dead wood from astilbe and peonies from last season as well. Bulbs are popping up everywhere & I even saw hostas, bleeding hearts & peonies beginning to show - so I had to be careful where I stepped!  Excited to see a little color beginning to appear!
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marijke said...

Brrr I am getting a little bit jealouse about your new Helleborusses (positive ofcours). I love the color and the form of the flowers. It can take sometimes 3 years before the first flowers of new planted apear. Dont forget to cut away the green folliage from last year. It will protect your helleborus against the black spot disease.
Wish you all the best.

Larry said...

I feel your joy! I personally have about 75 new ones ordered because you simply can't have too many!! A few posts back I shared about 80 pictures of my bloomers... I also inquired as to how people deal with their seedlings as I have not decided on the best approach as of yet... I will probably turn to the deadheading method and stick with buying proven cultivars. Larry

Mindy said...

Oh my GOODNESS, those are going to be SO PRETTY!!! I'm a wee bit jealous. I only have two and they're also the common ones. I just posted pictures of the one that's blooming its little heart out right now. Spring is SO close!

Jann Olson said...

Hi Tracie, Oh I love the new Hellebores! I have three, but they are buried beneath the snow. One of mine is like your dark blackish/purple one. I did notice yesterday a bit of my Pasque flower and Daffodils coming up in a few places where the snow had melted. Yipee! That means Spring is on it's way. Jealous that you got to work out in the yard.

Spittin-Toad said...

I have a lovely white variety blooming by my front walkway and the greenhouse at work is full of Hellebore's...They make me smile every time I peek inside. I guess I better get back to my garden too!
Enjoy your new purchase!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I love hellebores and it seems you have find nice and rare varieties.

HeatherF1 said...

Those will be beautiful hellebores in your garden! I am trying to decide if I want to go to the open house of Northwest Garden Nursery (now wholesale)to check out their latest and greatest. My garden is getting stuffed to the gills, so each new purchase is difficult to find a home for.

Babs said...

Hellebores are favorites of mine, too, although I don't have any really colorful ones. Mine have been blooming for a week or so, but we live in zone 7b. I'm going to our garden center to see if they have any new ones for this year.
Thanks and Happy Valentine's Day.

mishelle said...

You make me want to get those too.;) I am so looking forward to seeing some blooms in my garden. I am trying to be so good and not plant anything new in front this year. To see what comes up from last. But if you keep posting new things , I may get in trouble.lol.

Heather - New House New Home said...

Always been afraid to grow hellebores in my zone 5 garden. But now that I'm in zone 6, I may actually be able to grow some. You make me want to get out there and tackle some of the garden projects for the spring. Unfortunately it's all under a foot of snow. Soon, soon.


Wow. You hit the mega jackpot with your hellebore haul. Nice going! Next year you really will be doing the happy hellebore dance! I love them too but only have two varieties because, like Heather, my garden is so dang full. But you get me thinking I might need to make some room... I really love the pink-edged one.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I am always thrilled to meet new garden bloggers. I'll be back.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Hellebores are one of my all-time favorite plants!