Mostly Green this week, but…


Mostly this week is showing what I would call a transformation in the garden landscape here at Fishtail Cottage.  Almost all of the bulbs have finished up their glory over this past week, and because of all the sunshine that we are having here in Seattle, many blooms are appearing earlier.  Right now, much of the garden looks like these photo’s below!  Roses, Peony’s, Delphinium and Iris’s are showing that they are ready to put on their own show ~ but just not quite yet.


Here are some photo’s of fantastic garden plants in bloom! Primula (candelabra primroses), Chinese Pagoda Primrose, heuchra, lupin and jack frost are all blooming. 


Lot’s of green showing this week ~ a few landscape photo’s, so you can see!


Remember last year when I shared my “Secret Garden”? If you missed that post and want to see it click here. I wanted to share the most recent photos (taken today) of what it looks like over there!


Hope to see you at this evenings Garden Party!  To see where else I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie

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Sue said…
I always LOVE pictures of your garden. As always, it is just breath taking!! As always, my hollyhocks are going CRAZY. They are taller than the roof of the house. Have a great week, and again, thanks for sharing your garden. Love it!!

Bernideen said…
I absolutely love your Secret Garden Entrance. Colorado bulbs aren't even up yet. We're slow but finally growing!
Mindy said…
It's gorgeous!!! All of it! The first picture with all of the columbine is my favorite.
What kind of rock did you use in your path? We put pea gravel in some paths two years ago and I'll be darned if more than half of it has disappeared. Compacted, plus tracked around to the lawn and deck, I'm sure. Yours looks bigger and really nice.
Wow Tracie! I had no idea your property was this big! I'd not seen your secret garden before (how'd I miss that?) and it is HUGE and so lovely! I love the mystery of the winding path as you enter the arched trellis. I read one time that a garden should have winding paths so that you can't see what's beyond their beginning, thus peeking visitors' interest. Your garden certainly does that! Beuatiful! Hugs, Leena
There's nothing better than a secret garden for privacy and tranquility. Yours is a joy to find after following the path.
Must be the soil here but lupines only last a year or two then disappear. :-(
Sonia said…
Your garden is gorgeous and all those blooms are stunning along the picket fence! Love the arches and the chairs..what a beautiful place to relax!
Miss Bloomers
Jeannie said…
I covet lush gardens where there is plenty of rain and even temperatures.
Unknown said…
Beautiful Gardens, Love your walkways, and Secret Garden!
Art and Sand said…
Your garden is lovely. Mine is changing daily with more and more blooming daily.
Gorgeous Tracie! My Chinese Pagoda Primrose did not come back. :(
Unknown said…
Looks like even though it's green, it's still beautiful. I want to walk down the path in your secret garden to discover what else is back there.
Sunray Gardens said…
Everything is really looking great where your at. Lovely gardens.
Cher Sunray Gardens
cherry said…
Oh my everything is beautiful and I know it is just going to get prettier and prettier each week..
Thanks for the great party..
hugs, Cherry
Oh my I'm jealous of all your flowers! It all looks beautiful and your Secret Garden entrance looks fab!
I love the lupin...They are quite a showy flower!
Unknown said…
It's all so dreamy Tracie! You are an inspiration! Love all the nooks and crannies for taking a stroll or just sitting and enjoying the peaceful surroundings!
Kathy said…
Hello Tracie, your garden is gorgeous - so beautifully laid out. I love the beginning of blooms as much as when their full. I hope you have a blessed weekend,
Adrienne said…
I've just discovered your blog and I will definitely be back soon to see more! Your garden is gorgeous!!! You are an inspiration - I love finding Northwest gals whose gardens give me ideas that will work in mine. I'm an Oregon gal - a near neighbor - born in the Seattle area. A true NW girl at heart. Finding your blog made this rainy day bright!

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