New Pendant Lighting over the Kitchen Island…

While in Spokane a couple weeks ago, I stopped in at “Pink” to look around and found these incredible pendant lights that just were salvaged from the Otis Hotel that is about to be renovated.  Currently I had a pair of longer pendant lights that I chose when we built our home in 2006. The ones I have are fine, but you know it’s always fun to change things up!

 So I brought them home and had them installed!  I’ll have to admit that it took a few days for me to get used to ~ as I wasn’t sure if they went with the ‘look’ I try to create in my home.  Then again, I have to remind myself that if I chose them and loved them enough to purchase, they must be my style, right? They are much shorter, and friends won’t be bumping their heads now when leaning over the center island butcher block. 
The style of these lamps is a little on the ‘industrial’ side of decorating flair, so I chose to grab these cool light bulbs to warm the new space up.
I also added a fun rustic galvanized holder of some kind – not sure what its original intended use was for, but its now on my counter top holding granny smith apples!

So here it is, all together in one photo! thoughts…?

Thanks for coming by to take a peek at the newest changes here at Fishtail Cottage! Hope you are having a wonderful week!
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Pamela Gordon said…
Oooo. I love the new industrial light fixtures. Perfect! The galvanized apple holder looks like it might be from scale maybe? Not sure, but it works for apples and anything else you can lay in it. Great finds Tracie! Have a lovely week. Pam
Bernideen said…
They look wonderful!
I like your new fixtures. I also like your galvanized Granny Smith holder. I noticed that Pamela thought it looked like part of a scale. I was wondering if it could be some sort of large scoop.

I wonder what it is that is making galvanized pieces look so good to us right now. I am aggravated at myself because we threw a large galvanized wash tub out a few years ago. I distinctly remember saying to my husband, "Go ahead and pitch it. I don't know what I would ever use it for." It would have been a perfect planter. Just the type you see looking beautiful in decorating magazines and on the blogs.
Tracie, I love the new look. I bought a similar looking light to hang over the kitchen sink in the basement. Wish mine was vintage. The galvanized scoop is fab!
Maria Elena said…
Love your new lights! Your kitchen is beautiful! I have a new weekly link party which is live now and I would love if you stop by and link up this wonderful post! Hope to see you there! Hugs, Maria
Connie said…
Good Morning, your blog is amazing and I love these "new to you" lights. I get into Spokane about once a year. How do I find "Pink". It looks like a store that I would like to visit. There are so many marvelous shopping sites in Spokane. Something for everyone :)
I am your newest follower and can not believe that I haven't found your site sooner. We do have many mutual followers. Please accept my invitation to visit and hopefully to follow me back. I love refurbishing, artsy anything, gardening, sewing, music . . . at the moment my husband and I are restoring an old wooden sailboat. We named her Gypsy Rose and she is turning into an little beauty.
I do hope that you visit, I have made so many lovely blogging friends here in blog-land. Blogging has become a sweet added pleasure to my retirement years.
Your new blogging sister,
Connie :)
HeatherF1 said…
Love the new fixtures! I have a hanging scale in my kitchen that looks very similar to your galvanized piece- but mine has fake apples in it, not real. ; ) Heather
too funny Tracie, I have almost identical light fixtures in my kitchen (like your old ones). They kind of remind me of music notes....we also put those in when building our house ca 5 years ago. Here is a link to my your new ones though...something fun and new!
chateau chic said…
Love your new look. Industrial items are so popular where I live. They fly out of the shop I'm a part of. The galvanized tray looks like it was part of an old scale. Often when you find a scale that piece is missing.
Mary Alice
These are perfect for your kitchen, love them!

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