Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cutting Back…

WP_20130523_011So last week I went a little mad in the garden! A little mad with my clippers that is…it began with cutting back all of my bleeding hearts and pigs ear spent blooms.  Then I started thinning out some of the maple tree branches. Then I noticed my Snowbell trees had some dead branches that needed removing.  From there, nothing was safe!  A lot of pruning was done…in fact so much that a dump run was in order!
No idea what I was doing out there ~ I guess I thought for a moment that I could do an arborist’s job…I wish I thought to take before photo’s of the trees and shrubs so you could see how over grown and low the branches were growing.  I just hope I didn’t kill anything – only time will tell.
~ Coral Bark Maple Tree ~
~ Pink Flowering Dogwood Tree ~
~ St. Johns Wart Shrub ~
~ Polar Joy Rose Tree ~
The above photo of the Rose Tree is what has me cringing the most right now… As those six trees line my front walkway and don’t look happy this year.  I am hoping a good trim will kick them into shape…no pun intended (wink, wink).  This is usually the time that they put on their best show ~ according to past photo’s.  Generally beautifully blooms align with the peony’s beginning to bloom.  I don’t believe this will be the year to share the beauty of the walkway! Here you can see what it usually looks like this time of year!
002 (12)
Even the chickens did a little unwanted pruning in the garden!

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Heaven's Walk said...

Sometimes you just gotta prune hard to wake those babies up, Tracie! Hope that your rose standard will bounce right back, girlie! Mine is flowering now and I'm loving it! :)

xoxo laurie

Stacy said...

I planted two coral bark maples this year! Your tree is beautiful! Hopefully your rose trees will make it.

Botanic Bleu said...

Your flower-lined walkway with the roses is just picture-perfect with the arbor at the end. Here's fingers crossed that the roses will come back even more beautiful than ever.


cherry said...

I'm betting very soon your roses will be as pretty as ever.. I plan on doing the same thing to mine this weekend. hugs and thank you for the party. Cherry

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Tracie
With no grass and lots of trees and shrubs front and back, I have a fair bit of pruning to do myself each year.
I've taken a couple of hands on courses from professionals and I think the most encouraging thing they passed on was that trees and shrubs are very forgiving. They want to survive so will bounce back from even the worst haircut!
I'm sure you did a fine job and everything will look pretty and full in no time.
I thought the rabbits were bad - chickens like hostas? Or perhaps there was a slug on a leaf and it took a few pulls to get it. :-)
Thanks for hosting.

Heather - New House New HOme said...

Oh we have the same problem.....cut it off and worry about the bleeding later. I really hope your roses come back - that would be a huge loss as they are so beautiful!

September Violets said...

I've never pruned a shrub or small tree that didn't come back again. Maybe it won't flower this year, but the pruning always seems to freshen it. Your walkway looks so pretty and inviting and you just have to be patient now. Maybe pour some liquid fertilizer around the roots? The little maple tree looks a very nice size. We planted a harlequin maple in our tiny front yard, and it's finally branching out a bit this year. Thanks for hosting this party, I really enjoy hopping around the various gardens ;) Wendy

Debbi said...

I am always intimidated when I prune and I have been doing it for many years!! You have a lovely garden and no doubt it will be better than ever with that good haircut.

My Little Home and Garden said...

Hello, Tracie

I tend to get a bit carried away with pruning, particularly an arbour that shoots up rose canes and clematis stems in all directions. It'll be pretty, if a bit lopsided, when both bloom.

I'm joining in with your link party this week and will be sure to visit the other participants. Thanks for hosting.


Copper Diem said...

I love pruning and deadheading. It's so satisfying! But i hate picking up all the junk afterwards LOL

Mindy said...

I've been known to get a little crazed with a pair of clippers in hand, too. Ah well, it makes everything look better in the long run. Sending good thoughts for the tree rose. :)