this week in the garden 6/19/13

Today was our last day of school, and I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.  This past week has been a crazy filled with last minute projects, performances, parties, graduations and of course Fathers Day!

I know you are anxious to see what is blooming in the garden, right?  We have had a lot of sunshine and very little rain, therefore hand watering in the landscape is a must daily.  I have planted very few new plants this year which has been nice since most everything except what is in pots is somewhat established. 

This plant caught my at a nursery recently! Its called Knautia Thunder and Lightning ~ I planted it close to the patio and hopes it becomes a favorite in the garden…it’s color is very striking and could be beautiful in several bare spots in the garden.


It’s fun to see some of previous years favorites reappear in the garden even more prolific than years past.  This Sweet William has reseeded itself and showing a lot more colors this year! 


Right now the front garden her at Fishtail Cottage is looking beautiful! Even if I am still waiting for the Rose Tree’s to return (but I am seeing new growth peek out) and the peonies on the walkway have come and gone. The Ladies Mantle is beautiful with it’s vibrant yellow flowers ~ although I plan to cut them back this week so that they do not reseed themselves.


Another favorite spot in the front is the bird bath combined with the birdfeeder ~ it’s such a sight when coming into the driveway!  The Blush Noisette Climbing Rose on the archway with several colors of greenery makes the delphinium Rose Companion and Stella de Oro Daylily, pop with color!


A few new plants have appeared this week ~ poppies (one of my favorite)…I threw out a ton of seed varieties this year that I was hopping would add to my collection, but these are the only colors I have seen.


Hydrangea’s are beginning to bloom as well ~ one of my favorite cut flowers to use in the summertime! I’ve tried to bring in different varieties and colors of hydrangeas as well to bring color throughout the landscape. The newest hydrangea introduction this year to the garden is Pistachio ~ can’t wait to see blooms on this one and share photo’s with you this summer!


Columbine still spreads color throughout the garden ~ I love the pretty blooms of this easy to grow perennial.

IMG_4542IMG_4404IMG_4400IMG_4396 IMG_4402

Four o'clock greenery has appeared and soon the hot pink blooms will put on an outstanding show! No idea what this other plant is, but the hummingbirds sure love it!


Yarrow and the Yellow Hot Poker plant are also a returning favorite for the hummingbird and butterfly!


More new Roses have appeared and continue to appear throughout this past week! I’m in love the fragrance that fills the garden!


Roses are favorite to cut and display in a pitcher when entertaining!


I hope to see you at this weeks Cottage Garden Party (party to start later this evening)!  To see where else I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie

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Your garden is absolutely stunning!! And everything looks so lush and healthy. Once we get past spring, I always dread what flower-loving bugs and diseases will crop up on my flowers ... it's already started. Your roses are gorgeous colours. I can just imagine the beautiful scent in the room with such a large display in the pitcher. Have a great weekend! Wendy :)
Hi Tracie
Your garden is awesome already. I have plain old knautia macedonia, but I sure like the variegated leaves on your variety.
Another new hydrangea! The breeders are going crazy with them, aren't they? I planted 'Bobo' last year which I hope will flower so I can see what they're like. Just received a brochure in the mail for a dwarf oak leaf hydrangea - very tempting.
Thanks for hosting.
Wow, your gardens look fabulous! I wish I could grow roses like that! I love that picture of the roses with the statue blurred in the background! Thanks for hosting another party!
What a beautiful garden! You are way ahead of my garden as my lilacs are just now bloomlng.
Clara said…
Hi Tracie!
Your garden is gorgeous! I love the little fuchia colored flower growing near the statue. I got some of that(don't know the name) when I was in Ohio years ago but when I transplanted it in SC. it didn't survive. If I find some more I'm going to try again.
HeatherF1 said…
I really like that variegated knautia- I will keep an eye out for that. There must be several kinds of rose campion, as mine are GIANTS, and not the short variety. Great self-sowers, though. Your roses are beautiful!!
Mindy said…
As always, everything looks soooo pretty. I love the columbine pictures.
Truly, your garden is heavenly. It is better than a bakery shop! Little goodies here and there with just the right sprinkling of frosting and whatnots!
Happy Gardening!
Larry said…
So many lovely vignettes and blooms... you do a wonderful job of presenting your home and gardens tastefully... I don't know how you manage to keep up with it all! Larry
A beautiful tour of your gardens! A magical time of the year for sure. Love the flagstone walkway too!
cherry said…
I just want to come hangout in your garden. I promise not to bother anything just let me soak up all that beauty please.. Loving the Thunder and Lightning I need to check into that.. hugs and thank you for the wonderful party, Cherry
Jennelise said…
How beautiful! Your garden is amazing! Thankyou for sharing!
Marie Arden said…
You have many of same plants that I have some have reseeded and some I planted plants. Lovely to see your garden.
Jeannie Marie said…
What a lovely garden to browse through..!
Flowers blooming in your garden will always put a smile on your face. Thank you for sharing this at Shabbilicious Friday.

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