Boys Room Reveal…

A few weeks ago, I shared with you that I was on the hunt for ideas and great finds for my 10 year old sons room. Today, I am ready to reveal how it all turned out. 


Sheets and bed skirt are from Target and the duvet and shams are from Ikea!  The night stand is from World Market.


The Construction Zone Sign was affixed to a stained 4x4 frame to match the same wood in the nightstand.



The stainless steel trunk was also lifted a little higher with the 4x4 stained wood and attached casters to the bottom. 


One of my favorite finds was this locker system. On craigslist I found a bunch of metal locker baskets ~ I set one inside each one and a have a few left over. I’m sure I will find some great uses for these around the house!


The chalkboard wall has definitely been a hit.  I thought this idea might be a mistake, but it certainly is being enjoyed by all that get to visit his new room.  A lot of messages left and it’s already been wiped clean several times!  No nicks or scratches yet!


Looking at the white outlet covers were driving me crazy, so I replaced them with black ones from the hardware store!  I think it would have been one of those things we would have got used to and ever fixed if I hadn’t done it right away!


Still need to figure out what to put in those World Market frames…it’ll come to me eventually!




Love this galvanized wall clock I found at Crate and Barrel! It’s oversized and makes a great addition to the chalk wall.




At last minute, I decided to go ahead and install the basketball hoop (hung over the back of his door before the makeover) ~ aesthetically it’s not my favorite item in his room…but it is definitely something he and his buddies use when hanging out. After all it is his room, right? Salvaged a wire basket to hold all of his sports equipment in!





I am looking for a couple more globes to go w/this one to sit atop of the locker system!





The lighting in his room stayed quite industrial ~ we already had the fan, something we had put in both boys rooms when we moved in…I’m so glad I chose something practical and versatile!  The tall lamp I shared last week here from The lighting on his night stand I found at Target.


I am so happy with the way this room turned out.  Most importantly, my little guy loves it!  It was really fun catering to something different when decorating ~ definitely not the shabby look I’ve been doing in the rest of the house!  Respecting my sons space was difficult at times because we didn’t always like the same things ~ but eventually found a mutual ground we both agreed on…either that or he just gave up! haha


The only thing left to do is find something original for those frames next to the chalk wall!  To see where else I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie

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what a cute cute room, so perfect, I love the industrial look, I love the lockers they are so perfect with the room and the sign just sets it all it...Phyllis
Hannah said…
LOVE IT!! looks very restoration hardware-ish! ;) can you tell me where you got the ceiling fan? i am looking for one for my son's room that doesn't look so generic and i LOVE this! great job! :)
This is a GREAT room!! He must be thrilled with it. I like how it's all grey & industrial-like, but the bedding still looks really cozy. Love all the simple details like the nightstand & metal trunk (I did the same thing with my food crate for an end table). Maybe you could put a photo of "Janze" & "Tara" in the photo frames ... since they miss him ;) Wendy
MommyEversAfter said…
Great job Tracie! It's awesome!
It's perfect! I know he loves it...especially that big chalkboard. He can have a section for friends to sign when they come over. I raised 4 boys...not easy to decorate for them! You did GREAT!
Love the headboard so fun he is one lucky boy!!!
great job
awal.ny said…
I love the room. I can't wait to show my sons. I am redoing both of their bedrooms. How about the fan, ideas on where you got that one? Thanks for sharing your sources. Alaina
What a great room! I absolutely love the full wall chalkboard. Thank you for sharing!
Eliza @
Faded Charm said…
Love how your son's room turned out. If mine was younger, I would have loved to decorate his room this way! Great industrial vibe and the chalkboard wall is perfect.

Wow! It's just boy perfect! Love, love!
LOVE the look of this many great details!
I see a skateboard in the room...I found old plans for the first skateboard on ebay that I have framed in my sons room...or how about an eye chart look that spells out all the skateboard moves?
wow Tracie, I love it!!!! Now when are you coming to Oly? You can do the same to Robbie's room? LOL..just wondering....
REALLY Great!!!!! I even like it and I am a pink girl all the way. :)

Good job, Mama!

Okio B Designs said…
Such a cool room for a young man! My boys would love, love, love this. I am bookmarking this post so I can show them later!

Jeanine did a fantastic job with your son's room...this could be in Pottery Barn Teen. I LOVE those lockers and the Construction sign. This really is a timeless room that you might only need to tweak once in awhile over the coming years. Great job!

Donna Wilkes said…
The room needs to be featured in a magazine - it is a wonderful space that will continue to serve your son's needs and tastes as he grows.
oh my gosh, this is so cool! bet he absolutely loves it. those lockers are fabulous!
Mindy said…
It turned out SO awesome! I love it. My favorite is the locker baskets that you can steal for other places in the house. :) I have one that I keep Baby's socks in.
How old is your little man?
Art and Sand said…
Is there any artwork your son has done to put in the frames?

My daughter is an Oakland As fan and she saved all of her baseball game tickets to put into a frame.

Something that represents your son would be fun.
A Sailor's Wife said…
I'm obsessed with this room!! I have to also ask where you found that ceiling fan??
This is an amazing room-you have done such a great job!
rush said…
this room will certainly grow with him. as his interests change, he can add and take away decorative objects. love the chalkboard wall!
Unknown said…
Love it! And the "under construction" sign is right on - Your son is "under construction" as he grows and his room will likely looks like a construction zone every once in a while - lol.
Botanic Bleu said…
Great make-over for your son's room! Love that huge chalkboard, Under Construction sign, duvet cover,...
What is there not to love?

Cynthia said…
This is such an awesome room with such detail. Loving the sign and that trunk at the end of the bed. The lockers are really cool too. Great job!

Val said…
This is such a creative boys room. Thanks for the inspiration.
Unknown said…
I love the big sign and the industrialness! very cool!
Prairie Barbie said…
Hello there,
I am sitting here this moment with the lovely Karen Trenner! My mom and Karen have been friends for many years and the Trenner's are visiting us on our farm in Montana. She told me all about your blog and says to tell you, "Hi!". I blog also and you can check us out at We are having a great time!

Barb :)
Prairie Barbie said…
Hello there,
I am sitting here this moment with the lovely Karen Trenner! My mom and Karen have been friends for many years and the Trenner's are visiting us on our farm in Montana. She told me all about your blog and says to tell you, "Hi!". I blog also and you can check us out at We are having a great time!

Barb :)
Great job! I love the industrial look. It's hard to make a kid's room look like the rest of the house, but you made it look classy while meeting his needs too. Well done!

How cool is this room? I love it! It's masculine and industrial but in a subtle way. The colors are wonderful and those light fixtures are the neatest! Oh how I'd love to score a set of lockers like those - amazing!
I'm slowly getting back on my feet and promise to come around more often. I've missed you and your wonderful posts! Take care! Hugs, Leena
Unknown said…
oh my've outdone yourself here! wow...what a transformation!! this is SO BHG worthy...i mean it! you must submit! well done mon amie! well done! ;0
Tracie, you have created such a fun space for your son. I love the construction zone headboard! The lockers were a great find and the nightstand is really unique. Great job! Thanks for sharing with SYC.
must love junk said…
LOVE this room!! I'm drawn to an industrial vibe, and this has it in the coolest way! :)
Major_Hutch said…
The Lockers are awesome, haha I'm 25 and I still use the basketball Hoop in my room. I got when I was 10 it moved rooms with me and my Dad may have contact cemented it to the door....we never did tell my mother.
Sandi said…
LOVE this room Tracie!! You have done a fantastic job!!
I want t make my son's room in a similar fashion. Where can I get a construction sign?

Please respond ASAP!! Thanks
Jennifer said…
Where did you get the ceiling fan light? I love it!
Jennifer said…
Where did you get the ceiling fan light? Love it!
CallinaP said…
Love this! Would you be willing to share where you got the ceiling fan light?

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