Cottage Items for sale!

If something interests you send me an email and I can invoice you via paypal! Shipping will occur within three business days. I will refund any overpayment of postage and will invoice for any underpayment of postage.
I will remove items as they are sold.

Antique Dover No 92 "Sad" Iron
Engraving in pristine condition. Size on the base is appx. 6 1/2" by 3 1/2" by about 1 3/4" tall. Neat for an antique display. Perfect for a paperweight, etc or a doorstop. Heavy item, and solid! wooden handle $35. + $15. shipping (USA only)

Pink Paperver Somniferum Seeds - $5
This listing is for Papaver somniferum seeds, also known as Bread seed. Fresh from last years harvest. Fall/spring (now) is a great time to toss poppy seeds into the garden. My seeds are a mix of rich Pinks (hot pink, almost red). Seeds arrive in a paper packet (one pod seed head per packet of only the healthiest of pods) which ultimately is hundreds of seeds. No actual pod will be sent or is avail. Seeds only!

Chippy White double lighting piece
You may remember this post?  Beautiful on any table top…measures 12.5 in length & 2.5" high $30. + $10. shipping (USA only)

Famous Glamour Veil Hats
Fabulous Condition comes with original packaging for one.  One is hot pink & the other is beige with both bows and beads , no tears ~ in fabulous condition $35. for set + $10. shipping (USA only)

Darling Blue Chippy Pitcher
Measures 11" tall x 8.5" at it's widest points. $35. + $10. shipping (USA only)

Antique Lamp This darling little lamp was a fabulous find that I snatched up while out in Snohomish. I brought it home and it wasn't quite tall enough for what I wanted to use it for. I'm selling it for exactly what I paid for it. Measures 18" tall x 6" widest point of shade. So much charm and character! works perfectly! $40. + $17. shipping (USA only)  
Chandelier Chain Sleeve When you're dressing up for your next party, don't forget the chandelier. Burlap (jute) Chain Sleeve adds a touch of elegance and an unexpected touch of color to chandelier chains. Hidden snaps for easy installation and no gapping 7 feet long.  $15. + $5. shipping (USA only)  
Vintage Rustic Blue
This gorgeous mirror is the real deal! Measures 13.25" wide x 15.5 high x 1/2" deep $45. + $25. shipping (USA only)

Vintage Black Single Lighting Piece
Measures  5" in diameter and 3.5" high candle not included $20. + $8. shipping (USA only)  

Vintage Beaded Collar
It is my understanding that women would wear this when their blouse did not have a collar.  10" long as seen in the photo - did not straiten to measure.  heavy with beads. does show wear of vintage charm.The tag says "Sally Gee Creation made in Japan" on the back Feels like silk material is what the beads are hand sewn on to. very heavy! $55. + $15. shipping (USA only)

Silk Vintage Pink Ruffled Purse
Hand bag is Ruffled at the top with faux diamonds in the clasp. Gold Chain in perfect Condition. $35. + $10. shipping (USA only)

Cozy Knit Throw – Creamy White 64" x 54" ~ kept in the linen closet barely used. beautiful condition (tag says '525 Made in America Homewear') you can search on the internet to find more info. on this high end company. $45. + $15. shipping (USA only)

Porch Posts
Set of two one measures 40" high and the other measures 39" high. I just used them for decorative purposes and they are really cute! $45 + $30. shipping (USA only)

Sweet set of three dove statues
momma bird measures 6" long / 4.5" tall & her babies measure 4" long / 3.5" tall $40. + $10. shipping (USA only)

Antique Silver Jardinière
The beautiful scroll work of this Antique Jardinière and delicate details immediately caught my eye when I came across it.  The Bottom has markings that say BRITE METAL N.Y. Measures 12" at it's widest point across and 5.5" high and 4" wide. very heavy! $75. + $20. shipping (USA only)

Vintage Zinc Bucket
This bucket is in fabulous condition and has the original sticker on the front which reads Chief Metal Ware Hot Dipped in Pure Molten Zinc. Handle is in perfect condition - no dents. no leaks.  Measurements are 9.5" in diameter & 8" tall $40. + $15. shipping (USA only)

Chippy Wood box Measures 11"deep / 18" wide / 11" high I purchased this to use as a bread box with the plan to paint it white. but I never got around to it. selling it for exactly what I purchased it for. I am always rotating things out in my home so be sure to search (posted a picture of my inspiration photo as well)! $75. + $20. shipping (USA only)

Rusty Horseshoes
Charming Horseshoes ~ Measures 5" at it's widest point / 4.5" tall.
I adore that they were still equipped with the antique nails. $15 (for both) + $9. shipping (USA only)

Dog Bed
You may remember this post when I made this darling bed for my pooches? they don’t use it (never have, as it’s been in my guest suite with the door closed).  Measures 26" long x 9" tall x 18"deep $95. + $30. shipping (USA only)

Serving Tray 24" long x 25.5"wide and has a custom plastic liner to the server to be food safe! perfect for upcoming fall holiday decorating and entertaining  $25. + $15. shipping (USA only)
Vintage Gold Beaded Purse
So lovely is this gold beaded Vintage Purse. Comes with a mirror for the inside pocket. Chain handle in perfect condition - clasp to open & close works perfectly. Inside tag says" MESH Whiting and Davis Co. Made in the USA" $35.+ $10. shipping (USA only)

Pink Colored Jar Unique Pink Colored jar (9" high; bottle is 3.5" square) matched with a vintage looking lettered tag on top of a glittered cardboard. Adorned with a pink ribbon and bow which wraps around the bottle top. you can keep this together or separate to make something else with it. Makes a great gift filled with bath salts, flowers or just on it's own. Please specify the letter to send to you ~ avail. letters are "L", "D", "F", "P" $15. + $8. shipping (USA only)

Hills Bros Coffee Can
I am in love with this Vintage “Hills Bros Coffee” can.  it is just too cute for words.  Measuring 3.5 inches high and 5 inches in diameter, it seems like the perfect container to hold a wide pillar candle in…So much character in this cool coffee can, don’t you think? $15. + $8. shipping (USA only)
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Vintage Girl Scout Outfit
Items in this lot include Official Dress, wool hat, scarf & sash $75. + $15. shipping

Once I sell some of these items, I will list more!
PS -  I have several Longaberger items, Vintage Peignoir Sets/slips/night gowns,  email me if interested in seeing what I have!


Such gorgeous items here! Each one tells such a story!!! Have a lovely week!
You have some great treasures Loved them all
your pics are pretty too

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