Monday, December 16, 2013

Crepe Paper Christmas Trees…

A couple years ago, I saw what I thought to be the most beautiful crepe paper trees at a flea market…I really really wanted them, but I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase them, as I thought – maybe I could create them myself!  Yes, I know its now been a couple years, but I finally have collected the necessary supplies to make them.  I still don’t own a hot glue gun, nor do I have a sewing machine that would probably make this craft go much faster than the course I took.  WP_20131208_003

Michaels sells the cones, and the dollar store sells the crepe paper ~ not knowing exactly what I would do with these, I bought enough supplies to make six different ones.  First I started out by measuring the crepe paper around the cone and cinching it with my fingers.  Mod Podge’d a ring around where the paper would go ~ I just kept layering and layering until all six were done. 




The ones I coveted at the flea market, had a super cool hard covered snow appeal to the edges of the paper. Not sure what it was that was used ~ but I picked up this fabulous snow like product (from Michaels) that you can mix with water to get a different consistency and apply it with a paintbrush.  It hardened after a few hours. I think this would be prettier on colored crepe paper!





After all six pieces were dry, I applied glitter ~ lots and lots of glitter so that these pretty trees would shimmer in the candle light!


After making these, I realized why this tree cost so much at the flea market – its not the cost of the materials, but the time given to create such a beautiful tree… it was fun to learn to make something new though and creating something myself gives me a certain satisfaction that money can’t buy! 

After all my hard work – I did decide to keep these three trees to stagger on the kitchen island!  they look so pretty here! 


The other three, I decided to play a little more with and give as gifts…a post about those should be coming soon!  To see where else I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie

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HeatherF1 said...

Looks wonderful! When you are feeling up to it, you should try a green one to see what that snow would look like on it. I hope you feel better soon!

Patty from Lemon Lane said...

How pretty. If my craft studio was clean enough I would love to make a little forest for in there. I think I would leave them up all year long!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

So pretty. You did a great job.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

These are so pretty!

Jenny Romaine said...

I love your sweet, sparkly trees! The glitter is so pretty! And I like how you styled them with the cloche, animals, etc.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

You did a fabulous job - congrats!

The lucky recipients of your crafty gifts will be thrilled. Good for you.

Merry Christmas to you!!

Heather - New House New Home said...

Don't you love when you see something at a market and know that you can recreate it for a fraction of the cost. And this is exactly what you did here - great job!

Karena Albert said...

Oh my goodness, these are so gorgeous! Your efforts definitely paid off!

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Petite Michelle Louise said...

adore these! (i must know...are they really worth the effort??)