Monday, January 6, 2014

Bubblegum Machine Makeover…

IMG_6178This bubblegum machine has been sitting under the house in storage for a few years!
Years ago, when the kids were potty training we had it sitting in their bathroom for a treat if they did their thing. When that phase was over, we brought it out into our family room where it was fun for awhile until it got knocked over and the globe shattered. I did order a new globe and when it broke again, I gave up the idea of having it our house, and put it under the house in storage. It was set out at multiple garage sales for $15. but no one ever looked at it to take home with them.
IMG_6192Recently when cleaning out our storage area, I decided to pull it out and give my hand at dusting it off and ‘restoring’ it again for use here at Fishtail Cottage.  Hosing all the dust off and taking it apart for cleaning ~ made me think it would be fun to paint it too. 

The first coat of white went on smoothly ~ I waited two days to make sure!  But when I applied the second coat it looks as though the white pulled from the red paint underneath causing it to appear crackled.  It took several times of sanding and repainting with several days of drying in between layers until it came out to my liking.
Reassembling it and awaiting the arrival of the new globe and gumballs was the hard part!  But here it is…
But has now found it’s home in the house…(again!)
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Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I love it! I had a bubblegum machine much like this when I was little. I remember we ordered it from the J.C. Penney catalog. :) Wish I still had it. Your makeover turned out perfectly!

Art and Sand said...

So cute.

I remember really wanting a bubble gum machine at one time, but I could never justify the cost. Now I have no space.

Just a Small Town Girl - Jen said...

I love it!! I love that you painted it white and didn't leave it the traditional red. It is sharp!!!

pballard said...

I adore this. Thanks for sharing. Always fun to see a transformation.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Great makeover! I would love to find one (or two) of these to make over for our white show and fill them with pearls!

Robin Johnson said...

Oh now that is so cute. My kiddos would love that!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Love it! Those gumballs just POP! I have a bright yellow one that I've been thinking about painting aqua or lime green, but I sure do like the white! Now I wish I had a stand for mine.

Lisa Natcharian said...

That gumball machine is adorable! If you have a minute, please stop by and share your post at the Everyday Vintage link party at Helene's Legacy. Your style is the perfect fit!


Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

Awesome find, Tracie and it looks terrific! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

Anonymous said...

I love it. We used to have one and but I didn't like the red. Now, I will be keeping my eye out for a bubble gum machine!