Spring 2014 is in the air!

Do you feel it too? Is it wishful thinking? Nope ~ not only do I feel it, but I am starting to see it here at Fisthail Cottage! 
The buds on the Tree Peonies have appeared!
Bradford Pear Trees are showing up…
So are the delicious blooms of Daphne
…and the stunning Red Flowering Current
Debris and remnants of last years garden landscape still linger and the winters moss keeps what lays beneath protected.
Although, Tulip Bulbs are peeking out and and Primroses and Snowdrops are already in bloom.
The hellebore is getting ready to put on its own show ~ you can see what a glorious color this will be!
But this one is what I am most excited to see, this photo shows the new growth of our roses has begun!  Spring won’t be long now!
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CIELO said…
Happy to see all those bloomings... is spring any close yet? I so hope! ;)

Julie Marie said…
Oh my gosh Tracie... you are so far ahead of us in Spring arriving!... I am envious!... my gardens are all covered in snow.. no buds or blooms to see yet... I cannot wait!... I did post a pretty rose from last year... I need flowers and blossoms!... xoxo Julie Marie
HeatherF1 said…
Wow, you are way closer to Spring than us- you didn't get hit as hard with that arctic blast in December that we did. I am getting ready to cover up and take some plants into the garage again as we are expected to get in the teens several nights this week.
Faded Charm said…
Lucky you....We've been having snow flurries here today and they say the lows are going to be 15 degrees the next couple days. Not much getting ready to bloom yet this year. it's been so cold!

LBP said…
I can't wait until we start seeing signs of Spring in Virginia, but it will be awhile still. Usually the first bright spot is the crocus that are brave enough to peek out of the snow!


Unknown said…
I guess the groundhog didn't predict six more weeks of winter where you are!! Oh, I'm so jealous - we are in the midst of ANOTHER snowstorm with nary a sign of spring in sight. Enjoy and thanks for sharing. It gives us all a glimpse of what is to come.
How lucky!! We still have a couple months to go. I can hardly wait!! I planted tree peonies last year and am excited to see how they did this winter.

Anonymous said…
It's so lovely to see all your sprouting things. I posted last week about all of our sprouts. This week we had 10 inches of snow. Lol.

Yael from Home Garden Diggers

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