Fishtail Cottage Doors are open…

So its only mid April and the doors are wide open in this mid sixty degree weather!  Minus the flies that buzz in now and again, I love having the fresh air come in through our open doors… Our front door opens up to one of my favorite landscape aspects of the garden – it invites the outdoors in or the indoors out. I love this time of year because I feel that with the gardens coming to life it awakens the inside of my home décor to a better match for both inside and the outside of my home. 
IMG_1735 IMG_1723IMG_1711IMG_1749
Here is looking inside from the patio ~
…and of course I can’t forget to share the front of the house!
Curious if you do this too? Be sure to check out my link to any parties I am joining! xoox, tracie


Tracie, a home with lots of open doors!!! I do open windows and let the fresh air in, but the hubs doesn't like the open doors idea...darn :( Happy Easter!!!

chateau chic said…
I love the way you're able to invite your beautiful outside into your home!!
Mary Alice
Oh it looks amazing. YOur garden is stunning and your home looks so inviting. Great photos.
Hi! We like to open windows but not doors....too many critters and birds might get in. I love your pretty!
It must be nice outside to have all the doors open, and I love the view looking out to front gate.
No screen doors? Or, is this more of a Canadian thing for letting the fresh air in, and keeping the bugs out!
Happy Easter.
Faded Charm said…
What beautiful views you have....both inside and out! The weather has been so nice, except for a blustery day yesterday, but I'm loving it and everything around here is growing like crazy.

Enjoy the weather and your views:-)

Also, I love your front door. I'd like to paint our house all white and replace the white door with a nice wood one....add it to the!

Shannon said…
I just love your house! Everything is so peaceful and pretty. Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend Tracie!
AntiqueChase said…
Oh. so. totally. charming!!!!!!!
I'm jealous as Spring is teasing us, staying a few days then leaving! Everything looks so pretty!
Burlap Luxe said…
Tracie, it's all so beautiful. I love that the front door runs you right through the back French doors.
It's cottage at its best my dear friend.
Tracie the changes you have made are just so inspiring, lovethe hutch filled with white pottery, and of course I would love it, I have one in my kitchen filled much like yours.
Come visit and see my canvas of white, painted cement floors.

♥Cherie♥ said…
What a beautiful house! I love to keep my doors and windows open too.
LoveLoveLove having the doors open letting the sunshine in
so pretty great pic's
Unknown said…
oh WOW! what a view! i LOVE it! ;)
I can almost feel the cool breeze blowing in! I don't think I've seen all of your home inside...just beautiful!

Happy Easter to you and your family!

I feel I've been inside your home, entering from your front door! Beautiful house, I love it and I love your garden too.
Thank you for taking us throught it.
Happy Easter.
Unknown said…
Surely this is a site well worth seeing.
sweet violets said…
Beautiful home!!! Is that called a 'dog trot', when front and back doors are opposite?? Southern homes usually have them. Happy Easter!
Abbi said…
Your home is lovely! I especially like your front door. We are getting ready to build a home and I enjoy seeing other homes to get inspiration. I do love leaving the doors open when it gets warm enough - but then they time comes when we can't do that because of bugs - I do still have lots of open windows though (with screens).
Jenny said…
Yes I do open everything when the weather warms up. I am very blessed to have beautiful full window storm doors though, with disappearing screens. So as I open the window the screen rolls down to let all the fresh air in & keep the insects out.

I also have a screened porch on the back of my house. So I open wide the French door & let the air in. It adds a whole room to my house that I love.
Unknown said…
one word. Lovely! its so fabulous that Im out of words. :)
JP said…
Your home is just so beautiful....I can't wait to start using our screened in porch again...just waiting for all of the pollen to go away!
Bernideen said…
Great photos - lovely home - more of a "large" cottage I'd say!
Yes Tracie, swing open those doors and let that wonderful fresh air in! Love how you see your beautiful rose arbor from the front door. Your home is cozy and warm both inside and out! Can't wait till garden party starts! Thanks for sharing with SYC.
Just gorgeous! You will be one of the features tomorrow at the Anything Blue Friday party at The Dedicated House. Pop on in tomorrow to check out your feature and join in the little blue soiree! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse
I love, love your home and yes those doors open are wonderful. Di@Cottage-wishes

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